Sergiu D.

Full Stack Developer

Externalisation nearshore
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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PENTALOG CLIENT : Energy Data Management SpecialistJuillet 2019 - Présent

Software Developer.
  • Development
    of energy data management core product modules.
  • Strong
    knowledge in internet security frameworks and technologies like SAML
    2.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, Spring Security. 
  • Full
    involvement in project life cycle starting from SRS (Software
    Requirements Specification) to Operations and Maintenance.
  • Involved
    in business requirements analysis for further definition of
    functional and technical design.
  • Experience in developing
    industrial grade applications using OSGi.

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PENTALOG CLIENT : Skill-centered recruitment solutions providerFévrier 2019 - Juillet 2019

Java Developer.
  • Development of the back-end side of AI-based job matching system.
  • Responsible for the implementation of Rest API, data structure definition, integration of the third party systems: Cvlizer, Mandrill, Google Datastore and Keylcloak.
  • Requirements analysis.
  • Technical design.
  • Development and verification.
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VivatDécembre 2014 - Janvier 2019

Java Developer within a professional services organization, delivering superior service to enterprises through practical implementation of Service-Oriented Architecture systems.

Participation in the development of various projects for various clients:
I. Gerber Life.
- Gerber Life Agency Products.
  • Taking part in the implementation of the back-end core for College Plan and Grow Up products within an agency project using the following technologies: the Spring Framework, RESTful web services, Business Process Model, Notation flows and Drools.
  • Implementing an e-mail service and pdf generation based on FreeMarker and on the Java Template Engine.
- Gerber Life Website.
  • Participation in the investigation of the existing Gerber Life code, and providing a solution based on the new business requirements.
  • Helping in the implementation of the back-end core API for the new solution.
- Caeser and Underwriting Workbench.
  • Implementation of a SOAP Client for communication with different third-party services.
  • Working on the implementation of business requirements.
  • Participating in the maintenance of the project.
  • Providing technical support and bug fixing.

II. Comcast.
- XBO (Xcalibur Back Office).
  • Creating and developing the structure of the project for the integration testing of existing APIs.
  • Investigation of the performance between RabbitMQ versus ActiveMQ and the benefits associated with the technologies.
  • Working on different development tasks using REST APIs, ActiveMQ and Cassandra database interactions.

- Pivot Viewer.
  • Design of the overall project structure and of the database.
  • Developing the back-end part using Jetty as a container.
  • Using technologies such as: the Maven build automation tool, the Spring Framework with Spring Data JPA and front-end REST APIs.
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PENTALOG CLIENT : Remote Meter Reading Solutions SpecialistAoût 2014 - Décembre 2014

Application Developer / Team Leader.
  • Development of the features specified by the client in the specification documents.
  • Creating unit tests for the implemented features.
  • Estimation of the time required for accomplishing the tasks defined together with the team.
  • Task assignment within the team.
  • Providing optimal solutions to several features.
  • Configuration of the development environment (Tomcat, Maven, Jenkins configuration).
  • Support to team members in solving the obstacles encountered within the project.
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VivatMars 2013 - Août 2014

Application Developer within a professional services organization, delivering superior service to enterprises through practical implementation of Service-Oriented Architecture systems.

Participation in the development of several projects:
- Application developed for a provider of communications, entertainment and cable products and services.
  • Implementation of the cache layer based on Google cache.
  • Back-end development and creation of APIs, creation of new functionality, using Cassandra NoSQL, Active MQ, RESTful Web Services.
  • Creation of unit tests and deployment documentation.
  • Tracking and fixing production issues.

- Application developed for a market research company.
  • Back-end design and development using Spring, Hibernate.
  • Creating unit tests, responsible for bug fixes.
  • Development of APIs for integration with client’s infrastructure.
  • Responsible for integration with front-end.
  • Participation in deployment documentation creation.
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Innovative Software SolutionsAoût 2007 - Février 2013

Application Developer within a company providing industry-specific applications and custom developed solutions for Telecommunication, Financial, Utilities, and Public Sectors.

Participation in the development of several projects:
- MNP (Mobile Number Portability), an application developed for a mobile telephone operator which enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another.
  • Design and implementation of the MNP codebase according to Romanian and EU legislation using JSP, Ajax, Jscript and CSS.
  • Development of the front-end of the project.
  • Creating integration points in codebase for future plugins.

- CRM for a national authority whose field of activity is focused on financial issues.
  • Development of the CRM system using JSP, Struts, JavaScript and Hibernate.
  • Design and development of front-end web pages using JSP and JavaScript.

- Application developed for a mobile telephony company.
  • Integration of SQL and LDAP using custom adapters based on AMDOCS API.
  • Implementation of the business logic in Java. The main goal was to build a highly reliable and productive (of high performance) bridge between LDAP and Oracle Database.

- Application developed for a mobile telephony company.
  • Design and development of a SOA integrated solution based on the IBM Message Broker, ActiveMQ.
  • Development of more than 15 interfaces for the client using WMB and SOAP, JMS, XML, Java SE, log4j, SQL technologies.
  • Discovery and reporting of several defects in WMB that were solved by IBM in the next releases.
  • Creation of several commonly used components on the project that were not originally included into WMB.
  • Unit testing, stress testing and performance testing of all developed interfaces.
  • Creation of the business and architectural documentation for the project.

- Application developed for a banking institution.
  • Architectural re-design of existing software systems and preparation of those systems for production environment.   
  • Development of enhancements for a number of interfaces.
  • Design and development of improved intuitive user interfaces using JSF.
  • Migration of data between two different DB schemata with a push of a few buttons using Swing. Some components were redesigned and re-engineered due to high performance demand.

- Application developed for a mobile telephony company. The project was written in Java and required good understanding of LDAP OpenSSO API’s, Web Services and SSO Interceptors.
  • Design and development of identity management on the client's website using Single Sign On technology from Oracle/Sun and Sun Identity Manager.
  • Integration of LDAP into SSO to store/gather additional information about users using Java LDAP API.
  • Creation of different access levels using Sun Access Manager framework.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

ENGLISH: Average
FRENCH: Beginner
RUSSIAN: Advanced
ROMANIAN: Native speaker

Web Technologies

JSF, JSTL, Web Services, SOAP, REST API, Struts, CSS, HTML, RESTful Web Service, Portlet, JSP / Servlets, Freemarker



Networks and Systems

Docker, OpenSSO, Linux, AIX, Windows, FreeBSD


SUN Identity Manager, Log4j, API


Oracle, Cassandra, MySQL


XML, JAVA, XSLT, XPath, SQL, JavaScript, JAVA 8, Python, ESQL

Application Servers

Jetty, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish, WAS

Analysis Methods and Tools



Spring, ActiveMQ, J2SE, AWT, Spring Boot, JMS, Drools, Swing, Spring Data, JPA, Hibernate, JEE

Environment of Development

Eclipse, NetBeans, WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit, Maven

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics - Technical University of Moldova.2004 - 2008