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TeknosaJanuary 2014 - May 2016

Teknosa is the leading electronics retailer in Turkey with 250+ stores. Proprietary NCR terminals were used in the
stores previously but they were old and their system was not updated frequently and upgrades were problematic
most of the time. Our team replaced the NCR terminals with embedded PCs running Java software. All the
terminals were replaced and system updates became easier. New terminal software has a graphical front end and
easy to navigate

* Designed the Java frontend and REST service API to integrate with Oracle business logic. ;

* Lead the Java development team.

* Performance improvements. ;

* Integrations with Avea (3rd biggest Telco operator in Turkey) over SOAP services ;

* Low level POS interface communications through serial io ;

* Introduced source code revision control in Subversion ;

* Setting up monitoring tools for the application servers. ;

* Installing Wildfly application server and scripting in Solaris.
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Johnson ControlsApril 2010 - January 2014

Johnson Controls Istanbul, Turkey Senior Java Web Developer
Worked as a contractor for Johnson Controls developed several Java web applications.

* Improved Virtual Branch a JSP web application for Johnson Controls partners' online orders. Included
in the team after discovering a security flaw about the app that was causing different carts were
intermixing with each other under some circumstances and later on increased the perceived
performance 1,5x-10x using caching, Java and HTML optimization both on UI layer and backend side.
Refactored the code to allow 10x more concurrent users clearing bottlenecks. Integrated google
analytics to the web site.

* Mentored other senior developers about security and performance of web applications. ;

* Analyzed an existing java web application finding architectural flaws and explaining why it performs
badly under some situations.

* Designed and helped develop Easyparts which is a replacements parts portal for the customers. It
was a redesign of an existing .Net application in Oracle ADF with JSF 2. All setups including servers
done manually. Later performance optimizations added to speed up loading of the application Tested
and customized the appearance of various graphs to make it user friendly while analyzing the graphs.

* Dp&c LOB, Web Pricing Platform, Bonus Applications, Customer Creation Tool all JSF applications with
Spring + Hibernate backend.

* Attending meetings with the customer both remotely and on site in Europe.
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GantekMarch 2008 - April 2010

Java Web Developer Gantek was a Sun Microsystems partner and integrator using Solaris servers and Java front end.

* Improving TTNet Wifi Hotspot: A web access portal used by TTNet Wifi Hotspots (nearly 1000 all
around Tur
key) using cisco access registrar. JSP frontend was extended to provide free wifi access for some
users. Axis web services were developed to communicate with TTNet side.
Improving Support Tool: An in-house web based online ticket tracking tool working integrated with
OTRS. Used BIRT to generate reports out of OTRS data.

* Provide management with metrics, reports and schedules as necessary and participated in the design
walkthroughs and meeting.

* Help develop Riskfree: Using analysis methods like parametric, historical, incremental and Monte
Carlo it generates an analysis report about a company including a credibility grade.

* Improved Primespot: A C application working as a captive portal used in some 5 star Hotels in Turkey. ;

* Giving on site support for projects in Moldovia and Georgia. ;

* Attending meetings with UK Partner Subex.
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CybersoftFebruary 2005 - November 2006

* Developing code for AVIS ( Azerbaijan Tax Information System) project both front-end and backend in
Java using Swing based in-house Aurora framework. Worked on-site in Baku.

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