Victor C.

Mobile Developer

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Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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French company specialized in developing recruitment solutionsNovembre 2019 - Présent

Mobile Developer.
  • Developing Flutter application that helps Recruiters during candidates interviews and selection process.
  • Participating in all Scrum events.
  • Working close with the PO from client’s side.
  • Working in Agile team of 4 members.
  • Proposing different solutions to the clients.
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Company Specialized in Stroke Rehabilitation SolutionsJanvier 2019 - Août 2019

iOS Developer.
  • Software development.
  • Responsible for the iPhone application.
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FreelanceSeptembre 2017 - Octobre 2018

iOS Developer within several freelance projects, developed for different clients.

I. A project consisting in an application allowing users to talk to their friends and meet new people nearby, based on their location. It also displays the friends' location in real-time and it allows the users to decide on who can see them. The app combines 4 elements: Pictures wall, Friends location, Chat, Meet new People.
- Technical environment: PHP, iOS, Swift, Android, Java.
- Role: iOS Developer and Mentor.

II. A mobile banking app that supports standard financial operations like p2p/t2c transfers, communal services payments, transactions history, map. Some functionality (e.g. “transactions history, branches map”) can be used in offline mode (using RealmDB).
- Technical environment: Java, iOS, Swift, Android, Java.
- Role: iOS Developer and Team Leader.

III. An app for listening meditation guides and music, allowing users to download the content for offline listening (it uses the Firebase Database to store content).
- Technical environment: Google Firebase, iOS, Swift, Android, Java.
- Role: iOS Developer and Team Leader.
  • Development of the iOS applications according to the client's requirements.
  • Proposing improvements and adding new features.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Mentoring fellow developers.
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FusionWorksMars 2016 - Septembre 2017

iOS Developer within a company providing software development services and solutions.

Participation in the development of a professional tool for curtain designers, which automates size/price calculations and ordering. All information is synchronized between the web and iOS app. The latter can be also used in offline mode.
- Technical environment: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, iOS, Objective-C, Swift.
- Role: iOS Developer.
  • Development of the iOS application according to the client's requirements.
  • Proposing improvements and adding new features.
  • Bug fixing.
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RedRiverAppsDécembre 2015 - Mars 2016

iOS Developer within a company specialized in the development of mobile applications.
  • Development for iOS apps.
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MaxLabAoût 2014 - Septembre 2015

Team Leader / iOS Developer for a company providing software solutions and services.

Participation in two main projects.
I. The development of a set of applications that search themed wallpapers on Google and download them in the most suited resolution for the user’s device. The most downloaded wallpapers are stored on the server, and appear on the “TOP” tab in the mobile application. The application has a standard paid version and a free version with adds.
- Technical environment: PHP, iOS, Objective-C (native).
- Role : iOS Developer.
  • Development of the application for iOS, using Objective-C (native).

II. The development of an application allowing users to plan a golf match, invite other users to his match, or join another user’s match. It includes scorecards(can be watched during the match to see the progress of other users), different match types, notifications, and more.
- Technical environment: PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, iOS, Objective-C (native), Android, Java.
- Role : Team Leader and iOS Developer.
  • Leading the iOS team.
  • Development for iOS, using Objective-C (native).
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FreelanceMai 2014 - Août 2014

iOS Developer within a freelance project focused on the development of an in-house catalog for building tools. The catalog can be stored on a local database (coreData) for offline navigation. The application was distributed using Enterprise Ad-Hoc distribution (as it was designed for company employees).
  • Back-end development using PHP.
  • Mobile development for iOS using Objective-C (native).
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Frank EmeraldJuin 2013 - Mai 2014

iOS Developer within a company providing development solutions and services for web and mobile platforms: applications for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, applications for all Android devices, web design, SEO, SMM, cyber security, consulting.
  • Development of mobile apps for iOS.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

ENGLISH: Average
ROMANIAN: Native speaker
FRENCH: Beginner
RUSSIAN: Advanced


Cocoa Touch

Environment of Development

CMake, Carthage, Make, SVN, CocoaPods, GIT

Networks and Systems

Ubuntu, Windows, OS X, iOS


OAuth 2.0

Web Technologies





Zeplin, Sketch

Software Testing

TestFlight, Fabric


Agile, JIRA, Crashlytics, Mentoring, Flutter, Redmine, Team management


Dart, Swift, Objective-C, C/C++, JAVA


QuickBlox, Vapor, CoreData Editor

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics - Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau.2011 - 2014

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OOP quiz medium level
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Compréhension écrite langue française quiz