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Martin R.

Devops Engineer

Externalisation nearshore
6 ans
Guadalajara, MEXICO
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  • English language proficiency
  • 6 years of industry experience
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DigitalOnUsJanuary 2018 - August 2021

Software Engineer for a hyper-specialized services company enabling digital transformations for enterprise customers.

Everestlabs:Back-end Lead for Web Tools single page application.
  • Designed theRestful API.
  • Developed the back-end API with Fast API framework.
  • Configured connections to Mongo, AWS S3 and Redis.
  • Developed Web Sockets endpoints.
  • Configured AWS Cognito authentication.
  • Created AWS ECS infrastructure for deployment.
  • Achievements:

People Connect:Software Reliability Engineer.
  • Involved in the Agile Development process and daily scrum meetings.
  • Managed pipelines with GitLab-CI.
  • Maintained Kubernetes clusters - on-prem and on cloud.
  • Managed infrastructure via code - Terraform + Terragrunt, where changes were deployed via pipelines.
  • Troubleshooted various scenarios pertaining to applications, servers etc.
  • Provided support to data engineering and quality engineering teams for stabilizing the infrastructure.
  • Helped migrate applications to AWS.

Streamweaver:Moving from On-Premise to the Cloud.
  • Spinning up a Kubernetes cluster in AWS.
  • Installing services like Kafka, Zookeeper, Schema-registry Cassandra, Kong and Datadog using Helm package manager.
  • Deploying Bosh Director in AWS.
  • Achievements:
    - Kubernetes cluster deployed in AWS.
    - Cloud Foundry architecture up and running in AWS.

Faction:Back-end implementation of Faction web portal.
  • Integrating Service now and vSphere external services.
  • Building Restful endpoints for web socket, accounts management, and alerting microservices.
  • Unit, integration and E2C testing.
  • Achievements:
    - Full account management, Web Sockets and alerting microservices implementation.
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AccentureJuly 2016 - January 2018

Software Engineer for a global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud and security.

Cigna:Continuous integration and processes automation.
  • Built Jenkins pipelines focused on Code Quality and CI cycles.
  • Learned Docker and strengthened my Python and Linux skills by taking some Pluralsight courses.

BBVA:Call center initial automation.
  • Built a Python application aimed to automate call center processes.
  • Automatically created incidents from csv input files.
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InteraliaMay 2015 - May 2016

Web Developer for a regional agency that provides the services of: - Digital strategy - Front-end development: HTML5, JavaScript and AS3, etc.

Kaloni:Content Depository.
  • Built a web application to store the Kaloni huge media assets.
  • Implemented chunked uploads mechanism for ensuring files’ integrity.

HSBC:Integral Simulator for credit plans.
  • Build an Angular application in order to automate credit simulations.
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MysportsboxJanuary 2015 - May 2015

Web Developer for a web application focused in sport bets.
  • External API integration for fetching the odds for each match.

Mes études et formations

Computer Systems Engineering - Instituto Tecnológico de Chilpancingo.2008 - 2013