Dan S.

Software Developer

Externalisation nearshore
8 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA
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Mon expérience

A Fintech of Innovative Cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology ProductsSeptembre 2021 - Présent

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IsoSkillsJuin 2020 - Août 2021

Senior Web Developer within a company providing IT solutions development and consultancy services, helping its customers implement their digital transformation.
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FreelanceOctobre 2019 - Septembre 2020

Co-Founder of CustomOffers.
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EnsyscoJuin 2019 - Avril 2020

Full Stack Web Developer for an international software development company helping companies optimize their business and organize their teams.
  • Worked as a Full Stack Developer, on both the PHP/MySQL back-end and the UI, in React with Redux.
  • Developed a keen interest in front-end technologies and UI / UX and ES6 JavaScript, in which I am eager to expand my knowledge in the future.

PHP, MySQL, Docker, API, Symfony Framework, GraphQL, MariaDB, React, Redux, SemanticUI
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Bandai Namco Entertainment RomaniaOctobre 2018 - Mars 2019

Web Developer within a developer of content for Mobile, PC and Consoles platforms.
  • Worked within the Back-end Development Team, doing from scratch development on the back-end API (REST + JSON) of the Retro Wonder Park free2play mobile game. The game didn’t pass Beta, as certain gameplay KPIs were not reached, so the development was halted.

PHP, MySQL, Docker, Symfony Framework, API Platform, GraphQL, MariaDB, Codeception
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eMAGAvril 2017 - Juin 2018

Web Developer within the Romanian market leader in e-commerce.
  • Worked on the Search Team, doing both support and development on the search API (REST + JSON).
Detailed achievements:
  • Parallel Regression Testing Solution - Got down to 1/10 of initial running time for the whole automated test suite.
    - OpenStack
    - Docker
    - SeleniumGrid
    - Codeception
    - Robo.li
  • Won in a team of 5 the INNOVATION AWARD on Emag Hackathon - Future Hacks Edition 2.0.
  • Learned how to make a presentation for a larger than 10 people audience.
  • Functional API Testing - TDD.
  • Attended a workshop with Sebastian Bergmann, creator of PHPUnit and TDD evangelist.

PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Silex, Symfony Frameworks, Apache Solr, SolrCloud, Zookeeper
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PathwwwayMars 2016 - Avril 2017

Web Developer for a company that helps innovative ecommerce and cutting edge companies achieve significant growth and increase their revenues.
  • Worked on Critical Fixes team for 6 months fixing bugs in production environment, then I was moved to the development team working on the new gaming platform.
Detailed achievements:
  • Presented a course for the Testing Team, teaching Java and Selenium for Automated testing of web applications.
    - Basic Java concepts
    - Selenium Library
    - XPATH / CSS Selectors
    - Linux / Zsh / Console Environment
    - Git training.
  • Developed a player tracking system with BI department to correlate all the website offers to personas.
  • Learned to work under pressure with very low ETAs on bugs on LIVE in the Critical Fixes Team. Always watch logs on production, you don’t want to search in big log files, from the console, only when the BUG is already live.

PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, Doctrine, Laravel Frameworks, MSSQL, Angular
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XLTEAMMai 2014 - Septembre 2015

Web Developer within a tech outsourcing company.
  • Worked on various projects in medium sized teams (5-10 people).

Detailed achievements:

I. http://beta.ventur.es/
Used Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Yii Framework.

II. https://www.multibonus.ro/Used Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Yii Framework, WordPress, Woo Commerce, TDD - Behat.

III. https://www.rolii.ro/
Used Technologies: PHP, Laravel Framework, MongoDB, MSSQL, Elasticsearch, TDD - Behat.

Key Points: Search and NLP are hard problems:
- Query logical operators.
- Word windows search.
- Synonyms.
- Search in a very large, daily updated corpus.
- Highlighting founded text.
- Security.
- Performance.
- Caching.

PHP, MySQL, Yii Framework, Laravel Framework, MongoDB, MSSQL, Elasticsearch, TDD - Behat, WordPress, Woo Commerce
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WebVenture Web SolutionsNovembre 2013 - Mai 2014

Web Developer within a professional web design and website development company providing web solutions to businesses and individuals.
  • Worked on a project for printed documents warehousing, developed in CodeIgniter from scratch with a custom administration panel.

PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, CodeIgniter Framework, Metro Admin Platform
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Customsoft RomaniaJuin 2013 - Novembre 2013

Junior Web Developer within a company providing development and implementation of tailored software solutions using the latest technologies. 
  • Worked within the maintenance (mainly fixing bugs) team of www.evomag.ro on the old platform, and after 3 months I was switched on the new platform for new features development. 
  • Learned to work on production code hunting bugs and also learned Agile practices and the value of testing and code-reviews by senior developers for my work.

PHP, MySQL, Yii Framework, MariaDB, Xdebug & XhProf & KCacheGrind, Agile
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The Shop PageFévrier 2013 - Mai 2013

Junior Web Developer for a Facebook Commerce application.
  • Worked both back-end and front-end, developing a Facebook Commerce application that allowed users to open stores and register products on their FB pages. This application only launched in Beta.

PHP, CakePHP Framework & Metro Admin Platform, MySQL, MariaDB, jQuery

Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Computer Science, The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science - University of Bucharest.2013 - 2016

Bachelor of Philosophy, The Faculty of Philosophy - University of Bucharest.2005 - 2009