Cristian C.

Software developer

Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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PENTALOG CLIENT : Mobile payment services company01.05.2019 - Présent

Go Developer.
  • Third party web API services analysis and integration.
  • Improving and maintaining test coverage for existing functionalities.
  • System architecture review and taking part in design decision making.
  • Following and improving the Agile development process.
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Projects01.01.2018 - Présent

Freelance Developer.

Participation in the development of different projects, including:

I. Two Golang-based projects, out of one which is completely developed.
- A Super Robot, written in Golang from scratch for a toy robot. It is an interpreter for a DSL which takes commands as input, processes them and makes some calculations for a robot on a board.

II. An AddressBook, created as a RESTful API exercise project, where data related to organizations, users and contacts specific to every organization are handled. It communicates with a Firebase storage in order to store the contact-related data.

III. A Book Review app, developed as a training project. Its main feature includes posting reviews and rating by each user for a specific book. It also enables the user to post a new book for review.

IV. A Rails-based Chatting Webapp, developed as a training project. It mainly focuses on the Websockets protocol, using the Rails Action Cable gem. It allows a real-time chat, new users search, getting notification about incoming messages. The URL to demo on Heroku is indicated in the repository.

V. A Rails-based web platform whose demo is currently unavailable as the testing account was closed. The design of the HTTP client represents the main feature of the training project in question, which communicates with a dedicated REST API.
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Endava01.08.2015 - Présent

Ruby Developer within a company specialized in the design, implementation and management of business-critical systems and digital services for the financial services, telecommunications, media & entertainment and professional services sectors.
  • Participation in the development of a Rails-based web app, dedicated to a financial services provider. It behaves differently depending on its configurations and serves as a platform for multiple products varying in accordance with the user flow, third party services and data.
  • Providing support and extension / improvement of the existing product specific functionalities.
  • Testing new components and flows by writing unit, functional and acceptance tests in RSpec.
  • Code review for other team members' changes.
  • Coaching a team of 8 members (BA, QAam DevOps) as a Scrum master.
  • Analysis of new requirements from technical perspective (if necessary).
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EnCrow01.03.2015 - 01.08.2015

Web Developer within an IT company specialized in web development, mobile applications and reliable solutions.
  • PHP-based websites maintenance.
  • Development of MVC web applications using Laravel.
  • Development of projects using front-end techologies, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
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Valynteen Solutions01.08.2014 - 01.03.2015

Web Developer within a software development company specialized in the creation of web products dedicated to American users.
  • Participation in a Ruby and Ruby on Rails training.
  • Development of a Rails-based multimedia sharing platform.
  • Maintaining and extending websites build on top of Concrete5 CMS.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

ENGLISH: Advanced
RUSSIAN: Advanced
ROMANIAN: Native speaker

Networks and systems

Docker, Terraform, Windows


Golang, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, JAVA, Elixir, Python

Web technologies

Ruby on Rails, Laravel, CSS, HTML, Node.js, RESTful API, WebSockets


MySQL, PostgreSQL

Analysis methods and tools

Design Patterns, MVC

Development Environment




Application servers




Open Source solutions

Concrete 5, Kubernetes

Software testing

Capybara, Cucumber, RSpec


Agile, Scrum, Coaching, Consul, Grafana, Machine Learning, Prometheus

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology - "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University, Iasi.2010-2014