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FreelanceOctober 2016 - Présent

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INSIDE SecureFebruary 2012 - May 2016

Python expert
Dates Employed Jan 2014 – May 2016
Employment Duration 2 yrs 5 mos
Location Aix-En-Provence Area, France

Definition, architecture, development and management of a python framework for day-to-day working with APDU based communicating components :

Productivity and consistency :... See more
Title GlobalPlatform for Javacard based secure devices.
Dates Employed Sep 2013 – May 2016
Employment Duration 2 yrs 9 mos
Location Aix-En-Provence Area, France

Software development and support on products implementing :

* ISO 7816

* Java Card platform 3.0.4... See more
Title Software tools engineer
Dates Employed Feb 2012 – Aug 2013
Employment Duration 1 yr 7 mos
Location Aix-En-Provence Area, France

Inside Secure is a company that designs proprietary microcontroler solutions for paiement, security, contactless communications.
As a member of the "Platform Tools" team, I'm mainly working on a Hardware Emulation Platform : An development/validation environnement that takes place between the first digital simulations (internal tools in which I've been working as well), and the final silicon debug/support investigations.
In partnership with the digital design teams, I developed the low level software API that communicates with this FPGA based board, the scripted validation toolset, and an associated dev/debug GUI.
As a defendor of a global coherency for tools and methodologies inside a company, from the very first specifications, to the dev and validation steps, I've been glad to participate in the creation of a digital memory mapping description toolset.
I thus developed an XML database formalism and some of the upper tools, that are now integrated for documentation, simulation, hardware/software common files generation, etc.

Python expertise, C/C++/Qt, XML, OnChipDebug
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Médiane SystèmeJanuary 2009 - July 2011

About 3 year in one of the main railway company, splited in 2 missions :
- Solutions integration team :
Deployment of a full remote maintenance system on some entire existing train fleets (Scotland, Morocco, France)
Strong interactions with the client (assessment of their requirements), and the product development teams.
- Pure product development team :

Creation a custom graphical applications manager for the
multi-screen environment of the train driver cab, automatic display
configuration based on the train state, redundancy in case of the
failures, consistent cab settings.

Keywords : Relationships & clients assessments, C# & XML, C, QNX, Perl.
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Scaleo chipApril 2008 - October 2008

Master degree's final internship
(equivalent MSc thesis): Reflexion on methods for designing digital
bridges between very low level memory buses. Comparisons between gates
consumption and transfers efficiency.

Keywords : ARM, AMBA AHB, verilog, C
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2aTechJanuary 2006 - January 2007

Developped expertise on the Microchip PIC microcontrolers
p18f2580 for CAN
p18f4550 for USB

Mes compétences

XML, Web Design, VHDL, Twitter bootstrap, Subversion (svn), Software Architecture, Scrapy, RTOS, QNX, Python, PyQT, OOD, Linux, jQuery, Jira, Jenkins, HTML5, GitHub, Git, Embedded Systems, Django, CSS, ClearCase, CAN bus, C/C++, Backbone.js, ARM