Bogdan Ion B.

Software Developer

Externalisation nearshore
17 ans
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Full-service provider of consumer electronicsAvril 2019 - Présent

Front-End Developer.
  • Front-end development using React.js, Apache and Electron.
  • Acting as the Team Leader, being in charge of the application architecture and technical decisions implied.
  • Providing support to the client in making functional resolutions based on technical possibilities.
  • Involved in the DevOps side of the project, when needed. The client already has its DevOps side but there are server configurations and production deployments included.
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Specialist in debt collection solutionsJuillet 2015 - Mars 2019

Front-End Developer.
  • Analysis of the client's needs, providing appropriate solutions according to the technical and functional specifications.
  • Creating interfaces for the applications required by the client.
  • Converting PSD mockups into functional HTML/CSS pages.
  • Writing standards-compliant code.
  • Bug tracking and fixing in order to ensure that the developed applications comply with the required quality standards.
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PentalogFévrier 2015 - Juillet 2015

Trainee within Pentalog group.

Participation in an internship program on .NET development technologies and concepts.
training period focused on different aspects of developing a software
product. The technologies covered are: OOP, Design Patterns, Clean Code,
Unit Tests, Test Driven Development, ASP.NET MVC, Architecture, T-SQL,
C#, .NET Framework, JavaScript (Angular JS), CSS (Twitter Bootstrap).
The training involved both individual study and a practical problem:
I. The individual study concentrated on: .NET Framework, Clean Code, Unit tests.
For the practical problem, the emphasis was on the organization and
structure of the code. Other aspects were followed as well:
- occasion to see in real how the code can and should be structured based on changing requirements;
- working and collaborating with other colleagues;
- understanding how general concepts can be applied to both client side code and also to server side code;
- the way the data access layer should be structured and isolated as much as possible from other parts of the application.
objective of this preparation period was to show, from the beginning,
the good things to do and how technologies and good practices should be
combined in a proper way.
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Programator - SETRIO SOFTJuin 2014 - Septembre 2014

.NET Developer within a company which provides IT integrated services for companies from the healthcare and trade business.
  • Analysis of the customer's requirements.
  • Writing the technical specifications.
  • Development of web and desktop applications based on .NET technologies.
  • Unit testing and bug fixing.
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Remat BrasovAoût 2011 - Juin 2014

Analyst Programmer within a company providing industrial recyclable waste collection and processing.
  • SQL Server administration.
  • Active Directory administration.
  • Computer network administration.
  • Development and implementation of web applications (ASP, PHP with SQL database) for internal use.
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Radiocommunication Services CenterNovembre 2006 - Juillet 2011

Analyst Programmer within a company specialized in radio-communication solutions and services.
  • Implementation of the communication infrastructure for the 112 unique emergency service.
  • File server administration.
  • Development of web applications for internal use.
  • Development of software applications for microcontrollers.
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Alfa SoftAvril 2004 - Octobre 2006

Analyst Programmer within a company specialized in ERP business solutions.
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of management, accounting and payroll applications.
  • Web server, file server, FTP server and DNS server administration.

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science - "Transilvania" University, Brasov.2008 - 2013