Denis-Daniel-George F.

Full Stack Developer

Externalisation nearshore
3 ans
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Web Developer - PitechPlusJuillet 2018 - Présent

Web Developer within a consulting group offering a wide range of services that cover IT&C software development and intelligent business automation, with a global footprint. 
  • Worked on multiple projects, each one of them was different and challenging in its own way.
- One project was designed a long time ago, to handle multiple transactions and handling of orders for multiple stores. It was not really updated to work on the newer Symfony versions, so I needed to work with old bundles and develop the application using some old bundles. This taught me how to handle this type of projects and how to research old bundles which are not really maintained but requires modern security practices and understanding of the trade back of old technologies with modern requirements.

- Another project was designed for marketing, which integrated google charts library, which taught me how to develop more based on UX and business in mind.

- These projects were designed using the Symfony framework, with various bundles for reports, security, UX, business models and development.
  • Reached the level of a Full Stack Developer. 
  • As a Full Stack Developer worked on an application built with React and Symfony, Material UI, React Admin. The application was designed to handle multiple transactions, focusing on security and maintenance for a long time.

Mes études et formations

Mathematics and Computer Science - "Dragos Voda" National College.2012 - 2016