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PentalogAoût 2021 - Présent

SeatHere is a web application for managing the seats/meeting rooms reservations from Pentalog agencies.


FE - React, JS, HTML5, Redux, Reach, React-intl, Sass, React Material-UI, PHP - Laravel 8, PHP 8, Nginx, Composer, Docker, WebApi, DDD, CQRS, Moq, Docker

: 7

PHP Developer.   
  • Participating in the requirements analysis.
  • Sync meetings with the FE team regarding common endpoints and API documentation.
  • Proposing technical solutions.
  • Working on new functionalities.
  • Code Review.
  • Testing functionalities.
  • Refactoring, updating and debugging the code.
Continuous improvement focusing on back-end applications development:
  • Implementing various applications like Bookstore application, Online Library, Online shopping application, Messenger  application, Car rental application in PHP with Laravel and MySql, to test my knowledge and to put theory into practice.
  • Completing different tasks with PHP, Laravel and MySQL.
  • Collaborating with peers for knowledge sharing and also working on an internal application for seat management inside the company, called SeatHere.
  • Acquiring important technical skills regarding Back-End development in PHP as well as teamwork skills and Agile methodology.

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Clean Code, SOLID, OOP, REST, MVC, Agile
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SENSEEMars 2021 - Juin 2021

PHP Developer.
  • Implementation of new features as well as bug fixing for the existing ones.
  • Understanding the project logic, and getting used with it's complex structure.
  • Working on:
    -The front-office part of the application (the website itself), with PHP 7.
    -The back-office (the administrator area) and the API with PHP 5/7.
    - Fixing different types of bugs, generated mainly by the application's complexity.
    - Implementation of new features, and contributing on the newest application updates.
    - Front-end, design and back-end.
    - New AJAX calls and fixing the existing ones.
  • Working with:
    - Legacy and current up to date code, on application's 3 main cores.
    - SOAP architecture.
    - PHP 5, PHP 7, JavaScript, CSS, HTML.
    - Zend Framework.
    - Docker, Taiga.
  • Gaining in-depth knowledge of: front-end concepts, AJAX calls, Core PHP, Git versioning, Docker  and using Bitbucket ;
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PentalogJanvier 2021 - Mars 2021

PHP Developer within the Pentalog group.
  • Involved in a dynamic practice, exclusively focused on PHP development.
  • Fulfilled various tasks set out by supervisors and mentors within the PHP department.
  • Performed research and practice at supervisors' request using different software programming tools.
  • Actively contributed to a project developed in Laravel, which included web hosting and MySQL.
  • Able to build applications using forms and database connection, files structuring and working with functional environments such as Windows and Linux.
  • Requirement analysis and review.
  • Results-driven PHP Developer trainee
    providing critical support for the consolidation of web pages for
    further efficient functionality, service, and analytical analysis in
    compliance with requirements.
  • Solid knowledge of software programming and up-to-date mastery of syntax, data types, operators, variable, arrays, loops, form creations and validations.
  • Able to navigate servers and large folder structures for web accessibility.
  • SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE proficiency and basic HTML / CSS knowledge.
  • Practical expertise in the creation of an application using a PHP framework.
  • Successful handling of GET and POST requests, PHP Magic Methods, Include vs Require, libraries management via composer.
  • Analyzed quality app performance for future improvement plans related to identified problem areas.
  • Ensured the design and application implementation complies with the PHP Standards.
  • Effective use of specific tools, analytic reasoning, detail-oriented and error-detection skills.
  • Achieving goals by working in teams, in order to gain experience and effectively communicate & collaborate.
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PHP Intern - PentalogJuillet 2020 - Septembre 2020

PHP Intern within the Pentalog group.

Participation in an internship focused on PHP development and related technologies.
  • Theoretical study of multiple concepts and techniques:
    - Basic knowledge about PHP concepts and various exercises;
    - Code quality and formatting rules;
    - Basic knowledge about MySQL (tables, create / read / update / delete operations);
    - Tools used: PhpStorm, Composer, XAMPP, Docker, VMware;
    - GIT knowledge (concepts, using GitHub);
    - Working with Laravel and Symfony (basic level).
  • Applying the acquired knowledge by solving practical exercises.
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CGM SoftwareJuin 2019 - Septembre 2019

Junior Software Developer for an international company which provides professional medical software.
  • Developing an internal parking management application for employees during the internship.
  • Worked on the application's back-end.
  • Providing endpoints for the mobile and web teams.
  • Learned the basics of Java Spring Boot framework and large scale development methodologies.

Mes études et formations

Undergraduate Studies- Faculty of Computer Science - "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi.2017