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LateralOctobre 2018 - Mai 2020

iOS Developer within a company providing design and technology services and solutions as well as
software and product development, technology R&D, mobile
applications development, gaming, interfacing with hardware.

Participation in the development of various applications within the company.
I. A skincare application.
- Analyses user photos and tracks their progress while guiding them through a weekly routine.
- The application utilizes VIP architecture.
- Technical environment: OpenCV for image processing, Stripe for card payments, for deeplinking, AlamoFire for network requests (foreground and background) and certificate pinning, Mixpanel and Firebase for analytics, Bitrise and Fastlane for continuous integration, Smartystreets for US address validation.

II. A communication application.
- Allows users to send locked messages to each other.
- Refactored older app to use VIP architecture and to respect SOLID principles.
- Technical environment: MapKit, location search and background location triggered notifications, Facebook Login, CoreData for persistance, Kingfisher for image caching.

III. A starter project template.
- Using VIP architecture, also incorporating basic building blocks used in any iOS application.
- Blocks included: Keychain and UserDefaults management, CoreData handling, Networking setup and usage example, VIP scene example.
  • Stabilized, refactored and fixed issues in an Objective-C chat bot app for gathering insights about personal mood.
  • Attended bi-weekly AI coaching sessions to learn machine learning.
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TapptitudeSeptembre 2017 - Octobre 2018

iOS Developer within a company specialized in the development of mobile applications on iOS and Android.
  • Attending weekly iOS sessions which showcased helpful solutions implemented by members of the iOS team, which could help the entire team.
Participation in the development of various projects within the company.

I. A scooter renting application.
- Using NFC for interacting with the scooter via the app.
- Technical environment: MapKit for pin location management, Google Maps for Reverse Geocoding API, persistent timers, Stripe for card payments, Lottie for custom animations.

II. An application for helping the franchise businesses.
- The application was meant to expand and find new sites/locations where to open up new working buildings.
- Technical environment: Realm for data persistence, Alamofire.

III. A fitness application.
- It was meant to connect clients and trainers, which enabled clients to book sessions, chat with or review trainers, while also receiving premium video content to exercise at home.
- Technical environment: StoreKit for subscriptions, for in-app chat, extensive use of collection views, Stripe for one time payments.
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Halcyon MobileJuillet 2016 - Août 2017

iOS Developer (Intern) within a company providing various services and solutions.

iOS Developer (September 2016 - August 2017).
  • Collaboratively developed Dollarbird 3, a calendar-based app which manages and tracks your incomes and expenses (used MVVM with RxSwift in this app).
  • Mentored and helped iOS interns.
  • Developed a starting project app (app which manages your shopping list and which shows you nearby shops and their products); used SQLite databases for persistence.
  • Attended regular video sessions which brought me up to date with the latest technologies and developments in iOS and Swift.
iOS Developer (Intern) (July 2016 - August 2016).
  • Developing an app that aggregates app statistics (downloads, purchases etc.) and displays comprehensive charts that help interpret the data (using the iOS Charts library).
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TapptitudeMars 2016 - Avril 2016

iOS Developer (Intern) within a company specialized in the development of mobile applications on iOS and Android.
  • Developing a simple circle app in which the user could interact with various shapes.
  • Developing a Facebook profile manager app, which could manage a user’s albums and his photos and also show his news feed posts.
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iQuestJuillet 2015 - Juillet 2015

Java Junior Developer (Intern) within an independent IT services group, delivering an extensive
portfolio of customized software solutions and outsourcing services.
  • Developing a web application which aggregated news from different sources.
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EndavaJuillet 2014 - Août 2014

C++ Junior Developer (Intern) within a company specialized in the design, implementation and
management of business-critical systems and digital services for the
financial services, telecommunications, media & entertainment and
professional services sectors.
  • Developing a database checking program.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

ROMANIAN: Native speaker
FRENCH: Average
ENGLISH: Advanced

Web Technologies


Environment of Development

Maven, GIT




Swift, C/C++, JAVA, JavaScript, Python, Objective-C



Analysis Methods and Tools


Networks and Systems

iOS, Linux, SVN


MapKit, JDBC

Mes études et formations

Master's Degree in Business Modelling and Distributed Computing, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca.2017 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Faculty of Automation and Computer Science, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.2013 - 2017

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English reading quiz medium level
English language placement quiz
Grammaire langue française quiz
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