Dmitry C.

Software developer

Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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PENTALOG CLIENT : Mobile payment services company01.05.2019 - Présent

Go Developer.
  • Third party web API services analysis and integration.
  • Improving and maintaining test coverage for existing functionalities.
  • System architecture review and taking part in design decision making.
  • Following and improving the Agile development process.
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Enticon.APP01.10.2018 - 01.01.2019

Team Leader for one of the biggest advertising networks in CIS providing Information Technology and Services.
  • Developing lead for two projects (Golang and PHP7 teams).
  • Developing a highly loaded advertising network in Golang/C++(10K+RPS).
  • Fixing various critical issues in the existing production system (STW pauses, data races, cache contention and more).
  • Setting up the development and recruitment process from scratch.
  • Involvement in the creation of the company and in the operational activity.
  • Working in a team of 10 members, according to the Kanban methodology.
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Bitnode01.05.2017 - 01.10.2018

CTO for an IoT platform based on a private blockchain whose main goal is to provide more secure and user-friendly IoT networks.
  • Developing the platform concept, architecture and MVP.
  • Developing demo devices with a full set of supported features (crypto, data sharing, etc.).
  • Fundraising and R&D.
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Freelancer01.05.2015 - 01.05.2016

  • Studying in two different universities while involving in part-time activities.
  • Participation at local startups.
  • Developing chatbots and other freelance projects.
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Piatanoua01.05.2015 - 01.05.2016

Team Leader for an advertising platform with a new concept of replacing ad catalogs with a single search bar.
  • Developing an advertising platform based on the new concept using back-end technologies and architecture.
  • Leading the new product version development process from scratch.
  • Carrying out the process of migration from the legacy version.
  • Leading tech interviews.
  • Implementing features such as:
    - Ad search based on a large set of variables, like geospatial data, relevance, user preferences, etc.
    - Analytical tools with opportunity of prediction.
    - Self-made SMS gateway (Raspberry Pi, C and GSM module).
    - Integration with local payment providers.
  • Working in a team of 8 members, according to the Kanban methodology.
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Fusionworks01.03.2015 - 01.05.2015

Software Developer within a software development company, founded in 2011 having its headquarters in Chisinau, Moldova, FusionWorks opened its marketing branch in USA in 2014.
  • Developing a lead generation component for a website.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Application testing.
  • Working in a team of 6 members, according to the Agile methodology.
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Reconda01.10.2014 - 01.03.2015

Software Engineer within a company with 20 years experience in the domain of construction and metal, proposing design and performing.
  • Developing the back-end part of the internal CRM system for a local construction company.
  • Communication with company employees to determine a relevant set of features and compose them into complete specifications.
  • Application testing.
  • Setting up the production environment.
  • Working in a team of 5 members, according to the Waterfall methodology.
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DAAC System Integrator01.06.2014 - 01.09.2014

System Engineer for the largest Moldavian company which operates as a software solutions developer, technical service center and multi-service system integrator in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Setting up different types of network equipment.
  • Provisioning network reliability.
  • Setting up the environment for development servers.
  • Working in a team of 10 members.
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Freelance01.03.2013 - 01.05.2014

Web Developer.
  • Development of different websites based on the Laravel framework.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

ENGLISH: Advanced
ROMANIAN: Native speaker

Networks and systems

Ansible, Docker, Docker Compose, Terraform


Go, C/C++, Golang, PHP 7, Python, Ruby, Solidity



Web technologies

Laravel 5, Mongoose, Node.js


AerospikeDB, ClickHouse, Percona, PostgreSQL, Redis

Application servers

HAProxy, Nginx, RabbitMQ




Bash, Bash



Open Source solutions

Kubernetes, Scikit-Learn

Embedded and Telecom

Raspberry Pi


Agile, Consul, Grafana, IoT, Kanban, Prometheus, R&D, Scrum, Waterfall

Mes études et formations

Bachelor Degree in Science - Faculty of Applied Informatics - Moldova State University.n2016-2019

Studies in Computer Science - Center for Excellence in Computer Science and Information Technology. Chisinau.2013-2017