Lucian V.

Scrum master

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Provider of smart production management solutions01.08.2017 - Présent

  • Conceiving and developing solutions according to client's specifications.
  • Creation and maintenance of unit tests.
  • Writing user and technical documentation.
  • Maintaining Jenkins and Sonar instances.
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AB Television01.07.2014 - 01.01.2015

Scrum Master within a project aiming to help an independent editor, producer and distributor of television content from France.

The aim of the intervention was to add new functionalities to an existing suite of applications. The new functionalities were focused on managing the programs schedules for the client’s television channels.
  • Coaching the client in Scrum.
  • Making sure that the Scrum methodology is followed.
  • Coaching the client in writing stories and acceptance criteria.
  • Creating and maintaining the project’s dashboard and KPIs.
  • Risk management.
  • Maintaining the communication channels between the client, the team and the Pentalog management.
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Ocea Smart Building01.12.2008 - 01.03.2017

Project Manager.
  • Functional and Technical Consultant within the development of an application for the real estate contracts management.
  • Management of the human and material resources of the project.
  • In charge of managing the planning, distributing the tasks and respecting the delays.
  • Communication with the client.
  • In charge of providing, on a regular basis, the key figures related to the quantitative and qualitative level of the project.
  • Evaluation and management of risks.
  • Responsible for the assessment of the project.
  • Development of the team members' skills.
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    Pentalog01.09.2013 - Présent

    Project Manager Auditor and Coach within the Quality Department of the company.
    • Assistance to internal project audits:
    - Documentary analysis and checks: verifying the coherence of contractual engagements, project follow-up elements (minutes, verifications) and results (dashboard, metrics, satisfaction surveys, complaints), activity monitoring;
    - Operational audit: control of the organization, the project management methods and the quality assurance methods depending on project typology;
    - Design of a pragmatic action plan which focuses on identifying the operational improvement areas, being designed to smoothen the project audit process based on external experiences;
    - Participation in capitalization meetings organized with the aim of sharing project auditing experience and best practices.
    • Training and coaching of the Team Leaders and Project Managers on aspects concerning project organization methodologies, estimations and good practices.
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    Ocea Smart Building01.02.2006 - 01.11.2008

    Team Leader and Technical Consultant.
    • In charge of ensuring the coaching and the integration of the new members within the team.
    • Participation in the evaluation interviews performed by the Project Manager.
    • Contribution in evaluating the level of technical competence for the team members.
    • Intervention in the alignment of the project to the ISO (OP4) standards.
    • Interlocutor of the client concerning the technical aspects of the project.
    • In charge of carrying out the technical and functional analysis of the project.
    • Participation in the development process.
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    Ocea Smart Building01.09.2005 - 01.01.2006

    • Maintenance of a PL/SQL and a Java application.
    • Correction of the identified defects.
    • Mission at the client's site in order to transfer a Java application the development team from Pentalog Brasov.
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    Telephony Operator01.04.2005 - 01.08.2005

    Consultant within the Connex IT Reporting department.
  • Development of several types of reports and universes for templates of technical and functional analysis.
  • Participation in the definition of reports workflow.
  • In charge of reports development (calls history, identification of the telephone numbers owners according to different types of criteria, etc).
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    Ocea Smart Building01.11.2004 - 01.03.2005

    • Maintenance of a PL/SQL and a Java application.
    • Correction of the identified defects.
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    iNet01.02.2004 - 01.10.2004

    Maintenance and development
    of the regional infocenters "Professional Marketing".
  • In charge of ensuring the control of work for the conception of reports and client analysis for different departments of the operator.
  • Development of the environments and analysis for the call centers management.
  • Maintenance and creation of new environments of work.
  • Optimization of the inquiries and analysis of the performances of the Infocenter databases.
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    iNet01.02.2004 - 01.02.2004

    of version 2 of the "ThePortMaster" module, part of the portal management software package "The Port".
  • In charge of frames fitting.
  • Management of style sets, zones, links and indicators.
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    ANSWER01.10.2003 - 01.01.2004

    Participation in the development
    of a business application for financial management and project follow-up in the field of construction.
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    NEUVILLE-AUX-BOIS01.12.2004 - 01.12.2004

    Participation in the development
    of the presentation website of the city of Neuville-aux-Bois.
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    Clementz & Associés01.11.2004 - 01.12.2004

    in the development of an application dedicated to the reprocessing of Clementz markets and orders. (
    Development of the user authentication and management module.
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    Clementz & Associés01.10.2003 - 01.10.2003

    of the web application to check inventory controls carried out on a PDA with a bar-code reader (
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    Infogrames01.09.2003 - 01.09.2003

    Participation in
    the development of "The Forum", part of "TheRadio", communications module of ThePort.
    In charge of the forum, theme and message management.
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    iNet01.07.2003 - 01.08.2003

    Participation in
    the improvement of existing functionalities of the "TheCity" module - administrative agent of "ThePort", a portal creation and management software.
    Management of users, groups and roles.
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    iNet01.04.2003 - 01.06.2003

    of new functionalities and improvement of existing functionalities of the "The Docker" module, online file management tools, component of The Port.
  • Addition of the file and URL transferring, renaming, downloading and uploading functions.
  • Creation of the space administration interface: creation of new disc space in order to grant specific rights and to restrict some format of files.
  • Addition of information on files: written space, free space, etc.
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    MARVIC BU (BRASOV)01.02.2003 - 01.03.2003

    of an intranet / extranet application to manage customer files for Marvic, specialized in clothes manufacturing.
    The application allows the registration of data from customer files (delivery dead lines, bills, etc.) that can be viewed by customers in an extranet mode.
  • Design of a prototype that collects all the users' needs.
  • Design of the databases.
  • Created registration display interfaces.
  • In charge of server side data processing and synchronization between extranet and intranet.
  • Installation of the application.
  • In charge of training users.
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    Groupe Pentalog-iNet01.12.2002 - 01.01.2003

    Participation in
    the development of the "The Docker" module, an online file management tool, component of "The Port".
  • Creation of directories and files management interface: tree structure, visual display of the directories contents, files opening.
  • Development of the necessary actions for the file manager: cut, copy, past, delete, add.
  • Design and development of the search engine on the client side.
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    Groupe Pentalog-iNet01.11.2002 - 01.11.2002

    of new features in the interactive communication tool between the company and all its relationships "The Customs-Officer".
  • Creation of parameter settings for the interfaces and the display module of project news indicators.
  • Addition of a functionality for incidents management emails administration.
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    CHU Limoges01.10.2002 - 01.11.2002

    Participation in
    the development of the "The LogBook" module, time and (human and material) resources managing system, component of "The Port", installed at the Limoges Hospital on Ericsson and Pocket PC format.
  • Development of indicators of agenda.
  • In charge of ensuring the visual display of individual planning.
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    Groupe Pentalog-iNet01.08.2002 - 01.09.2002

    Participation in
    the development of Pentalog's Intranet, created with the portal creation and management software package in a WAP format, and that can be accessed by the Management.
  • Development of navigation modules.
  • Development of the news indicators.
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    Groupe Pentalog-iNet01.07.2002 - 01.07.2002

    in the development of a Web catalog module.
  • In charge of the generic data modeling.
  • Creation of visual display interfaces of catalogs (tree structure, list of products, product cards).
  • Creation of a multi criteria search tool for catalogs.
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    Groupe Pentalog-iNet01.05.2002 - 01.06.2002

    of the emails indexing of the "The Radio" module, mail client of "The Port".
  • Development of the interface that plugs The Radio and The Guide - search engine.
  • Development the interfaces of search results.
  • Creation of the module for indexing filters.
  • Addition of mail indexing functions in the interfaces of mail account creation, mail lists, visualization and creation of mails.
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    Groupe Pentalog-iNet01.01.2002 - 01.04.2002

    In charge of
    "The Radio" module reconfiguration, mail client of "The Port".
  • Responsible for ensuring parameter settings for the interfaces of dynamic mailbox indicators.
  • Optimization of the email interfaces and of configuration of the email account.
  • Optimization of the mail filters and indicator filters functions.
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    Assurance Vieillesse des Artisans01.10.2001 - 01.11.2001

    of customized management tools.
  • Creation of interfaces in order to register persons.
  • Creation of the reporting.
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    Pentalog High Tech01.09.2001 - 01.12.2001

    Offshore mission for Pentalog High Tech (France).
    "The Port" Installation consultant, parametrizing The Port ("The Wind" module).
  • Participation in the integration of The Port for the Orleans city hall (press releases through The Wind, parametrizing the application according to the city's CI.
  • Participation in the integration of "The Port" module in the IT management of field biological experiences application in the intranet environment of SIPCAM Phyteurop: a rights management module (creation of the access right Oracle functionality), an interfacing module for lists and forms, a parcel modeling Applet.
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    DOLIA01.06.2001 - 01.07.2001

    Participation in
    the project "The Port" (software package for portal creation and management): integration in, a wine quotation web site.
  • Integration of "The Wind" module in accordance with MyWineAccount's corporate image for the golden book, comments, news.
  • Adjustment of the established parameters.
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    Groupe Pentalog-iNet01.05.2001 - 01.08.2001

    Participated in the development of "The Wind".
  • Set up a function allowing to seize text in any language and to display articles.
  • Adapted the content management: content seizing, validation, modification and visibility management.
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    SC Spectrum01.07.1999 - 01.04.2001

    of enterprise management applications.
  • Creation of a module managing the registration of accounting documents and providing balance sheets.
  • Carrying out periodic reports (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) analyzing entries and accounting state.
  • Administration of the NT network.
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    Transylvania University, Brasov01.01.1999 - 01.06.1999

    Responsible for developing objects which generate all data categories.

    Mes compétences

    Langues parlées

    ENGLISH: Advanced
    FRENCH: Advanced
    ROMANIAN: Native speaker

    Networks and systems

    Windows, Exchange, IMAP4, Linux


    JAVA, PL/SQL, SQL, .NET Languages, C/C++, Delphi, JavaScript, PHP, Power Builder script, WML, XML




    Oracle, MS Access, MsSQL Server, MySQL, Progress

    Analysis methods and tools

    MERISE, Rational Rose, UML

    Development Environment

    Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea

    Application servers

    Apache, JBoss, Jserv, Tomcat


    The Port






    Agile, Scrum



    Mes études et formations

    "Advanced 'HardCore' Fixed Price Project" Training.2013

    "Pentalog Foundations" Training: Estimation; Typical Project Risks.2013

    "PM Tools" Training: PQP Light.2013

    ISO/Auditor Training.2013

    "SCRUM Management" Training.2013

    PMI Training.2012

    u02baSCRUM vs V Cycleu02ba Training.2011

    u02baPeople and Project Managementu02ba Training - Session 3.2010

    u02baPeople and Project Managementu02ba Training - Session 3.2009

    u02baPeople and Project Managementu02ba Training - Session 2.2009

    u02baPeople and Project Managementu02ba Training - Session 1.2009

    Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science - "Transilvania" University, Brasov.1995-1999