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QuadientSeptember 2019 - Présent

"Working in an innovation stream - means you are well control its turbulent while developing an uncertain idea. Lack of awareness about the wicked problems inspire you more. Empathize troubles by imagination, hypothesis, shadow interview and evaluation. You plays well in a role as you are and you want to become. You deliver your values at a high throughput as usual. You always find the best opptunity to improve yourself. You're stable."
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QuadientNovember 2018 - September 2019

Back to school is the most amazing thing I have done in my life after 20 years since I graduated my first engineer degree. I had fun, I had new experience, I gained amazing knowledge from great people who want to contribute to the life after their success in many giant companies.
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OnOnPay Fintech StartupOctober 2017 - September 2018

In one year, I doubled the market value and engaged two more Venture Capital investors for the company as a CTO position by managing the technical solution strategy, in-house/outsourced resource planning and developing the software engineering competency. I was also in charge of building up the technical savvy of this Start-up from ESOP stage to be faster and stronger when business is growing.

As a Cloud Architect, I have settled a core e-Finance system built based on the AWS Cloud technology with a high security implementation, advanced infrastructure operation and business oriented micro-services architeture.

“When you are allset, you need to find another challenge to develop yourself upto the next professional level”.
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FPT Software WorldwideOctober 2015 - October 2017

In 2016, FPT Software was under the very high pressure of the world innovation waves. I earned a promotion to be in-charge of managing the Technology Research and Software Development Department at Cloud Innovation Strategic Unit.

In the mean time, I was managing the team to build up the new emerging Cloud based technology competency including Micro-services, IoT platforms and Big Data Analytics (Machine Learning) in order to provide the valuable End-To-End solutions and services for our customers in US and Japan.

Mid 2005, Microsoft Azure just released a Beta Review version of Azure IoT. One customer in US needed us onboard to research the existing solution, the problematics and relevant security concerns about their bespoken platform.

As the IoT Solution Architect, I was deployed the IoT prototype project to prove the solution of using Azure IoT platform. Afterward, the result opened a big door to IoT market for FPT Software.
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FPT SoftwareApril 2013 - January 2015

Year of 2013 was the generation of Big Data keyword. People spoke about the 5Vs of their corporation data and they needed an action of adopting the newest technology. Our French customer was in the waves that time.

As a Platform Architect, I adopted the BigData world in three months by self researched, defined the overall architecture and led the development team to deliver three Digital Community projects using Hortonworks Data Platform distribution in two years.

Base on the result of our team movement, I earned an honor to attend the Hadoop Summit 2014 in Amsterdam as a part of the French customer’s core architecture team to gather the BigData ecosystem knowledge from experts.

The outcome of that also was used to convince and initiate many BigData projects of other customers for FPT Software since this time.
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FPT SoftwareApril 2011 - October 2013

The first iPad was released on April 3, 2010. One year later, our French customer thought their users also want to control their machines using iPad. That was the reason why the iNEO program has been launched and I was the ideal person to take the opportunity of leading the mobile development team in Hanoi.

After came back from Paris for the prototype development phase, I started to build my team from 1 up-to 20 persons within two years in order to deliver two important projects for this program.

As a Software Architect, I also innovated one State-Based UI Framework for iOS that helped our developers create MVVM modules very quickly. It also optimized the bundle size of the software from 50MB into 9MB to be able to download over 3G network that time by stretching images like CSS, inherited UI likes OOP, animating UI in action with a State Machine design pattern.
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FPT SoftwareNovember 2007 - September 2011

Since the time of 2007, one big French company setup a new Software Development center with FPT Software in Vietnam, I joined as the started team member to the mission of delivering 2M$ per year.

During this time, I earned the best company performance reward, the best customer contribution reward, two valuable IPs (Improvement Proposal) regconition in four years.

Stellar role as a Senior Software Techical Leader, I solved a critical problem about the wrong evaluated money of a secured printing machine that affected to end-user finance in US and Canada market. I led the team of two went to Canada in 2 weeks and help the French customer to rescue their market lost that time.
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Le Duong ElectronicsJune 2006 - November 2007

It has been four years since the first job, I left my company and decided with my friend to built our own eCommerce business. It was about selling the electronics parts for designing embedded systems and relevant equipments.

We didn’t succeess in our business but we succedded to provide the unavailable ICs into Vietnam market from DigiKey, Mouser and other China's market at that time. We gave a big chance for Vietnam engineers to use the morden technology electronic parts .
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Elcom CorporationJune 2002 - May 2006

After graduated the first Engineering Degree, I started my first job as an Embedded System Engineer. I took the responsible of a full-lifecycle product from hardware design, embedded software development to overall system integration and support. I had delivered two products for Vietnam Post Office that automatic taxing the user when using PSTN public telephone boxes that time.

This time, I developed myself the professional hardware design skillset, the enterprise software development skillset as well as the cyber-security attacks knowledge.

Mes compétences

Web Applications, Unix Shell Script, Software Architect, React.js, React Native, Python, PHP, Node.js, Network Security, Mobile App Design, Kubernetes, JSON, jQuery, JavaScript, Git, Doctrine MongoDB ODM, Docker, Cloud-oriented / Serverless Architecture, C#, AWS, AngularJS, Agile Methodology