Elena-Iuliana Z.

Software Developer

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PentalogJanvier 2021 - Présent

SeatHere is a web application for managing the seats/meeting rooms reservations from Pentalog agencies.


FE - React, JS, HTML5, Redux, Reach, React-intl, Sass, React Material-UI
PHP - Laravel 8, PHP 8, Nginx, MySQL, Composer, Docker
.NET - .Net5, WebApi, DDD, CQRS, Dapper, FluentValidation, XUnit, Moq, Microsoft SQL Server, Docker


PHP Developer
  • Participating in the requirements analysis.
  • Sync meetings with the FE and .NET teams regarding common endpoints and API documentation.
  • Proposing technical solutions.
  • Working on new functionalities.
  • Code Review.
  • Testing functionalities.
  • Refactoring, updating and debugging the code.

Continuous improvement on PHP and Laravel applications development:
  • Training on PHP development techniques and best practices, following an internal roadmap, with a mentor.
  • Underlining the new features and the differences between PHP versions.
  • Detecting and fixing the PHP Web Application Security issues.
  • Applying Object-Oriented Programming concepts in PHP applications.
  • Reading about REST vs SOAP Web Services (basic concepts, differences).
  • Creating PHP applications with the MVC pattern.
  • Installation and configuration of a new Laravel project.
  • Implementing the acquired knowledge about basic Laravel concepts (routing, requests, responses, controllers, views, validation, error handling) in Laravel applications.
  • Working with Laravel Collections: creating and manipulating them using the available methods.
  • Working with Eloquent ORM (creating, updating, deleting, inserting models, relationships, accessors, mutators, API Resources).
  • Working with Factories and Seeders for populating the database.
  • Detach models from controllers applying Repository Design Pattern in Laravel projects.
  • Provide filtering and sorting for API endpoints, returning the data paginated.
  • Creating and running Feature Tests.
  • Using Laravel Sanctum package for API authentication with the help of API tokens.        
PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Clean Code, SOLID, OOP, REST, MVC, Agile
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PHP Intern - PentalogJuillet 2020 - Septembre 2020

PHP Developer within the Pentalog group.
  • Involved in a dynamic practice, exclusively focused on PHP development.
  • Fulfilled various tasks set out by supervisors and mentors within the PHP department.
  • Performed research and practice at supervisors' request using different software programming tools.
  • Actively contributed to a project developed in Laravel, which included web hosting and MySQL.
  • Able to build applications using forms and database connection, files structuring and working with functional environments such as Windows and Linux.
  • Requirement analysis and review.
  • Results-driven PHP Developer trainee
    providing critical support for the consolidation of web pages for
    further efficient functionality, service, and analytical analysis in
    compliance with requirements.
  • Solid knowledge of software programming and up-to-date mastery of syntax, data types, operators, variable, arrays, loops, form creations and validations.
  • Able to navigate servers and large folder structures for web accessibility.
  • SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE proficiency and basic HTML / CSS knowledge.
  • Practical expertise in the creation of an application using a PHP framework.
  • Successful handling of GET and POST requests, PHP Magic Methods, Include vs Require, libraries management via composer.
  • Analyzed quality app performance for future improvement plans related to identified problem areas.
  • Ensured the design and application implementation complies with the PHP Standards.
  • Effective use of specific tools, analytic reasoning, detail-oriented and error-detection skills.
  • Achieving goals by working in teams, in order to gain experience and effectively communicate & collaborate.
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CegekaMai 2019 - Juillet 2019

Intern Front-End Developer within a company offering software development and infrastructure solutions, with advanced competences in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Improved the web development knowledge.
  • Gained experience with Angular 5.
  • Interacted with the back-end team in order to retrieve the information from the database and create a complete project. It was called RoomPlanner, a web application by means of which a company's users could refer to the events taking place in every conference room in the building. They could also create new events and book a certain room.
  • Learned to use the Agile development methods by applying them weekly.
  • Pair programming.
  • Daily meetings with the Scrum Master.
  • Weekly meetings centered on tasks assignment.
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Centric IT SolutionsJuin 2018 - Juillet 2018

Intern within a company which specializes in software development.
  • Summer Practice, including full-stack development and testing.
  • Part of a team focused on designing and presenting a project called IaSiAplica. The project was a web application, which presented the events specific to a certain city. The users could visualize and sort the events according to specific categories.

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, Faculty of Automation and Computers - "Gheorghe Asachi" University of Iasi.2015 - 2019