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Samsung Vietnam R&D CenterJanvier 2016 - Présent

Back-End Developer within the largest R&D hub which conducts research on artificial intelligence (AI), data intelligence, robot, next-generation communications & visual technology, Tizen, and security.
  • Maintaining and developing new projects.
  • Deploying with Jenkins, Tomcat.
  • Coordinating with HQ PM.
I. Samsung Tool Hub (place to store, find and upload employee tools):
  • Developing a back-end tool hub using Java and MongoDB, login with JWT.
  • Developing text search using logical and/or, statistics.
  • Working on users management.
  • Developing a standard procedure for employees who want to produce their own tools.
  • Raise ideas, implement, release.
II. Continuous Integration Analysis (providing a tool for testers to test Samsung products):
  • Developing back-end using Java and MySql.
  • Loggingin with JWT.
  • Syncing and managing a multitude of model versions.
  • Integrating with other build systems to construct a specific binary to test.
  • Integrating with other systems to figure out pass and fail test cases.
III. Samsung Developer (global
  • Logging in with Samsung Account Oauth2.
  • Creating request authority form for the users who want to operate the newest SDKs from Samsung.
  • Developing logging in process for all download items (managers who can turn on/off in real time).
  • Collecting user information and statistic data for site renewal.
  • Building in different platforms.
IV. Samsung Remote Test Lab (global
  • SSO with Samsung Developer.
  • Making Samsung Remote Test Lab internal site by migrating the global one.
  • Listing migrating tasks.
  • Moving to a new infrastructure (OpenShift).
  • Upgrading framework and related libraries.
  • Migrating from Oracle to Mariadb (tables, data, functions, native queries).
  • Configuring a high availability for the internal site.
V. Samsung Devportal Admin:
  • Administrating the site of Samsung Developer, and Samsung Remote Test Lab.
  • Doing statistics and analyzing data reports for custom requests.
  • Developing authorization module for Samsung Remote Test Lab.
  • Sending monthly newsletters
  • Developing back-end using Java and MySQL, session login.
  • Making improvements for sending faster emails.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

ENGLISH: Average
VIETNAMESE: Native speaker


Spring Boot


Oracle, MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis





Environment of Development

GIT, Gerrit, Openshift

Application Servers




Web Technologies

JSP, Spring MVC, JWT

Software Testing


Mes études et formations

Major in Telecommunication Engineering, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology.2012 - 2017