Andrei-Nicolae M.

Scrum Master

Externalisation nearshore
12 ans
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PentalogJuin 2020 - Présent

Technical training.
  • Internal integration by understanding the organizational culture.
  • Adjusting to the business practices.
  • Proper alignment with the company's vision.
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Engineering Manager - Ness Digital Engineering RomaniaJanvier 2018 - Mai 2020

Engineering Manager / Scrum Master within an IT company creating and integrating digital platforms and enterprise software to generate business value.

Engineering Manager (Jul 2019 - Now)
  • Creating a safe place where the teams work and deliver value, based on their commitment.
  • Progressed from coaching individuals to coaching the teams and motivating them to succeed.
  • Moved to Engineeringmanagement for ensuring that key projects and engineering duties are fulfilled.
  • Responsible for solving any engineering issue that comes up in my projects and delivering the planned work.

Scrum Master (Jan 2018 - Jul 2019)
  • Experienced Scrum Master for 3 teams and coached them to success.
  • Facilitating daily Scrum, sprint planning, sprint demo and retrospective meetings.
  • Organizing backlog grooming sessions for the story points estimations of each new Jira issue.
  • Supporting the Product Owner, especially with respect to grooming and maintaining the product backlog.
  • Liaison between the Scrum team and the product management.
  • Forecasting number of deliverables for each sprint and reporting in the end an achievements report.
  • Facilitating discussion, decision making, and conflict resolution.
  • Removing impediments or guiding the team to remove impediments by finding the right personnel to remove the impediment.
  • Coaching the Scrum team in Agile processes.
  • Providing all support to the team using a servant leadership style whenever possible, and leading by example.
  • Guiding the team towards self organization.
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Scrum Master - RomsoftNovembre 2016 - Janvier 2018

Scrum Master / .NET Developer for a Romanian based company specializing in developing custom software applications, focusing on healthcare informatics areas like m-Health, telemedicine or e-health.

Working on a visual tool for Project Management that allows users to create beautiful timelines with tasks and milestones.
- The application allows users to import data from different formats and to export the created timelines.
- The website is implemented with EmberJS, Web API C# and Azure Table Storage.
- The application is developed to work in Azure cloud, in a continuous delivery environment with releases every 4 weeks.
  • Developed the back-end part of the application.
  • Acted as Scrum Master.
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Senior .Net Developer - NTT DATAAvril 2014 - Novembre 2016

.NET Developer within a company that provides development assistance and expert advice for customers across various industries, IT service providers, system integrators and software companies.

Working on a website that allows users to compare prices for energy and gas in Germany, allowing vendors to promote their packages.
  • Developed the website using the Agile Scrum methodology in a continuous integration environment based on test-driven development and following best practices.
  • Development and maintenance of the current application in order to attract more users and bring more signups.
  • Introducing the market trends into the platform and improving the code quality.
  • Wrote tests for unit, integration and acceptance testing.
  • Used pull request with codereviews in order to push the code in GIT.
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Senior .NET Developer (C#) - Feel IT ServicesNovembre 2010 - Avril 2014

.NET Developer (C#) within a company that offers web design and development services, desktop and mobile solutions, managed services and maintenance support to medium range customers located in areas like France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Working on multiple projects within the company:

1. Car-sharing app and website.
  • Implemented the API that was consumed by the iOS, Android and Windows Phone Apps.
  • Led the team and implemented the API.
  • After finishing the API development, started to implement the website in MVC.
  • Technologies: ASP .Net MVC 3, C#, JavaScript, SQL Server 2008, Rest API, T-SQL

2. Jobs website for PhDs students.
- The website was used for jobs recommendation and it was useful for the students to get specific jobs.
  • Technologies: ASP .Net, C#, JavaScript, SQL Server 2008, WCF, T-Sql

3. A website that allowed users to provide services and hire specialists based on their location.
  • Technologies: Asp .NET MVC 2, C#, JavaScript, Asp, Ajax, SQL Server 2008, T-SQL, WCF, jQuery, Linq

4. A website that allowed movie creators to create and communicate within their movies network.
- The website offers a way to watch movies based on already purchased invitations.
- The creators make their movies and upload them on the platform, then they can start to use the platform as a social network around one particular movie to invite friends and sell virtual tickets.
  • Technologies: ASP .Net MVC, C#, JavaScript, SQL Server 2008, WCF, T-SQL
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.Net Developer (C#) - OSF Global ServicesMai 2009 - Novembre 2010

.NET Developer (C#) within a leading global commerce and digital cloud transformation company, with expertise in enterprise CRM, CMS, OMS, connected commerce, online shop management and cloud application development.

Working on multiple projects within the company:

1. An e-Commerce website that uses Sitefinity (CMS).
  • Creating an e-Commerce module and integrating it into the existing website.
  • Technologies: Asp .Net 3.5, C#, JavaScript, Ajax, SQL Server 2008, Sitefinity CMS.

2. A portal for USA students.
- The website needs to support over a million users every day because it was addressed to students, parents and teachers.
  • Technologies: ASP .Net MVC 2, C#, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, SQL Server 2008, T-Sql, Linq, nHibernate, WCF

3. Building a website for online shopping.
- This project was implemented for a UK client and it was selling clothes and accessories.
  • Created all the pages, including the administration panel, using AspDotNetStoreFront.
  • Improved and customized the shopping cart functionality.
  • Technologies: Asp.Net 3.5, C#, JavaScript, Ajax, AspDotNetStoreFront, SQL Server 2005

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

ENGLISH: Advanced
ROMANIAN: Native speaker


Android, Windows Phone


.NET, ADO.NET, WPF, WCF, NHibernate, Entity Framework, WinForms

Version Control Software


Web Technologies

ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET MVC, CSS, ASP.NET, Silverlight, Web Services, AJAX, AngularJS, jQuery, Angular, REST API, HTML, ASP.NET MVC 2, Ember JS, ASP.NET 3.5, Sitefinity, ASP.NET MVC 3, XHTML, JSON, REST

Networks and Systems

iOS, Windows Server


API, People Management

Programming Languages

LINQ, C#, JavaScript, PL/SQL, SQL, XML, T-SQL


SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server 2005, Azure Table Storage

Analysis Methods and Tools

Design Patterns, OOP, MVC

Environment of Development

GIT, TFS, Visual Studio

Application Servers



Scrum, Team management, Leadership

Mes études et formations

Master's Degree, Computational Optimization - "Alexandru Ioan Cuza'', Iaşi.2009 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree, Faculty of Computer Science - "Alexandru Ioan Cuza'', Iaşi.2006 - 2009

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English reading quiz medium level