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Mihai-Adrian N.

Mobile Developer

Externalisation nearshore
9 ans
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  • Superior technical skills
  • 9 years of industry experience
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Mon expérience

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Integrated Security ProviderFebruary 2022 - Présent

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NCSystems Dev SRLMay 2020 - January 2022

Software Engineer for a software development company.
  • Built multiple apps as a freelancer or self-employed engineer.
  • MDM solution for LG flip phones that grew from 0 to 5000 customers in less than 3 months. 
  • Improved a in-house built MDM application from one of the previous employers by improving the size and startup time.
  • Android application that connects a taxi driver and his passengers with the mobile cash register in the vehicle and displays data in real time.
  • Designed an update system and an android app that acts as a replacement for Google Play Store.
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Cognizant SoftvisionApril 2020 - May 2020

Mobile Software Engineer for a leading product engineering company, creating impactful end to end digital products and solutions that connect brands with customers. 
  • Built a GitHub client as part of my onboarding process
  • Assigned to be part of the team that worked on a Android game built as a community project.
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RND Software Group Inc.June 2013 - April 2020

Software Engineer for a company that offers software development services, but also development and manufacturing of medical devices and consumables. 
  • MDM application for mobile devices that grew from 0 to ~1 million customers, split over multiple vendors. Multiple versions based on root, VPN, or specific SDK's as Samsung Knox, LG Gate, Xiaomi Enterprise, Huawei Enterprise.
  • Windows application that was fetching data over ADB and allowed support technicians to execute specific tasks on Android devices.
  • Looked for vulnerabilities in user applications in order to improve security and add new features to the MDM client.
  • Assisted other engineers on the research regarding UI/UX, features development and implementation on multiple platforms (mobile, desktop, web).
  • Offered training to resellers and support engineers on the company products.
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RadcomMarch 2018 - May 2018

Mobile Software Engineer for the leading expert in cloud-native service assurance solutions for 5G and 4G telecom operators. 
  • Finished a WIP project, water dispenser management application that was being used by the customers technicians to update the software on the
    custom board (via Bluetooth or usb), check health status (dirt filter, water quality) as well as record orders for the sales department.
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Bigstep IncJanuary 2014 - March 2014

Software Engineer Intern for a Service (IaaS) provider offering single tenant, on-demand environments built for high traffic websites, micro-services architectures, IoT & mobile backends, big data and more.
  • Gained knowledge about PHP.
  • Worked on a new product (Big Data) based on Bare Metal. 
  • Worked on the team that implemented the Server Management Interface.

PHP, Hadoop, Couchbase, iLO, CentOS

Mes études et formations

Master Studies in Computer Science - Spiru Haret University.2006 - 2009