Andrei B.

Software Developer

Externalisation nearshore
10 ans
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
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Software developer - Amdaris SRLDécembre 2019 - Présent

Software Developer within a company, located in Moldova, a branch of the AMDARIS from UK.
  • Working on a project that helps to sell and rent buildings from all over the world. The project name is Knight Frank known in a lot of countries.
  • Developed an web application that allow the manipulation with all that buildings that needs to be rented or sold;
  • Used technologies: .NET Framework, .NET Core, Angular JS, SQL Server;
  • Used GIT as repositories;
  • Used Azure DevOps for User Stories, Tasks and Bugs;
  • Used the IDEs - Visual
  • Studio 2019, Resharper, Visual Studio Code, Rider, DataGrip, SQL Management Studio;
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Inther Software Development SRL, Chisinau (Moldova)Décembre 2017 - Novembre 2019

Software Developer for a company located in Moldova, a branch of the INTHER company from Netherlands.
INTHER is focused on implementing logistics projects, from installing and programming conveyering systems, to automating the warehouse operations.
  • Working on a project that would be used in the future as main application of implementing projects. On implementing a project, different departments were working with different parts of the projects: painting the conveyers layout in AutoCAD, programming the PLCs with TIA Portal, emulating the work of the PLC with Emulate3D, testing the conveyering systems, cabling and electricity management using EPlan.
  • Working on connecting our application with AutoCAD, TIA Portal, Emulate3D, EPlan (electrical plan). The purpose of this was to have all the data in one place, to connect all departments together and to automate projects generation and data generation for all the other departments.
  • Developed a desktop, WPF application that would connect to AutoCAD and would generate TIA Portal projects. We used the MVVM pattern, PostgreSQL as DB Provider, ORM - Linq2DB and the .Net framework(4.7.2).
  • Shifting the application from Desktop to Web. Used the .Net Core 2.2 to create the Web API, Angular 7, ORM - Linq2DB, DB Provider - PostgreSQL.
  • Decided what DB structure we should use, working with the DB schema, backups.
  • Used Confluence to create documentation.
  • Used SVN and GIT as repositories.
  • Used Azure DevOps for UserStories, Tasks and Bugs.
  • Used the IDEs - Visual Studio 2019, Resharper, Visual Studio Code, Rider, DataGrip, PgAdmin3, PgAdmin4.
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Melitax Grup SRLMai 2015 - Novembre 2017

IT Manager withina company on the market of the Republic of Moldova that provides products and solutions for the best and most efficient workplace administration.
  • Automating the products flow in warehouses and shops.
  • Working with Retail and Horeca equipment brands like: Honeywell, Intermec, TSC, Posiflex, Syscall, Tremol, Bixolon, and other – Handheld Mobile Computers, Handheld Scanners, Handsfree Scanners, All In One computers, Label and Ticket printers, POS Printers, Routers, Programmable keyboards, Fiscal Equipment etc.
  • Support online, by phone, remote.
  • Troubleshooting issues and finding solutions in exceptional situations, unprecedented, with the intention of creating instructions for solving these problems much easier in the future.
  • Testing new equipment or new firmware of the equipment to propose new features or to propose a correct way to solve certain issues related to this equipment.
  • Testing of POS softwares, finding errors and proposing changes to solve this errors or to make the software better. Project Manager of:
  • Certified AxxonSoft, software in which we can connect any kind of security equipment like cameras, microphones, sirens, access control, sensors, speakers, and so on.
  • Created the application "EasyScan" that helped the company sell the PriceCheckers. The application was getting the barcode from product, and was returning back the name and price of that product.The software was served as a Windows Service that was receiving the barcode from PriceChecker throught TCP and was sending back the data to it (name and price of the product).
  • Handled all the possible errors. Used .Net Framework 4.7.
  • Developed a protocol of communication and processing data from a machine of counting money through COM PORT and processing the results to an excel file on PC for later use.
  • Developed small, simple software of sorting candies in production department of some companies.
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AurNet SRLSeptembre 2013 - Août 2016

ICT Network Administrator within a company in Moldova.
  • Receiving calls that were describing the customers problems with the internet.
  • Coordinating the technicians work, making schedules for each of them.
  • Talking with clients, receiving feedback or new orders for connection.
  • Configuring FreeBSD server.
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AurNet SRLSeptembre 2011 - Septembre 2013

ICT Network Technician.
  • Installing Optical Fibers;
  • Installing UTP cables;
  • Setting routers;
  • Setting switches;
  • Solving technical problems;
  • Informing customers about the contract they are going to sign.

Mes études et formations

Master's Degree in Information Technology - State University of Moldova, Chisinau (Moldova) .2012 - 2014

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology - State University of Moldova, Chisinau (Moldova). 2008 - 2012