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Juan Miguel O.

Software Developer

Externalisation nearshore
18 ans
Guadalajara, MEXICO
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Charles TaylorJuly 2018 - Présent

JAVA Integrator Developer within a company focused on Technology and Solutions for the Insurance market.
  • Created SOAP Web Services in Java. The IDE for development is JDEVELOPER.
  • One of the particular requirements in this company is to integrate the Software product it sells, with the satellite applications and software that already exist with the client.
  • Developed microservices that receive information from the client, and register new policies.
  • Developed REST API services to perform exchange rates. 
  • API’s for generatingpayments documents when bills are paid. 
  • Using Azure Git repository.
  • Analysis for Request Specification Documents making sequence diagrams and low-level design narratives.

JAVA, REST API, SOAP Web Services, Eclipse, IntelliJ, JDeveloper, Azure, Linux, Fedora, XSD, JAXB, FileZilla, VSCode
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Sherwin WilliamsJanuary 2018 - July 2018

Senior JAVA Developer within a Cleveland, Ohio–based company in the paint and coating manufacturing industry. 
  • Ran projects in Talend for migration from Sugar CRM to Salesforce.
  • Executed applications for testing changes in configuration for Discounts in the sales system.
  • Provided support and maintenance for applications made in Angular 2 and backend with java, using microservices.
  • Provided support for incidents with salesforce, using Illuminated cloud and APEX classes.
  • Configurating local environments using Docker in Mac systems.
  • IDEs: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Illuminated cloud plugin for Salesforce; using MacOS 10.13 High Sierra.

JAVA, Angular, Microservices, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Salesforce, MacOS, APEX
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EricssonFebruary 2015 - November 2017

Global Service Center Developer within a telecommunication service provider.
  • Developed in Concept Wave (proprietary bpm) functionality for the creation of projects.
  • Programmed all the modifications in JavaScript and deployed in a development environment.
  • Ran the script for the creation of the war file.
  • Published the application in tomcat web application container.
  • Reviewed the log in Linux folder for errors in deployment.

- Current JAVA development cycle:
  • The system was developed in Java 1.8.
  • In charge of the module of catalog management with CRUD operations.
  • Using JPA repositories to query and to store in the database.
  • Defining entities and configuring them in the Spring boot application in eclipse.
  • Exposing the functionality with REST API methods programmed by me in Eclipse.
  • Used Spring-boot as the framework to structure all the applications and have a complete configure environment.
  • Dependency injection to create services, components, or make repositories available in upper tiers.
  • Gradle to manage all the libraries and maintain the class path.
  • Flyway to have versioning of the modifications to the scripts that modify the database.
  • GIT to push changes in the repository.
  • Gerrit as part of the CI so that my changes can be deployed in QA or Preproduction environment.
  • SQL Server to read data as our main data source (Oracle also).
  • JSON to create two-way information from and to the Rest API.
  • Training and handover the applications in POLAND & MONTREAL.
  • Handover to get the knowledge of the system development and business core.

- The agenda of the training was:
  • Analyzing the structure of the application.
  • Troubleshooting for incidents in the application and update the ITSM ticket.
  • How to develop new features.

JAVA, Spring Boot, JavaScript,  JPA, SQL Server, Oracle, JSON, REST API, GIT, Flyway, Gradle
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Kuehne NagelDecember 2014 - February 2015

Senior Java Developer within one of the world’s leading logistics companies. 
  • Developed an application to insert addendum in the shipment made all in JAVA. The addendum is extra information that comes from customs.
  • The information is retrieved by FTP made in Java (customs insert it there).
  • Parsed with JAXB, transformed from XSD to Java through a marshal process.
  • Inserted via a REST API call in this case POST.
  • Notifying using Java Mail to data warehouse. 
  • Storing this information in the log database (using JPA persistence).
  • Created the module of incidents in Grails for L1 support level.

JAVA, Java Mail, JPA, Grails, JBoss, Apache TomEE, Oracle, FTP, JAXB, REST API, XSD
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Plan Seguro Compañía de SegurosDecember 2010 - December 2014

System Architect within an insurance service provider.

- Developed and created different modules.
  • Credit card payment of policies through the Enterprises’ portal.
  • Corporative Intranet, from scratch using Joomla and adding content of corporative branches; also, keep them up to date.
  • Sales of policies and emission report for the sales department.
  • Electronic invoice management system - creation and emission of an invoice for customers.
  • Quotesgeneration portal according to customer's factors and features.
  • Corporate directory and agenda with people finder features.
  • Availability monitoring system for web services and corporate portal installed in windows and Linux boxes.
  • System to deliver messages to brokers of the sales brokers group, also for managing their data.
  • Automated publishing of winners in the broker’s sales contests.
  • Oracle Health Care (OHI) training for usage in the new version of the ERP.
  • Invoices management system for external provider’s invoices for accountant department.
  • UML implementation for documentation of the web applications.
  • Documentation that requests the SOLVENCIA 2 federal standard.
  • Meetings with Oracle providers from Netherlands to prepare all requirements for the new ERP.
  • Registration of insurance agent created in Grails.

Oracle, UML, ERP, Joomla
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Grupo Financiero InbursaSeptember 2009 - December 2010

Technical Leader within an institution focused on growing in the most efficient way the assets of clients and partners.
  • Part of development teams of 5-7 people.
  • Role of Architectural standard reviewer. 
  • Managing 5 to 7 development Java senior developers giving feedback on their job.
  • Makingsure that Architectural patterns were fulfilled.
  • Development of web services with JAX-RPC for integration con business credit services within the bank.
  • XML Hibernate mapping files for DAO tier.
  • Development of ExtJS apps for the credit UI interface.
  • Use of MVC pattern to develop classes for different tiers (HQL if needed).
  • Tools for development: Eclipse, WebLogic 10.3, TOAD, Enterprise Architect.

JAVA, Web Services, XML, DAO, Ext JS, UI development, MVC, Eclipse, WebLogic, TOAD, Enterprise Architect, HQL, JAX-RPC
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Profuturo-GNPSeptember 2006 - September 2009

System Architect within a well-known insurance company in Mexico.

Project: Technological Infrastructure Upgrade (MIT).
In this corporation, they focus on managingthe found of retired people to make monthly payments through a payroll process into their accounts, also the investment of these founds are included.
  • Delivery of use cases in high-level detail for all the payroll systems for retired people.
  • LDAP tool configuration for all the companies.
  • Creation of reports in Crystal Report Server XI.
  • Deployment in WebSphere server, and manage code versions SVN.
  • Use of J2EE Java mail, JSP, XML, Web Services, Faces, Struts.
  • Delivery of UML artifacts for the definition of functionality for the payroll system.
  • Integration of the reports in Crystal Reports with its document engine through RMI.
  • Requisite PRO training.

JAVA, J2EE, Java Mail, JSP, XML, Web Services, Struts, LDAP, Crystal Reports, SVN, UML, WebSphere
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Nextel S.A. de C.V.September 2004 - September 2006

J2EE Application Developer within a well-known telecommunications service company in Mexico.
  • Use of XML, XSD, JAXB, WEBLOGIC, Fuego 5.5 to implement the interface between an automated process that supplies services prepaid for mobile devices and the workflow engine. The JAXB API was implemented as part of the definition of the message interchange protocol using XML.
  • Webservice to insert requests into the automated process queue.
  • WebLogic training covering J2EE basics.
  • Showed the content of the log file server looking for exception incidents.
  • Use of CORBA, IDL, Javadocs, CVS, SSH to implement business rules for the provisioning system that allows to have the service up and running. This business applies to prepaid cards (club and RED) for mobile phones. 
  • Involved in making interfaces for the CORBA functionality for the prepaid box engine.
  • Use of LINUX Red Hat (fedora) to make deployment of process units where the prepaid system was tested as well as customer care interfaces: club, red. Tx, Unec2, helpdesk.
  • Authentication and authorization with JAAS WebLogic. 
  • The Radius Server that holds apps that can be downloaded by mobile phones, to make provisioning OTA (over the air).

JAVA, J2EE, XML, XSD, JAXB, WebLogic, CVS, SSH, Linux, RedHat, Fedora 

Mes études et formations

Master's Degree in Computer Sciences - CIC, IPN.1998 - 2001

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems Engineering - ESCOM, IPN.1994 - 1998