Marta P.

Software Developer

Externalisation nearshore
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Customer Satisfaction and Sales Management Solutions ProviderSeptembre 2019 - Présent

Medical electronicsMars 2019 - Mai 2019

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- - PentalogAvril 2018 - Mars 2019

Trainee within the Pentalog group.

Participation in an extensive training program related to PHP development.
  • Theoretical study of multiple concepts and techniques:
    - Basic knowledge about PHP concepts (eg. OOP, MVC, PDO) and various exercises;
    - Code quality and formatting rules;
    - Basic knowledge about MySQL (tables, create / read / update / delete operations);
    - Tools used: PhpStorm, Composer, XAMPP;
    - GIT knowledge (concepts, using GitHub);
    - Working with Symfony 4 (basic level).
  • Creating a simple project from scratch using PHP, a front-end framework (Bootstrap 4) and a back-end database (MySQL).
    - The app was used to generate numbers in 2 intervals (single page app).
    - The application was then split into pieces (separate class files for calculations, database connection, form processing).
    - The communication with MySQL was done via normal MySQLi connection and later using PDO.
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- - PentalogAvril 2018 - Juin 2018

Trainee within a program focusing on Quality Assurance.
  • Acquiring basic knowledge about software testing, focusing on various technical aspects:
    - Fundamentals of software testing: the necessity of testing in terms of quality and cost reduction, general testing principles, test process, the psychology of testing.
    - Testing throughout the software life cycle: development models, test levels and test types.
    - Static testing techniques: static analysis with tools, review process.
    - Test design techniques: black box and white box techniques, experience based techniques.
    - Test management: test planing and estimation, test progress monitoring and control, assessing risks.
    - Tool support for testing: types of tools, benefits and risks for using tools.
  • Improving JAVA skills.
  • Getting acquainted with technologies such as: IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, Selenium, Gecko Driver, etc.
  • Test automation for web applications.
  • Learning how to specify which browser and app URL to open as well as how to locate the elements.
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- - Centric IT SolutionsOctobre 2017 - Décembre 2017

Intern within a company that provides IT services, financial and engineering solutions and advice.
  • Acquiring basic theoretical and practical knowledge on software testing.
  • Developing a series of technical skills required for any software tester.
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Trainee - FII PRACTICMars 2017 - Avril 2017

Trainee within an IT and project & business management training program.
  • Acquiring Logo design and Web design skills.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

FRENCH: Average
ENGLISH: Average
ROMANIAN: Native speaker

Software Testing

Selenium, Software testing, Static testing, Blackbox Testing, White box testing



Web Technologies

CSS, Bootstrap, Web Services, HTML, Symfony, REST

Application Servers



Illustrator, Photoshop



Analysis Methods and Tools

MVC, OOP, Matlab

Environment of Development

IntelliJ Idea, Maven, GIT, Composer


Test management, IoC, Logo Design, PhpStorm, Communication, GitBash

Mes études et formations

Studies in Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics - ''Alexandru Ioan Cuza'' University of Iasi.2015 - 0

Mes tests

OOP in PHP quiz beginner level
English reading quiz medium level