Boris P.

Software Developer

Externalisation nearshore
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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PENTALOG CLIENT : Mobile payment services companyMai 2019 - Présent

Scrum Master.
  • Communication with the client.
  • Ensuring that the team can meet its commitments by removing any impediments they face, managing dependencies and escalating blockers that they cannot remove themselves.
  • Facilitating processes & meetings (e.g. Reviews, Stand Ups, Planning, Estimation, Scheduling, Prioritization).
  • Making sure that the team is fully functional and productive.
  • Improving the overall quality.
  • Shielding the team from distractions and interference (including the Product Owner).
  • Enabling a close cooperation across all roles and functions and removing barriers.
  • Providing visibility on theprogress.
  • Analysis of the functional documentation.
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PENTALOG CLIENT : NewStoreAoût 2018 - Présent

Go Developer.
  • Developing microservices in Go/Python.
  • PostgreSQL monitoring, query optimization.
  • Developing automation tests in Java.
  • Migrating from RabbitMQ to gRPC.
  • ElasticSearch query optimization.
  • Created Grafana board for monitoring.
  • Legacy code refactoring.
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GisAutoMars 2018 - Août 2018

Golang / ElasticSearch Engineer for a shop of auto parts and accessories.
  • Building apps with Golang, having good understanding of the concurrency model, parallelism and Gotcha.
  • Working with GoKit as a framework and having an open source activity in GO-based projects.
  • Building many GO-based microservices.
  • Writing scripts based on the use of Lua, as part of Tarantool.
  • Query and database optimization.
  • Using ClickHouseDB, setting up clasterization, sharding and replication with Zookeeper in an hour.
  • Working with the versions of ElasticSearch from 1.7 to 5.1 and developing a deep understanding of all functions, optimizing queries from 10 sec to 10 ms.
  • Developing MongoDB-based projects.
  • Using OrientDB as graph database and gaining experience in Graph oriented solutions.
  • Building a complex system based on graph database, from queues to fast-in memory storage.
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B2B.cashJuin 2017 - Février 2018

PHP Developer / Team Lead for an economy development provider.
  • Managing teams of people from 3 to 15 people, including activities like code review, organization of technical meetings, and design of architectural solutions.
  • Using JavaScript, AngularJS, Vue.js and JQuery and developing good understanding of Ext.js.
  • Implementation of "Agile" methodology, code quality control tools, CI/CD, version control for the design mockups.
  • Forging integration between departments of the front-end, back-end and design teams.
  • PHP development, demonstrating deep understanding of all its inner processes, including interpretation, OpCode translation, GC.
  • Query optimization and performance improvement in PostgreSQL databases.
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    OpsWayNovembre 2015 - Juin 2017

    PHP Developer / DevOps Engineer for an E-Commerce ecosystem expert company.
    • Dockerization of projects.
    • Process automation with Jenkins, Capistrano, Chef.
    • Working with AWS, Bamboo, CirclesCI, Travis, Rancher and many other DevOps tools.
    • Performing JAVA-based automation tasks with Selenium for all platforms.
    • Experiencing Electron, Python and Ruby.
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    YOPESCOAvril 2014 - Décembre 2015

    PHP Developer for one of the leading experts in Agile software development and other BPO services.

    •     Using
      PHP as the main programming language for the proper software
          development of applications.


    •     Working
      Zend Framework , migrating apps to newer framework versions
          and also working with YII Framework.


    •     Development
      of front-end components with JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS.


      Mes compétences

      Langues parlées

      ENGLISH: Advanced
      RUSSIAN: Native speaker


      GraphQL, PHP, JAVA, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Golang


      Leadership, Team management, Communication, Customer relationship management, Agile


      OrientDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Tarantool, MySQL

      Software Testing

      Selenium, PHPUnit

      Networks and Systems

      Docker, Windows, Chef

      Open Source solutions

      Capistrano, Electron, Doctrine

      Environment of Development

      Jenkins, CircleCI, GIT, Travis CI

      Application Servers

      Zookeeper, ElasticSearch

      Analysis Methods and Tools


      Web Technologies

      AWS, Zend Framework, jQuery, Vue.js, Yii Framework, AngularJS, Ext JS