Top 3%
Anca Elena C.

Scrum Master

Externalisation nearshore
21 ans
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Why I'm Top 3%

  • People skills
  • English language proficiency
  • 21 years of industry experience
  • Proficient with agile scrum methods
  • Familiar with security and data privacy
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Mon expérience

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PentalogOctober 2020 - Présent

Scrum Master within the Pentalog group.
  • Internal integration by understanding the organizational culture.
  • Adjusting to the business practices.
  • Proper alignment with the company's vision.
  • Participating in several training courses on the Pluralsight platform.
  • Following the Scrum Master Beginner Roadmap.
  • Involvement in COPM activities and internal Communities.
  • Organizing an Agile HR workshop.
  • Shadowing on internal projects, providing feedback when necessary.

A Leader in Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing SoftwareSeptember 2021 - October 2022

A Leading Management Solutions ProviderJune 2021 - August 2022

An Online Testing Recruitment PlatformSeptember 2021 - June 2022

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SynertradeAugust 2019 - September 2020

Scrum Master within a company specialized in the development of software solutions and consulting dedicated to Purchasing.
  • Serving 3 development teams (20+ members) in their efforts to deliver value and meet expectations of stakeholders by conducting daily scrums, planning the sprints, demonstrating the sprints, and scheduling process improvement meetings.
  • Guiding the teams and product owners in understanding the Scrum Framework and making adaptations based on empiricism and Agile principles.
  • Working to remove all impediments and obstructions to the teams progress.
  • Facilitated work productivity without coercing, assigning or delegating assignments.
  • Supporting the organization in becoming an Agile environment.
  • Focusing on the needs of the team members and ensuring that they have all resources and knowledge to meet their objectives.
  • Acting as a coach for teams and new colleagues in order to drive excellent results.
  • Identifying potentials for improvement, developing ideas and driving them, therefore I escalated and/or solved drawbacks in order to help our teams achieve their objectives.
  • Analyzing data to measure progress against given tasks and making suggestions on improving the delivery times.
  • Monitored the team backlog daily and ensured it accurately reflected the current state of the sprint.
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NGP GroupMarch 2016 - July 2019

Retail Team Coordinator for a consumer services company based out of Ierapetra, Crete, Greece.
  • Coordinating a team of 4 members providing operational and selling activities.
  • Verifying and authorizing all operations activity of the branch.
  • Oriented to increasing operability, productivity and the quality of the daily basis activity.
  • Being a team player with an optimistic, positive attitude and focusing on quality and timely operational processing.
  • Replacement of the Branch Manager.
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Alpha Bank RomaniaAugust 2002 - October 2013

Deputy Manager / Regional DeputyOperational Manager / Manager of Operations Department / Back-Office Operational Staff for a banking services provider.

Deputy Manager of the Brasov Branch (October 2010 - October 2013).
  • Management and coordination of the subordinated departments: Cashier, Customer Relations, Operations, a team of 11 experienced professionals.
  • Being oriented to listen to companies objectives in order to provide the products they need and best-personalized services.
  • Applying expert judgment to the removal of daily basis activity impediments.
  • Keeping teams focused to achieving targets assigned individual both employee and unit level.
  • Checking the correctness and the deadline of reports submitted by the directions of the Central Branch.
  • Checking daily reports and the implementation of the measures to be taken.
  • Tracking and reporting of all operational risk events, implementing risk management procedures.
  • Monitoring and implementing JIRA task tracking tool.
  • Tracking the process of solving complaints received from customers, solving all arising issues within 24 h or less.
  • Releasing periodically recommendations, updates and improvement reports for the Branch Manager and Products Managers.
  • Replacement of the Branch Manager.

Regional Deputy Operational Manager of Regional Brasov Hub (May 2008 - September 2010).
  • Having a major role in opening 8 new branches in the Regional Brasov Hub on time and on budget, participating in meetings, technical discussion, reviews and release planning of the whole project.
  • Coordinating 3 departments of Brasov Branch, and 11 team members.
  • Verifying and supervising the whole operation activity in the Regional Brasov Hub - 8 more branches.
  • Building and effectively coaching operations teams for the hub branches.
  • Empowering the branches teams to self-organize and to continuous growth.
  • Protecting the teams from outside distractions, impediments or team conicts, and maintaining focus on productivity, services quality and deadlines.
  • Communicating with other management and support specialists on arising issues.
  • Providing technical support for all the 9 operational teams of the Hub.
  • Improving teams daily basis practices and tools as required.
  • Fully facilitating the productivity, and making sure teams have the tools and know how they need to succeed.
  • Replacement of the Regional Branch Manager.
Manager of Operations Department (October 2003 - April 2008).

Back-Office Operational Staff (August 2002 - September 2003).
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UniCredit BankAugust 2001 - August 2002

Banking Operations Officer within a company providing financial services.
  • Providing various banking operations and foreign currency transactions.
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BRDSeptember 1999 - August 2001

Banking Operations Officer for a company specialized in banking and financial services.
  • Providing banking operations for foreign currency transactions.

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in International Transactions, Faculty of Economic Studies - Transilvania University of Brasov.1995 - 1999