Pavel C.

Front End Developer

Externalisation nearshore
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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PENTALOG CLIENT : Skill-centered recruitment solutions providerFévrier 2019 - Présent

Front-End Developer.
  • Development of new features and bug fixing.
  • Publishing iOS and Android apps to the App Store and Google Play.
  • Setting up and maintaining SonarQube.
  • Code review.
  • Writing technical documentation.
  • Configuring GitLab CI.
  • Configuring code quality tools: TSLint, Prettier, Husky.
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ZooStation B.V. The HagueJanvier 2016 - Janvier 2018

Front-End Developer within a Dutch company partnering with the best developers in Europe in order to deliver high-quality software development services to various clients.
  • Working within various teams, in big international organizations or small startups.
  • Working with technology stacks that differed from one project to another.
  • Contributing to the development of medical software and banking apps using Angular 1 and 2+, a flower web shop with Vue.js, a data-mining application with Node.js, Xquery and Marklogic.
  • Improving and acquiring new skills, such as the ability to work with the React.js framework.

Participation to the development of five main projects within the company.
I. A project for the second largest professional services firm in the world and one of the Big Four auditors.
  • Fulfilling the role of data-mining engineer.
  • Creating, together with the team, an application for collecting, parsing and classifying law articles and related information from numerous sources to provide a single resource with a comfortable interface for employers who work with this information.
  • Working with the following technologies: Node.js, Typescript, Marklogic, Xquery and Angular 4+ (for administrative interfaces).

II. Innovative and challenging web and app-solutions.
  • Providing support for existing products and looking for new perspective and ideas.
  • Fulfilling the role of senior front-end/Vue.js developer.
  • Working with technologies, such as: Vue.js, Node.js (pug templates), TypeScript and CSS/SASS.

III. A project for one of the leaders in the production of Digital Banking Platforms.
  • Being part of the mobile team in the Research and Development department.
  • Fulfilling the role of senior front-end/AngularJS/mobile developer.
  • Working on a mobile banking application, a hybrid app with native (Android or iOs) wrapper and a webView with a browser and AngularJS components inside.
  • Following strict enterprise rules and doing a lot of code reviews.
  • Working within a controlled development cycle and with a huge architecture which consistently supports web, mobile and desktop clients.
  • Using technologies, such as: AngularJs 1.5, Angular CLI, NPM, TypeScript and Jasmine/Karma.

IV. An eCC solution which is used to track patients' status remotely, provide information to doctors and nurses, book visits to the doctor, etc.
  • Fulfilling the role of senior front-end/AngularJS developer.
  • Working in an Agile team made of 4 developers, 1 QA engineer, a Scrum Master and a Product Owner.
  • Using pair programming.
  • Working on any task and completing the functionalities at the end of x sprints.
  • Being part of a team that was not controlled by a lead, but rather self-organized and self-coordinated.
  • Working with AngularJs 1.5, TypeScript, Gulp, Bower and Jasmine/Karma.
  • Unit testing.

V. A software for internal use among the client's UI designers and developers.
  • Developing functionalities using: Angular 2, Webpack.js, Yarn, Node.js and Jasmine/Karma.
  • Unit testing.
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InfoWorldJanvier 2015 - Janvier 2016

Front-End Developer within a software consultancy company specialized in enterprise-level software for European and American medical institutions and hospitals.
  • Participating in the development of highly scalable applications with big amount of data that are meant to work with medical accuracy.
  • Contributing to a project built with AngularJS on the front-end and ASP.NET and Node.js on the back-end.
  • Designing modular and maintainable architecture.
  • Writing testable code adhering to strict conventions.
  • Collaborating with colleagues from abroad and coaching junior developers .
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EndavaJanvier 2013 - Janvier 2015

UI/Front-End Developer within a company specialized in the design, implementation and management of business-critical systems and digital services for the financial services, telecommunications, media and entertainment and professional services sectors.
  • Working on interesting internal and external projects, within a very strong team, while using the latest technologies and benefiting from various trainings.
  • Getting working experience with AngularJS, Backbone.js, Node.js, Express.js and Selenium for automated testing.
  • Working with Java MVC frameworks, such as Play, Wicket, Atex Polopoly CMS, Velocity and JSP.
  • Becoming acquainted with Agile methodologies.
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Webmaster StudioJanvier 2012 - Janvier 2013

Web Developer within a company specializing in the field of sites development and promotion, as well as development of software, databases and business systems that enable streamlined business processes.
  • Acquiring solid knowledge on PHP development and the ability to pick up any framework/extension quickly.
  • Getting some working experience with Drupal, Joomla and the Symfony framework.
  • Adapting custom-made CMS to customer's needs.
  • Improving JavaScript and jQuery skills.
  • Working with any task no matter if faced with it for the first time.
Voir plus studioJanvier 2010 - Janvier 2012

HTML Coder & Developer within one of the oldest Moldavian web design studios.
  • Participating in the development of interesting projects with high quality control.
  • Acquiring strong HTML/CSS knowledge and starting to learn JavaScript and jQuery.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

RUSSIAN: Native speaker
ROMANIAN: Advanced
ENGLISH: Advanced

Environment of Development

SVN, IntelliJ Idea, WebStorm, Visual Studio Code, NetBeans, Maven, GitLab, GIT, Eclipse




Ionic 4

Web Technologies

LESS, Angular 7, Yarn, Backbone.js, jQuery, SASS, CSS, NPM, Express.js, JSP, React.js, Grunt.js, Gulp.js, Bower, Node.js, Vue.js, Express.js, Bootstrap, Webpack.js, Play! Framework, JSON




TypeScript, Xquery, PHP, JAVA, XML, ECMAScript 6, JavaScript, SQL

Analysis Methods and Tools


Open Source solutions

Joomla, Drupal

Software Testing

Unit testing, Karma, JIRA, Selenium, Jasmine


Fireworks, Photoshop

Networks and Systems

Docker, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS


Agile, Teamwork, Confluence, Redmine, Polopoly CMS, Mentoring

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics - Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau.2004 - 2010

Mes tests

Front End Developer quiz medium level
Ionic quiz medium level