Vasile R.

Mobile Developer

Externalisation nearshore
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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World-renowned travel web platformFévrier 2020 - Présent

Android Developer.
  • Building applications on Android platform in compliance with high code standards.
  • Delivery of working solutions via integrated CI pipelines.
  • Ensuring the performance, quality and responsiveness of applications.
  • Collaboration with the team in order to define, design and ship new features.
  • Identification and correction of bottlenecks.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Providing appropriate help for code quality, organization and automatization.
  • Collaboration in the Agile environment.
  • Very good knowledge of Android UI Design principles, patterns and best practices.
  • Mastering Kotlin Coroutines.
  • Testing with Roboelectric and Espresso.
  • Offline storage, threading and performance tuning.
  • Understanding Android design principles and interface guidelines.
  • Continuous integration using Fastlane and Jenkins.
  • Good use of versioning and design tools, including GIT, Figma, InVision, Zeplin.
  • Implementing project management tools, including JIRA and Confluence.
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FreelanceJanvier 2017 - Présent

Android Developer.
  • Creating various Android apps from scratch, from wireframes and clickable prototypes, to complete solutions including client app and server side - mainly Firebase services like Firestore, Real time Database, Firebase Authentication, Google Play payments, Admob.
  • Professional approach and high IT industry standards for a good quality and price ratio.
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Best4u DevelopmentJanvier 2019 - Janvier 2020

Android Developer within an international web development agency.

Participation in the development of various projects within the company.
- In this company I had the opportunity to work on different projects with team colleagues from Moldova and the Netherlands:

I. Android app “Spots Today”.
- (
- Developed from scratch an ambitious startup from the Netherlands released in production recently.
- It's a platform to help people from the Netherlands to get barbershop services fast and easy.
- The project was designed for long term development because they intend to expand it world wide soon.
- The main features are:
- search barber shops via location on map,  provided services, desired time or name.
- show details about salon schedule, available workers, services and prices.
- book salon services and activate them via SMS.
- view bookings and cancel any of them.
- Team size: 9, 2 web back-end, 2 for IOS, 2 for Android including me, designer, QA engineer and team leader.
  • Providing project architecture MVVM using the newest Android techniques.
  • Writing clean code using SOLID principles.
  • Rewriting some parts of the Maps SDK for Android to customize clustering.
  • Integrating some Firebase services like FCM, custom events and Crashlytics.

II. “Sociaballs”.
- (
- Doing refactoring and new features for their biggest mobile product.
- A successful international marketing tool that connects football clubs with the players and sponsors, currently used by Go Ahead Eagles - a Dutch football club from Deventer & Sydney Football Club - an Australian professional soccer club based in Sydney.
- Team size: 2 web back-end, 2 for IOS, 2 for Android including me, QA engineer and team leader.
  • Handling marketing campaigns for different sport clubs.
  • Monitoring campaigns within the built in calendar.
  • Communicating between administrators and influencers via chat.
  • Fully featured gallery for images and videos.
  • Migrating architecture from MVP to MVVM.
  • Refactoring RxKotlin to coroutines.
  • Integrating new rest API routes as per new features requirements.
  • Migrating the project to AndroidX and use architecture components where possible.
  • Writing advanced groovy scripts for app signing and flavoring.

III. Android app “Kwaliteitsmeter Veilig Uitgaan”.
- Development from scratch of an instrument that does checking
compliance with agreements for the municipality in the Netherlands between catering entrepreneurs and the police so each party formulates its own and efforts obligations.
- The main features are: login users to authorize restricted access, show denied people by different filters.
- Team size: 1 back-end, 1 for IOS, me for Android, QA engineer and team leader.
  • Creating interactive clickable prototype for Android and IOS apps.
  • Writing clean Kotlin code using MVVM.

IV.  “GTH”, “ATH” and “ATA”.- A series of Android apps for agro-technical expositions in the Netherlands.
- The main features are:
- login users to authorize restricted access.
- scan QR codes for entrance tickets.
- edit some visitors details via rest API.
- Team size: 1 back-end, 1 for IOS, me for Android, QA engineer and team leader.
  • Creating an app design using AdobeXD.
  • Writing clean Kotlin code using MVVM.
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    SMAD-GRUPJuin 2015 - Janvier 2019

    Android Developer for a company providing various services and solutions.

    I. Android Application.- Development from scratch of an application for a complex logistic system that optimized employees workflow and company expenses with more than 30%. - We used advanced technologies like GPS tracking and RSA secured rest API communication with the store stock, online ordering system and VoIp call center.
    - The main features are:
    - login users to authorize restricted access.
    - call center operator can send order to a certain driver.
    - driver mark order as picked up, delivered and paid.
    - returned items hints for potential customers.
    - follows the itinerary of the couriers.
    - Team size: 2 back-end, me for Android, QA engineer.
    • Following “uncle bob” clean architecture.
    • Java code using Retrofit and RxJava.
    • Intercepting the JS function and implementing functions in native Java code.
    • Providing support for pre lollipop devices and tablets.
    • Custom caching for dynamic web content.
    II. “Unfollow Pro for Instagram”.
    - Development of an Android application created from scratch, ambitious proof of concept project that has a huge success on Google Play with more then 3,000,000 downloads now.
    - It helps Instagram users to track their account analytics and mass follow and un-follow actions.
    - The main features are:
    - connect with Instagram account.
    - view account analytics.
    - mass follow and un-follow actions.
    - view followers by different categories.
    - simple and Pro version with extra features and no ads.
    - Team size: 2, me for Android and one QA engineer.
    • Investigating and reverse engineering to discover some specific features that are not available in official Instagram app.
    • Designing app screens.
    • Providing Java clean code using RxJava.
    • Advanced multithreading using thread pools and Services.
    • Providing advanced SQLite with Pragma and transactions.
    • Working with AES encryption.
    • Using Realtime Database from Firebase to sync some user specific data.
    • Creating custom Firebase event and build funnels.
    • Dealing with some specific devices issues (mostly low cost devices).
    • Dealing with different publication phases on Google Play.
    • Implementing Google Play Billing payments.
    • Implementing own Admob wrapper for fast integration.
    • Stress testing.

    III. “Currency Exchange Moldova”.
    - Development from scratch an Android application for providing exchange rates from all country banks with some extra features like best sell/buy ratios and currency  analytics to help financial department to take the best decisions concerning wholesale transactions.
    - We decided to make this app public and posted it on Google Play with some extra features like currency calculator and home screen widget.
    - Team size: 1 back-end, me for Android, QA engineer.
    • Creating the application using a clean architecture and rest API communication.

    IV. Android Application.
    - Development from scratch of an Android app that help users to get best deals from Ali Express and other Chinese stores.
    - The main idea is to buy merchandise cheaper by category or price range useful for drop shipping or small online businesses.
    - Team size: 1 back-end, one for Android, QA engineer.
    • Providing Kotlin MVP architecture and clean code.
    • Using secured rest API communication.
    • Providing custom Ads using own web source and show rate.
    • Using Google Play Billing subscriptions.

    V. Android Application.
    - Development from scratch of an Android app that follows merchandise from supplier to buyer via a tracking number.
    - Team size: 3, 1 back-end, me for Android, QA engineer.
    • Using Kotlin with MVP architecture and rest API communication.

    VI. “Subscribers Pro - for Youtube”.
    - Development from scratch of an app. to find and track YouTube channel details – useful for vloggers and promoters.
    - The main features are:
    - search YouTube channels by name.
    - get subscribers, views and videos.
    - calculate with approximation the income.
    - Team size: 1 back-end, me for Android, QA engineer. 
    • Analyzing the existing apps and deciding the main functional based on users feedback.
    • Using YouTube API to get channel info and custom server API to calculate some statistics.
    • Writing clean Kotlin code using different design patterns.
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    EndavaDécembre 2014 - Mars 2015

    Android Developer (Intern) within a company specialized in the design, implementation and management of business-critical systems and digital services for the financial services, telecommunications, media & entertainment and professional services sectors.
    • Some Java and Android SDK experience.
    • Teamwork skills using Agile framework.
    • Basics of continuous integration.
    • Basics of Android UI.
    • Working with deadlines.
    • Achieving basics of Android SDK and UI, teamwork skills using Agile framework and basics of continuous integration.
    • Being mentored by a senior developer as a part of the mobile team.
    • Participating in the process of creation of a local task manager application.
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    Bluegreen at Atlantic PalaceMai 2014 - Septembre 2014

    J1 exchange program.
    • Reading, writing, and understanding English at an advanced level.
    • Attention to detail and ability to work both on a team and individually.
    • Good memory skills and ability to manage a large quantity of information.
    • Ability to keep conversations within native American environment and customer care.

    Mes compétences

    Langues parlées

    ENGLISH: Advanced
    RUSSIAN: Native speaker
    ROMANIAN: Native speaker
    FRENCH: Average



    Web Technologies

    Firebase, HTML, REST API, RESTful API, JSON


    Android, Android Jetpack, Volley, Android SDK, Cloud Firestore


    RxJava, Glide, Apollo, Dagger, Retrofit

    Environment of Development


    Analysis Methods and Tools

    UML, Jackson, MVVM



    Software Testing

    Espresso, Roboelectric


    Continuous Integration, Confluence, GitHub, Fastlane, UI Design, Agile


    Jira, Jenkins


    C#, GraphQL, Kotlin, XAML, JAVA, SQL, JavaScript, C/C++


    Adobe XD, Figma, Zeplin, InVision

    Mes études et formations

    Bachelor’s Degree in Systems and Computer Engineering, Information Technology - Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau.2011 - 2015