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Designing IT Production ServicesJune 2019 - Présent

(Azure & AWS operation)
Designing IT Production Services in clouds (Azure & AWS)
, currently creating all operation procedures for SNCF related to AWS and Azure Clouds. Freelance.
* Operation is performed by GFI for SNCF in DC. Due to migration to cloud required by SNCF, building a One Team Cloud dedicated to Clouds operation. Training and review of all operation guides
* Setting up a service catalog, a RACI and corresponding processes for operations
* Migration of dozens applications into AWS and Azure Cloud while using PaaS
* Migration of ERP into Oracle Cloud
EDF International: 2 months for auditing Linky IT infrastructure and its security in India Cloud. Freelance.
* Delivery of DAT and ISO 27002 documents with recommendations and timeline to implement.
Limagrain (6-month contract): almost 300 sites in 70 countries, 8 500 people around the world. Freelance.
* Delivery Manager: 41 sites migrated with operation processes like alarming, DRP. Crisis management.
* SDWAN: setup of the strategy of the RFP
* Helping the new Director of Infrastructure & Operations for creating a new organization. Writing some processes like IT purchasing process (ISO 9001-2015).

Michelin (6 years): almost 70 plants in 17 countries, 110 k people around the world. Freelance then 18-month contract.
* Due to the knowledge of all aspects of IT processes, I was involved of most of critical production issues (Control Towers) in order to find root cause of Sev1 (Ordering process, Orchestration, DRPs...)
* Designing and putting in place Cloud for Michelin (Subscription, subnets, automatic deployment, operations, eligibility matrix... Azure vs AWS)
* Designing and putting in place Licenses governance process. Actually, due to this sensitive subject, I was the only architect in charge of this subject with the very useful help of a contract manager. 3 ULAs have been signed and OLSA amendment for using Oracle Programs on VMware.
* Delivering in production an Oracle infrastructure (Exalogic+Exadata). 2 years of hard work. This is like building a datacenter within a datacenter (network topology, storage and backup processes, alarming and monitoring, privileged access and configuration management, security and patching). Follow-up of all production issues after GoLive.
* Setup and put in production NoSQL DB according to use cases (MongoDB...),
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Designing IT Production ServicesApril 2019 - May 2019

IT infrastructure & EDF International
Designing IT Production Services in Indian Cloud
Aide-de-camp of Infra & Operation Director
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Designing IT Production ServicesFebruary 2013 - February 2018

HQ in Designing IT Production Services in plants, Cloud and datacenters (WW)
Health pause

EricssonJanuary 2011 - January 2012

Orange Business Services – HealthcareJanuary 2010 - January 2011

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OodriveJanuary 2007 - January 2009

* From PCs under desks, we created datacenter using COLT's one with DRP. We won IP convergence price with 99.98% of availability.
* All aspects of operation were handled: network topology, storage, backup, alarming, monitoring, privileged access, security and patching.

Sage PlcJanuary 2004 - January 2007

INRIAJanuary 2002 - January 2004

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QuanticJanuary 1999 - January 2001

Duran-Duboi / Quantic (1999 - 2001) : Game development.
* After creating a motion capture system with 13 cameras scanning a volume where we put humans within. It was the very first motion capture studio in France. I handled with this system all captured data for the production of the movie ``Immortal'' released in 2004.

From Transiciel to Now:
* I managed up to 140 people plus 200 external international contractors. (OBS)
* I created several products or product lines (Sage with 18 products, Oodrive with Pack Essential (Fnac) Darty Box..., OBS with online safe) and had several agreements like ``Dossier médical patient'' or Oracle amendments.
* I recruited more than 160 people in my whole career.
* I reorganized IT department while putting in place performance scorecards.
* I managed dozens of projects around the world.

Mes compétences

Big Data

Big Data, Big Data Architecture


MongoDB, Oracle

Machine Learning

Neural networks


Game development


Amazon Web Services (AWS), SaaS, AWS, Machine Learning

IT Infrastructure

IaaS, Network Topology, Azure Cloud, VMware, Infrastructure Management


Cloud, PaaS, Teamwork, Management

Mes études et formations

Master of Science, Mathematics - Paris VI University

Doctor of Philosophy, Mathematics - Blaise Pascal University2016 - 2020