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Lilia C.

Scrum Master

Externalisation nearshore
11 ans
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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Why I'm Top 5%

  • People skills
  • 11 years of industry experience
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Mon expérience

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Non-domestic Cooling and Ventilation Equipment ManufacturerFebruary 2020 - October 2021

Scrum Master/Proxy Product Owner.
  • Communication with the client. 
  • Follow-up of the project team and the development schedule. 
  • Facilitation of the synchronization of client multiple teams.
  • Active involvement in the innovation, planning, clarification, and description of the new features.
  • Preparation of the backlog.
  • Working on maximizing the team's efficiency throughout the product's life cycle alongside considering the client's perspective, all wrapped in a long-term vision.
  • Risk management.  

Agile, Scrum, Product Ownership
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PentalogDecember 2019 - February 2020

Scrum Master within the Pentalog group.
  • Internal integration by understanding the organizational culture of the group.
  • Alignment with the Agile practices and Scrum Master role’s expectation within the group.
  • Go & see mission on the other projects developed in the agency.
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Soft TehnicaMarch 2018 - December 2019

Project Manager within a company that focuses on software development, IT Consultancy, database design and administration, web, desktop and mobile apps development, and website development.
  • Developing the IT development plan with the team.
  • Establishing and organizing the team, organizing the project work process, and ensuring the inverse link between the team and the client, detecting and removing any obstacle for the teams.
  • Monitoring the performance of team tasks.
  • Following the project requirements, controlling the quality and delivery of the products within the set deadline.
  • Ensuring acceptability and approval of deliverables from the client and stakeholders in the project.
  • Communicating with the client, including reporting the status of the project.
  • Escalating problems that cannot be solved in a team.
  • Ensuring that the terms and requirements of the project are respected within the budget.
  • Involvement in business analysis for the software system, implementation based on specifications, collaboration with stakeholders and end-users, communication of technical data about the product to the non-technical public segment.
  • Planning of testing and validation as part of the development process.
  • Working with a multidisciplinary team to convert business needs into technical specifications.
  • Development of Bid documentation, study of materials on the bid, preparing estimates of projects.
  • Leading projects on the following topic:
    - Development of a website dedicated to the quality of public utilities.
    - Development of a mobile application in cross platform technology for the Sun protection system and Air conditioning system (smart House).
    - Website development on the topic of online gambling.
    - Website development services for the Medical University.
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White SpaceFebruary 2013 - December 2019

Manager for a company that is specialized in brand identity creation, print and promotional literature, web design and build, online marketing, content marketing, integrated marketing, social media management, planning and strategy, and digital and mobile.
  • Organization of studio work.
  • Planning and distributing teamwork.
  • Project budget planning, coordination with clients.
  • Control over the synchronization of the planned tasks.
  • Monthly reports on company profitability.
  • Business correspondence via e-mail, Skype.
  • Assistance in managing your personal documents.
  • Participation in the development of the following projects as a manager:
    - Website
    - Mobile App in Xamarin for Android and IOS.
    - Online store
    - Online shop
    - Rent a car
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Nisa-ComAugust 2010 - August 2012

Account Manager of Advertising Printing within a company providing various services and solutions.
  • Searching for and attracting new customers.
  • Working with and updating customer base.
  • Analyzing the competitors' market and offering various sales growth methods.
  • Carrying out negotiations with clients.
  • Developing commercial proposals and contracting.
  • Invoicing and control of their payment.
  • Supervising and signing models.
  • Drawing up the sales plans and their implementation.
  • Reporting work results.

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management - State University of Moldova.2007 - 2010