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Mihai-Ovidiu C.

Software Developer

Externalisation nearshore
7 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA
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  • Superior technical and people skills
  • 7 years of industry experience
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Leading Sportswear ManufacturerMarch 2022 - Présent

Software Developer.
  • Java development.
  • Implementing new functionalities, as well as maintaining and improving the existing ones, in order to further enhance the overall performance and usability of the product, for both the developers and active users.
  • Unit/functional testing newly added functionality. 
  • Communication with the team and with the client.
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CegekaMarch 2020 - February 2022

Software Engineer for a family-owned IT solutions provider.
  • Developed and managed a series of REST APIs.
  • Every Spring Boot microservice was implemented on a reactive stack using Spring Webflux on top of a Reactor Netty server.
  • Infrastructure was deployed on Cloud.

Jenkins, Spring Boot 2, Spring Web Flux, JPA Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Consul

Software Engineer (March 2020 - Present). 
  • Designed, developed and managed a Spring Boot service whose main goal was to create different kind of jobs.
  • The input data source of the jobs could be a database, a file or a REST API. The output data source was a database. 
  • A job was created using Spring Batch and was triggered using Spring Task Scheduler.
  • Infrastructure was deployed on cloud.

Java, Jenkins, Spring Boot 2, Spring Batch 4, JPA Hibernate, PostgreSQL
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Arnia SoftwareMay 2018 - March 2020

Software Engineer for a global software development company, is a leading provider of software development services, IT outsourcing, and nearshore dedicated teams.
  • Designed, developed and managed a Payment Engine Java-based app. 
  • The main goal of the app was to act like an interface over a dozen of payment providers. 
  • Based on this interface, the clients of this app will use the same payment request for every payment provider. 
  • The second goal of the app was to make recurrent payments, based on user defined intervals (like monthly). The architecture followed micro services approach. 
  • All infrastructure was deployed on AWS cloud using: Jenkins, Packer, Docker, Terraform.
  • Micro services were created using Spring Boot 2. Each micro service exposes a REST API.
  • At the persistence level used the JPA Hibernate over a PostgreSQL database.
  • For recurring payments the jobs were created using Quartz.

Jenkins, Packer, Docker, Terraform, Spring Boot 2, JPA Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Quartz
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1&1 Internet Development SRLJuly 2017 - May 2018

Software Engineer within a leading internet company.
  • Designed, developed and managed a sort of CRM Java-based app. 
  • The app is deployed on Liferay as a series of Java Portlets. 
  • The app behaves as a middleware layer between multiple web-services. 
  • Being a middleware layer with simple business logic, the persistence layer is represented only by the web-services, no database engine is required. 
  • The front-end is based on JSP Portlets and Polymer.js. 

Java 8, Liferay, REST Service, RestEasy, PolymerJS, Git
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LuxoftDecember 2016 - July 2017

Software Engineer within a company specialized in software development for telecommunications and embedded systems.
Project: Java-based WebRTC app.
  • Designed, developed and managed components of a Java-based WebRTC app. The app makes a peer to peer connection between 2 clients that can send and receive video-audio stream. 
  • It contains a signaling server that establishes and manages all sessions between clients and a Kurento media server that receives both streams from both clients in a session. 
  • The Kurento media server is used to process the streams and to record the streams. 
  • The solution supports as clients web-browsers.

Java 7, Spring, Git, Kurento Java Client, JavaScript
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RCS & RDSJuly 2015 - December 2016

Software Engineer for a telecommunication holding company. 
  • Worked on the development of the project: Voice web app.
  • Worked on the web app that managed network devices of the company. 
  • The purpose of the application was to maintain up to date the state of the devices and the connections between devices or  between customers and devices. 

Java EE, Microsoft SQL, SOAP Web Service, CVS, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML5

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science - Politehnica University of Bucharest.2012 - 2016