Maria Magdalena B.

Product owner

Romania, EUROPE
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Major Actor in Banking Solutions01.11.2018 - Présent

Product Owner.
  • Defining the product roadmap and backlog.
  • Translating the product strategy into detailed requirements and prototypes.
  • Determining the scope and priority of the activities based on business and client impact.
  • Working closely with the engineering teams to deliver quick time-to-market and optimal resources.
  • Managing the product backlog.
  • Refining the backlog with the stakeholders and the development team.
  • Defining the application’s functional flows and UX.
  • Creating flowcharts, wireframes and mockups.
  • Inspecting the product progress at the end of every Sprint.
  • Supporting the client in adopting and implementing Agile.
  • Working closely with the support and project management departments to address the clients’ needs and maintain the collaboration with them.
  • Defining the scope of feature releases and hotfixes.
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Pentalog01.03.2019 - 01.03.2019

Business Analysis Trainee within the Pentalog group.

Participation in an internship program in order to acquire basic knowledge on Business Analysis as a practice, develop analytical skills and a problem solving mindset:
  • Building a business case including:
    - Needs assessment techniques: identifying the problem or the opportunity, performing strategy analysis and applying root cause analysis techniques (i.e. Fishbone Diagram, Process Flows etc.).
    - Recommendation of the best solution to address the business needs by means of a feasibility analysis and taking into account business constraints, assumptions, risks, dependencies, and a cost-benefit analysis (high level) for the recommended option.
  • Stakeholder management, including identification, mapping techniques (RACI model) and expectation management.
  • Requirements elicitation, including planning and conducting elicitation activities with stakeholders while applying elicitation techniques.
  • Modelling and refining requirements via business analysis models and process models (process flows, use cases, modelling languages).
  • Using various types of wireframes for the visual representation of the product.
  • Acquiring knowledge on software product development methodologies such as: the Waterfall model, Agile and its Scrum and Kanban frameworks.
  • Using backlog management tools, including Jira and Redmine.
  • Using backlog prioritization techniques, such as: Moscow, Business Value, Story Mapping and Speed boat.
  • Developing soft skills (business language, synthesis capacity, emotional intelligence). 
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Pentalog01.09.2018 - 01.11.2018

Product Ownership Trainee within the Pentalog group.
  • Participation in a training course focusing on the Agile methodology and Product Ownership principles and concepts:
    - Defining the product vision;
    - Product Backlog, stakeholders and time management;
    - Estimating priorities and determining a team's velocity for the product release;
    - Analyzing the data and feedback gathered from the client and the team;
    - Creating effective user stories.
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Transgor Logistik01.11.2014 - 01.08.2018

Operations Planner for a company specialized in logistic solutions for freight transportation.
  • Acting as an international freight forwarder for France / Belgium and United Kingdom.
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Pentalog01.03.2018 - 01.07.2018

Quality Assurance / Manual Testing Trainee within the Pentalog Group.

Participation in an internship program focusing on software testing.

Acquiring base knowledge about software testing, focusing on the following aspects:
- Fundamentals of software testing: the necessity of testing in terms of quality and cost reduction, general testing principles, test process, the psychology of testing;
- Testing throughout the software life cycle: development models, test levels and test types;
- Static testing techniques: static analysis with tools, review process;
- Test design techniques: black box and white box techniques, experience based techniques;
- Test management: test planing and estimation, test progress monitoring and control, assessing risks;
- Tool support for testing: types of tools, benefits and risks for using tools.

Participation in several workshops on software testing.
  • Writing test cases for a known application and executing them.
  • Real specification analysis for a non existing application and building test suites with test cases.
  • Test execution based on previously built suites on the application developed according to specifications.
  • Issue identification, prioritization and follow-up.
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Electric Plus01.08.2013 - 01.06.2014

Shop Manager within a company that operates in the construction, industrial and telecom retail markets.
  • Achieving and exceeding sales objectives and customer expectations whilst adhering to the company's policies and procedures.
  • Offering support to other team members.
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Pentalog01.04.2013 - 01.08.2013

Administrative Assistant within the Pentalog group.
  • Providing support in the fulfillment of various administrative tasks within the SAF department.
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VEO Worldwide Services01.07.2012 - 01.12.2012

Recruiter within a company providing business to business consultancy services, covering a wide range of domains, such as: international trade and transport, IT, finances and human resources.
  • Providing recruitment and selection services.
  • Reporting on the recruitment activity performed.
  • Representing the company at job fairs and organizing the company's exhibition stand (presentation materials design, creation of marketing materials, etc.).
  • Representing the company in relation to universities (for internships, etc.).
  • Induction and training, according to the "Ecole de Formation NOZ".
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Electric Plus01.05.2011 - 01.06.2012

Direct Business Sales Representative within a company that operates in the construction, industrial and telecom retail markets.
  • Reaching and exceeding sales objectives proposed for the SME & SOHO segments.
  • Maintaining business relationships with clients in the post-sale activity.
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EuroGsm01.04.2008 - 01.04.2011

Shop Manager within a company specialized in mobile telephony products, solutions and services.
  • Achieving and exceeding sales objectives and customer expectations whilst adhering to the company's policies and procedures.
  • Identifying customer’s needs and putting forward the best solutions.
  • Optimizing customers' accounts and proactively cross-selling and up-selling products or services.
  • Offering support to other team members.
  • Ensuring the advanced management of merchandise stock and participating in the merchandise inventory.
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Sixt rent a car01.11.2007 - 01.02.2008

Sales Admin/ Customer Service Representative for one of the leading global vehicle rental and hire agencies.
  • Receiving, managing and completing vehicle rental demands by handling all the paperwork.
  • Providing support to clients.
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Fox Stanescu01.03.2006 - 01.10.2007

Secretary within a company providing various medical services.
  • Providing administrative support services.
  • Answering, screening and routing phone calls and providing the caller with the requested information.
  • Relaying messages to the appropriate staff members.
  • Operating office machines (photocopy machine, scanner, fax, printers etc.).
  • Scheduling meetings when required.

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FRENCH: Average
ENGLISH: Average
ROMANIAN: Native speaker

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Software testing

Manual testing


Quality Assurance, Product Ownership, Agile, Business Development, Customer relationship management, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Mentoring, Organization, Project Management, Resource Management, Sales, Team management, Teamwork, Time Management

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Management Studies, Faculty of Financial-Accounting Management - "Spiru Haret" University, Bucharest.2008-2012