Vadim E.

Software Developer

Externalisation nearshore
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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Mon expérience

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Provider of day-to-day servicesMai 2017 - Présent

Software Developer.
  • API development.
  • Integration of APIs in web and mobile applications.
  • Development of new features.
  • Bug fixing.
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PentalogMars 2017 - Mai 2017

Developer within the Pentalog Group.

Participation in a training session on React Native:
  • Study of the main React Native principles and notions:
    acquiring knowledge on the application development approach using
    JavaScript ES6, React Native and Redux or Flux for the data flow.
  • Development of one test application using React.js and another one using React Native.
  • Gaining knowledge on the basics of React.js philosophy and also on how to organize a project in React Native in a component oriented way as well as Flux / Redux data flow implementation.
  • Learning how to implement the appropriate architecture using Redux and Flux.
  • Code review.
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PentalogFévrier 2017 - Mars 2017

Developer within the Pentalog Group.

Participation in a training session on Angular 2.
  • Study and use of the following technologies: JavaScript Object Oriented, JavaScript ES6, TypeScript, Webpack.js, Angular 2 Framework.
  • Applying the acquired knowledge by creating a blog on an existing API, with Node.js, Express.js and Mongoose.
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Specialist in field intervention management IT solutionsSeptembre 2016 - Février 2017

  • Application development and maintenance.
  • Implementation of new features.
  • Involvement in estimates.
  • Bug fixing.
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Fragrances and Flavours Industry LeaderSeptembre 2016 - Septembre 2016

  • Application development and maintenance.
  • Proposal of improvements.
  • Bug fixing.
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SimplifiaMai 2016 - Septembre 2016

JAVA Developer.
  • Web Services development.
  • Writing unit and integration tests.
  • Code review.
  • Ticket estimations (JIRA).
  • Demo presentations to the client.
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PentalogAvril 2016 - Mai 2016

Trainee within Pentalog group.

Participationin an extensive training session regarding front-end technologies.
  • Study and use of the following technologies: JavaScript, CSS,  Bootstrap 3, AngularJS.
  • Solving exercises and going through tutorials.
  • Study of MongoDB (queries, schema design).
  • Study of basic Node.js and Express API creation.
  • Study of Ionic framework.
  • Development
    of a practical application (a "To do List", using AngularJS for the
    front-end part, Node.js for the back-end part, Express and MongoDB).
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PentalogMars 2016 - Avril 2016

Trainee within Pentalog group.

Participation in an internship program focusing on JAVA EE technologies.
  • Study of JAVA language and technologies as well as Object Oriented Programming and Clean Code principles:
    Java SE Basic Knowledge: Collections, Exceptions Handling, Generics,
    Input/Output, OOP, Reflection, Annotation Type Definition;
    - Clean Code principles: patterns, techniques, best practices.
    - Design Patterns: application development rules, carrying out extensible and maintainable source code;
    - JDBC (TM) Database Access: understanding Java operations with a database; CRUD operations;
    - Core Servlets, JSP: Servlets basics, concepts and best practices;
    - ORM Hibernate: object-relational mapping concept, Hibernate implementation;
    - User interface: HTML, CSS, Angular JS.
  • Development of
    an application which allows users to track students' marks, exams and
    courses by implementing the studied technologies and principles. The
    back-end is based on an MVC architecture, while the front-end includes a
    user-friendly interface.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

RUSSIAN: Advanced
ROMANIAN: Native speaker
FRENCH: Beginner

Software Testing

ESLint, SoapUI, Google Postman, JUnit

Open Source solutions



libGDX API, Spring Data JPA, JDBC, Twilio, Spring, Hazelcast, Spring MVC, ActiveMQ, QueryDSL, Hibernate

Web Technologies

AngularJS, RESTful API, JSON, REST, HTML, JAX-RS, Express.js, Flux, Angular 2, CSS, JSP / Servlets, Bootstrap, Node.js, React.js, Webpack.js, Mongoose, Redux

Application Servers

Tomcat, Jetty


C/C++, JAVA, XML, JavaScript, SQL, TypeScript, C#

Environment of Development

Gradle, Unity 3D, GIT, Maven, Android Studio

Analysis Methods and Tools

OOP, MVC, Sonar, SonarQube, Design Patterns


Jenkins, JIRA, Google Maps API, Clean Code

Networks and Systems

Windows, Linux


MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL


Cocos2D, React Native, Android, iOS

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (French section), Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics - Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau.2014 - 0

Mes tests

Java SE 8 quiz medium level
Power of 2
Java 11 quiz medium level
Spring 4.x quiz medium level
Java SE 8 quiz medium level
Fibonacci Series
Spring 4.x quiz medium level