Florentina G.

Devops Engineer

Externalisation nearshore
12 ans
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Publisher of magazines and periodicalsAoût 2021 - Présent

DevOps Engineer.
  • Maintaining AWS infrastructure with CDK Typescript code.
  • Implementing automation scripts.
  • Writing/updating documentation for the team.
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Oracle S.R.L.Décembre 2020 - Juin 2021

Senior Cloud Engineer within a company that sells database software and technology, cloud engineered systems, and enterprise software products.
  • Writing infrastructure code (Terraform) for managing Oracle Cloud’s services and infrastructure.
  • Writing infrastructure code (Terraform) for deployment in multi cloud environment (Oracle and AWS).
  • Delivering technical solutions and best practice for Oracle services (MySQL DB system) by either using Terraform or Golang.
  • Writing documentation for the team.

- For a technical example, please check a couple of my Gitbook tutorials:
- Oracle Cloud
- MySQL DB System: 

Python3, Bash, AWS, Terraform, CI/CD, GitHub, Golang, MySQL, Oracle, Cloud
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GarminMars 2020 - Décembre 2020

CyberSecurity DevOps Engineer for a multinational technology company, specialized in GPS technology for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sport activities.
  • Integration of Jira and TheHive - data inserted into Jira were replicated into TheHive (TheHive - ecosystem with Hadoop and Cassandra as components).
    - The code for data replication from Jira to TheHive was mostly done in Python3, by using the web framework Flask.
  • Integration of TheHive and Jira (data inserted into TheHive must be replicated into Jira).
    - This task involved building an architecture that supports batch workloads, by adding a Spark SQL layer on top of TheHive ecosystem.
    - Automation of data pipelines were done with the help of Airflow.
  • Writing integration code for Stack Storm & Cyber Sponse (Python3).
  • Building stressing tools for Jira (Python3).
  • Documentation with Go-Swagger (Golang). 

- For a technical example, for integration code, please check one of my repositories: https://github.com/kroen3n/Jira-TheHive4-integration

- For technical example, for a pipeline implemented locally, please check one of my repositories: https://github.com/jnc0x24dd099bb870/DC/tree/master/pipel1line

Python, Bash, TheHive4, Cassandra, Hadoop, Jira, StackStorm, Go-Swagger, SQL, Cortex, CyberSponse, Scala, Golang, Debian, CI/CD, GitHub, GitLab
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Aera Software Technology S.R.L.Mai 2018 - Mai 2019

Big Data Engineer for a company that delivers a cognitive technology.
  • Designing, deploying and optimizing PoC architectures, monolith or on containers, using Ansible and Python 3.
  • Benchmarks for Spark and Elassandra clusters (Elassandra - a hybrid technology between Cassandra and Elasticsearch).
  • Researching on Rumprun Unikernels and Docker containers and Kubernetes.
  • Researching on migrating from monolith to Docker containers and Kubernetes.
  • Customization of existing applications (Java and SQL programming).

- All mentioned technologies and stacks for monitoring metrics/logging were installed, configured and/or ported to containers (and in some cases, applied performance tuning).
- For technical examples, please check a few repositories from one of my GitHub accounts: (these repositories are not maintained anymore, and there might be existing dependencies issues).
- How to deploy services on containers using Ansible (Java and Python code) https://github.com/LorenvXn/Simple-web-server-example-ansible-and-containers
- A (sort of) GPS simulation, using Spark streaming and MySQL (Scala, PHP and Leaflet.js) https://github.com/LorenvXn/A-wanna-be-GPS-based-on-Spark-Streaming.
- Small example of deploying a containerized architecture with Ansible:
- Research on Docker containers and Rumprun Unikernels (Unikernels are considered the Library operating system for the Cloud).

- Personalblogs: https://jnc0x24dd099bb870.tumblr.com/NetworkZ/ngee

Python, Bash, Jenkins, Ubuntu 16, SQL, Ansible, Terraform, Java, AWS Cloud, Spark, Kafka, Zookeeper, Confluent, StreamSets, Zeppelin, Jupyter, Docker, Kubernetes, Elassandra, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Elastic Stack, Filebeat, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Fluentd, Fluentbit, Grafana, InfluxDB, Prometheus, Nginx
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Bigstep Cloud S.R.L.Septembre 2016 - Décembre 2017

Big Data Specialist for a company which is part of the data processing, hosting, and related services industry. 
  • Managing Big Data ecosystems (from UI, command line or Perl/Python scripting) and security implementation with kerberos.
  • Providing technical support to customers (maintenance, troubleshooting and On-call hours).
  • Implementing and validating Big Data projects using Scala code.
  • Implementing and validating integrations with 3rd party applications.
  • Researching and benchmarking Big Data technologies like in-memory databases with the help of the Solution Architect Team.
  • Docker administration,
    and integrationofBig Data applications (on docker containers or physical machines).
  • Had the chance to deepen my knowledge on Spark Streaming (Kafka integration and saving data in filesystems, such as hdfs, or databases, such as Cassandra or Hive), and machine learning (analyze the data streams and implementing algorithms using Scala - usually done in Zeppelin note).
  • Gotexperience (beginner level) with machine learning in Jupyter notebooks, using Python.

- For technical examples, please check a few repositories from one of my GitHub accounts:
(These repositories are not maintained anymore, and there might be existing dependencies issues)
  • How to implement Spark Streaming in MapR environment (Hive metastore, PostgreSQL, and Scala code): https://github.com/LorenvXn/mapr-SparkStreaming-Zoomdata
  • Couchbase replication to Elasticsearch and Spark (Scala code): https://github.com/LorenvXn/Couchbase-replication-to-ElasticSearch-and-Spark
  • How to build a dockerized machine learning environment:

Python, Kubernetes, Pearl, Spark, Kafka, Hive, Hue, Streamsets, Zoomdata, Zeppelin, Cloudera, MapR, YARN, Docker, Scala, Zookeeper, Jupyter, Cloudera, Cassandra Datastax, Cassandra, Open Source, ELK, Flume, Data Lake, Ubuntu, CentOS, Ansible, GitLab, Spark Streaming, Confluent, API 
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SC HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES SRLFévrier 2016 - Août 2016

IT CSE Engineer in the hardware department for a company which designs, develops, and sells telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics.
  • Management of Huawei servers (hardware troubleshooting, configuration, maintenance).
  • Management of Huawei storage devices (hardware troubleshooting, configuration, maintenance).
  • Management of VMware ESX.
  • Linux/Unix and Windows administration.
  • Management of Huawei software monitoring systems.
  • Developing automation scripts for ESX VMware servers, and implementing PowerShell tools on storage level for Windows servers.
  • Mentoring students on storage systems and Python & TCL scripting.
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Technician for one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

I. BSS/OSS Technician 1st Level Assurance, H3G Italy (June 2012 - November 2015).
  • Unix and Windows servers maintenance.
  • Maintenance for Apache Web Servers.
  • Network surveillance.
  • Identifying and handling Tablespace space issues.
  • Managing Oracle ArchiveLogs.
  • Managing users on Windows and Linux.
  • Developed, as an OSS team member, a PoC Perl application and a few automation tasks (C code) for MySQL DB on Linux servers, to improve the time spent on checking information on databases.

II. FO Infrastructure Technician for H3G UK. (May 2008 - December 2012).
  • 24/7 support on databases and over 300 Unix/Linux servers.
  • Managing TNSNames. 
  • Managing Oracle ArchiveLogs.
  • Coldbackup of Databases.
  • Solaris Zones.
  • Handling SAN Migration.
  • Dealing with SVM new disk configuration on Solaris.
  • Performing OS/kernel patching.
  • Handling Veritas Cluster Server issues.
  • Handling hardware issues and in case of replacements insuring the Oracle/HP engineer’s access in data-centers.
  • Network troubleshooting.
  • Creating Unix (NIS&LDAP) user Accounts.
  • Monitoring OpenView alarms and email alerts.
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WEBHELP ROMANIA SRLMai 2007 - Juin 2007

IT Support (Internship/Volunteering) for an enterprise based in Romania that operates in the telephone call centers industry.
  • Ensuring customer service level support in French.

Mes études et formations

Major in Physics and Informatics - University of Bucharest.2011 - 2013