Cyril F.

Full Stack Developer

Externalisation nearshore
7 ans
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Web Developer - Pentalog Innovation FactoryJanvier 2019 - Présent

Web Developer within Pentalog Innovation Factory, an agency that crafts user-centric digital solutions, set up to align with market needs and user expectations.
  • Application for monitoring the reathletisation of high-level athletes:
    - Duration: 2 months;
    - Technologies: Symfony;
    - Description: optimization the existing application, maintenance.
  • Holiday organization support application:
    - Duration: 2 months;
    - Technologies: Symfony, React-Native;
    - Description: optimization the existing application, bug fixes.
  • Development of a mobile application prototype:
    - Duration: 3 months;
    - Technologies: React.js, React-Native;
    - Description: back-end development in Node.js.
  • Serious game application to cultivate well-being in companies:
    - Duration: 3 months;
    - Technologies: Ruby on Rails, React-Native;
    - Description: back-end and front-end development, redesign of the mobile application, bug fixing and addition of features in the back-end / back-office.
  • Sales support app for a lighting distributor:
    - Duration: 5 months;
    - Technologies: Symfony, React-Native;
    - Description: development from scratch of a mobile application, an API and a back-office.
  • Application for ordering and managing blood tests:
    - Duration: 5 months;
    - Technologies: Node, GraphQL, React.js, React-Native;
    - Description: takeover of an existing application, redesign of the mobile application, optimization of the existing one, addition of features.
  • Maintenance and evolutions of various projects: Symfony, React Native / React.js.
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Software Engineer - PayscapeSeptembre 2016 - Août 2017

Software Engineer for a company providing small to mid-size business owners with financial technologies that allow them to accept payments, streamline their business, and increase cash flow.
  • Worked on the maintenance and expansion of existing applications focused on digital payment and eCommerce.
  • In a fast-paced, agile environment, I was in charge of break fixes for two applications, new features and deployment of new systems.
  • Mainly worked with the support team based in Cleveland to solve client issues.
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IN2P3’s Computing CentreMars 2011 - Septembre 2015

Web Developer / Internship within IN2P3’s Computing Centre (or CC-IN2P3), a CNRS support and research unit linked to IN2P3, the institute that pursues and coordinates research on particle physics, nuclear physics and astroparticle physics. A national research infrastructure, the CC-IN2P3 designs and operates an array of services, especially a mass storage system and mass data resources.
  • Software migrations from Symfony PHP framework 1.x to 2.
  • Development of web applications using Symfony 2 and Bootstrap.
  • Development of front-end web applications using Javascript (ExtJS 4, jQuery).
  • Development of back-end web applications using Symfony 2 and Java.
  • 4 days Symfony 2 training course in Paris with SensioLabs.
Internship (Mar 2011 – Sep 2011)
  • Update of an existing Symfony 1 and ExtJS 3 web application :
    - Migration to Symfony 2 and ExtJS 4.
    - Code refactoring.
    - New features implementation.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

FRENCH: Native speaker
ENGLISH: Advanced

Programming Languages

JAVA, Python, PHP, JavaScript, SQL

Application Servers



Redmine, Confluence, Trello, Jira

Environment of Development




Open Source solutions


Networks and Systems

UNIX, Linux



Analysis Methods and Tools

Agile Methods


PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle

Web Technologies

Redux, HTML, React.js, Symfony, Angular, Ext JS, Bootstrap, CSS, jQuery

Mes études et formations

Master 2 in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications - Claude Bernard University (Lyon I).2010 - 2011

Master's Degree in Computer Science - University of Burgundy.2008 - 2010

DUT, Computer Science, Software Engineering - University of Burgundy.2006 - 2008