Paul B.

Database Administrator

Externalisation nearshore
24 ans
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Software PublisherJanvier 2021 - Présent

Database Administrator.
  • Migration of SQL server from SQL 2008 to SQL Server 2017 and SQL 2019 on new VMs.
  • Installing and configuring SQL servers.
  • Setting up failover clustering with 5 nodes for SQL.
  • Creating maintenance plans for full and diff backups.
  • Creating PowerShell scripts to take backups from old servers to new servers and restore them on new servers.
  • Taking full backups 2 days in advance and in the switch day just the diff backups.
  • Creating linked servers on new platforms.
  • Operators.
  • SQL agent jobs.
  • Setting up odbc driver for SQL 2000 for linked servers.
  • Setting up logins and permissions.
  • Migrating SSIS projects and testing them on new machines.
  • Setting up Allwayson.
  • Installing SQL Server on GCP.

SQL server 2000, 2008, 2017, 2019, PowerShell, SQL, SSIS, GCP
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DataBridge SolutionsOctobre 2013 - Décembre 2020

Founder of a company providing technology consulting and software development services to small- and mid-sized businesses throughout the nation.
  • Consultancy services in data manipulation/consumption. 
  • ETL process development (SQL Server Integration Services, Talend).
  • SQL Server data migration, maintenance process automation.
  • Reporting.


The client: a leading provider of digital solutions for the consumer goods market, based in the USA.
The solution: Daily data import automation from different sources (JSON, Excel, etc.) using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). 
Managing centralized data coming from all eCommerce and eMarketing applications in our customer’s product portfolio, currently used by a large number of retailers.

The client: Provider of digital and TV advertising services.
The solution: Migration of current Python based data manipulation system to an ETL based one (using Talend). 
- Building automation packages for daily data imports (Talend, SSIS). 
- Building stored procedures / views for reporting (SQL). 
- Building CDC based system to refresh customer’s reporting data warehouse (PostgreSQL hosted on AWS).
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Hiparion DistributionJanvier 2012 - Septembre 2013

IT Manager / Programmer / SQL DB Developer within a company in Cluj-Napoca.
  • Collaborated with international team (Croatia, Lithuania, Norway) to write the business requirements/specifications for an automatic picking machine
  • Building the import module (SSIS) from the machine to our servers (SQL Server 2005)
  • Coordinating the team building the SQL server side of business logic.
  • Took over and coordinated the IT department of SC Presspoint Distribution SA, the retail division of the same company.
  • Expanded the reporting system (SSRS). 
  • Implemented ETL processes for getting data from various data sources: Oracle, SQL Server, XML files, flat files, Navision tables. 
  • Participated in expansion of the client and supplier interface system with order module.
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SC Rautakirja Romania SAFévrier 2010 - Janvier 2012

IT Manager / Programmer.
  • Organized/coordinated the IT departments (3-4 employees) activity.
  • Attended workshops in Finland. Helped design a press distribution software for multiple countries: Romania, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia.
  • Continueddeveloping the in-house press distribution software (VB.Net, SQL)
  • Created internal reporting system based on SQL.
  • Reporting Services. Planned and coordinated the development of an online reporting system for the clients of the company, based on ASP.NET. SQL - XML interface development for handling automatic press returns processes. 
  • SQL Server maintenance duties
  • Periodical maintenance of Oracle database which supported the accounting software (WizCount).
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SC Hiparion Distribution SAJanvier 2000 - Février 2010

IT Manager.
  • Started the development of internal software of the company on VB.NET. 
  • Migrated the data from Microsoft Access to SQL Server.
  • Initialized and coordinated the migration of the internal network of the company from Novell Netware to a Microsoft Active Directory supported one. Cumulating SQL databases from branch offices to central database using SSIS.
  • Participated on implementing the new accounting system, WizCount, based on a Oracle database.
  • Interfaced the internal distribution software with the new accounting system (VB, SQL, SSIS). 
  • Built/maintained the daily import of the delivery notes/operated and/or generated invoices in the distribution software and in the opposite direction, of the payments from the clients and to the suppliers.
  • Coordinated the work of a team of 5. 
  • Managed and optimized the licensing costs of the company
  • Attended as speaker in a Microsoft road show in the country, where I talked about techniques and benefits of the correct management of software licensing. 
  • Attended multiple SQL related trainings and courses organized by Microsoft.

  • Maintained the accounting software (WizCount MS-DOS version). 
  • Supervised the daily movement of data between the databases of the accounting software from the two branches to the headquarters’ database.
  • Participated in the development/maintenance of the in-house distribution software developed in Microsoft Access.
  • Assisted the accounting team in quarterly and yearly reports creation. Different office automations meant to save resources (ex. Automated invoicing). 
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SC Seso Hiparion SRLJanvier 1999 - Janvier 2000

Computer operator, stocks controller.
  • Operating supplier invoices, inventory lists. Creating sale reports.
  • Helping transferring the data administration software (FoxPro) in new data administration/accounting software (WizCount MsDos).
  • Developing communication system between the data administration and the cash registers from stores. This software was reading the sales from the cash registers and was loading the new prices according to the receptions from the data administration software. It was developed in Microsoft Access. Based on the sales reports developed, I was designated for controlling the stocks from certain products, in order to avoid the merchandise excess in the warehouses.
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IBC Hiparion Distribution Group SRLSeptembre 1997 - Janvier 1999

Computer Operator.
  • Operating supplier invoices, inventory lists, creating sale reports.
  • Worked in a team for planning the development of a communication system between the cash registers and the data administration /accounting software (FoxPro based).

Mes études et formations

Computer Science Engineer - Technical University.2002 - 2003

Bachelor’s Degree - “Gabor Dennis” University, Technical Computers Faculty.1995 - 2000