Alexandru B.

Mobile Developer

Externalisation nearshore
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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World-renowned travel web platformFévrier 2019 - Présent

React.js Developer.
  • Developing new user-facing features using React.js.
  • Building reusable components and front-end libraries for future use.
  • Translating designs and wireframes into high quality code.
  • Optimizing components for maximum performance across a vast array of web-capable devices and browsers.
  • Providing help to the maintenance of code quality, organization and automatization.
  • Collaboration in the Agile environment.
  • DOM and JavaScript object model manipulation.
  • Continuous integration using Jenkins.
  • Static type checking using Flow.
  • Implementing project management tools using Jira and Confluence.
  • Testing using Enzyme, Jasmine and Mocha.
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Provider of day-to-day servicesJuin 2016 - Janvier 2019

Web Developer / Mobile Developer / Team Leader.
  • Developing new functionalities for two mobile applications (created with Ionic Framework).
  • Application deployment (on Apple Store and Google Play).
  • Development of two websites using Angular (a website for the clients and a dashboard for project management purposes).
  • Acting as a Team Leader for the front-end development team.
  • Backlog refinement with the Product Owner and Scrum Master on front-end tasks.
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PentalogJuin 2018 - Juin 2018

Trainee within the Pentalog group.

Participation in an intensive training session focusing on React.js, Redux, React Router, HOCs and CSS.
  • Study of the main concepts and notions.
  • Implementation of the acquired knowledge in a practical specific application.
  • Completing different tasks with React.js, Redux, HOCs, React Router, and CSS as a main focus.
  • Approaching CSS in a React app.
  • Handling / creating Redux data store.
  • Managing performance hints.
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PentalogMars 2016 - Juin 2016

iOS Developer within a project focusing on developing an internal application called "Zimbra Shared Calendars". It is a mobile application running on iOS devices whose main aim is to facilitate the process of booking meeting rooms or creating meeting events. The application includes several features allowing users to:
- Add one or more Zimbra accounts (e-mail server, web client used by Pentalog);
- Create groups of calendars (people or resources);
- View the availability of each calendar on a certain date;
- View, create, edit, delete appointments.
  • Analysis of the current business needs.
  • Design, development and implementation of the software modules.
  • Application testing and bug fixing to ensure proper functioning.
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SolutiFévrier 2016 - Mars 2016

iOS Developer.
  • Analysis of the technical and functional specifications.
  • Proposal and implementation of adapted technical solutions.
  • Bug fixing in order to ensure a high quality of the developed applications.
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PentalogJuin 2015 - Août 2015

Trainee within the Pentalog group.

Participation in a training session on mobile development.
  • Study of mobile development concepts and techniques associated to Xamarin platform.
  • Development of several applications implementing the acquired knowledge:
An application for controlling castle gates opening (Pentalog Orleans
agency) by means of mobile phones and iBeacon tags; implementation of
iBeacons for Android and iOS (Portable Xamarin Cross Platform Project).
- A mobile application for managing DK-Fetes payments (coffee, sweets etc). 
  • Xamarin Cross Plaform integration with
    Portable projects (the UI and business layer are developed as shared
    project, while other platform-dependent elements are implemented using
    native libraries) and Shared projects (the business layer is developed
    as a shared project, whereas the UI is implemented with native
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PentalogMars 2015 - Juin 2015

Trainee within the Pentalog group.

Participation in a training session on mobile development.
  • Study of the .NET platform, C# language and Xamarin platform.
  • Development of a portable C Xamarin application which integrates networking access layer elements (RestSharp) and database implementation (SQLite).
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Frank EmeraldJanvier 2015 - Juin 2015

iOS Developer within a company providing development solutions and services for web and mobile platforms: applications for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, applications for all Android devices, web design, SEO, SMM, cyber security, consulting.
  • Analysis of the technical and functional specifications.
  • Proposal and implementation of adapted technical solutions.
  • Defect fixing so as to assure a high quality of the developed applications.
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Petresti - Ungheni Town HallSeptembre 2011 - Septembre 2014

Developer for the local authorities of a village in Moldova.
  • Development of the town hall's official website.
  • Website administration.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

ROMANIAN: Native speaker
FRENCH: Average
RUSSIAN: Beginner
ENGLISH: Average


DOM, .NET, Core Data, iBeacon


Continuous Integration, JIRA, Confluence, Zeplin, Agile




C#, Swift, TypeScript, ECMAScript 6, PHP, JavaScript, Objective-C, GraphQL


InVision, Figma


MySQL, Oracle, SQLite

Networks and Systems

SVN, Linux, Windows, MacOS


iOS, Xamarin, Ionic

Environment of Development

CocoaPods, XCode, GIT

Software Testing

Mocha, Karma, SoapUI, Enzyme, Jasmine

Web Technologies

Node.js, SOAP, NPM, REST, JSON, RESTful API, Webpack.js, AngularJS, Gulp.js, CSS, Babel.js, RxJS, Bootstrap, React.js, LESS, HTML

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, French section - Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics - Technical University of Moldova.2012 - 2016

Mes tests

ReactJS quiz medium level
ReactJS quiz medium level
JavaScript ES6 quiz medium level
CSS3 quiz advanced level
TypeScript quiz medium level
Node.js quiz medium level
ReactJS quiz medium level
JavaScript quiz medium level
Angular 4 quiz medium level
OOP quiz medium level
JavaScript ES6 quiz advanced level