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-January 2019 - Présent

Conference Paper - House in Isle of Wight (1955-1956), Austerity in British Modernity            

Publication Title - The House: Domestic Spaces, Forms of Inhabitation  

Publisher - University of Granada   I
SBN 978-84-17301-24-8
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Fatkin DesignJanuary 2018 - January 2019

Master plan modification RNOH for the NHS, Stanmore, London (2019) University of Brighton Multi-Storey Car Park, Brighton (2018)                  

Extension and alterations to a Grade II listed public house. St Ive, Cornwall (2018)
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-January 1998 - December 2018


2018  Principal Designer Course by RIBA, London, UK

2017-2018  RIBA Incubator practice, London UK

2017   Construction Ethics and Compliance MOOC by Chartered Institute of Building Academy, UK 2016   Sustainable Urban Development MOOC by Wageningen University & TU Delft, Netherlands! 2015   Future Cities MOOC by ETH Zürich, Switzerland !
2014   V&A Museum of Childhood, Front of the house volunteer, London, UK

2013   Architectural Adviser, Tea with an Architect, London, UK
2007   UNESCO, World Heritage exchange in Cultural & Natural Heritage Management, Kakadu and Paris

2006   Landscape Heritage and Cultural Studies Course. Deakin University, Melbourne. Australia 2001-2002  Ecole nationale supérieure d'Architecture de Strasburg, France -  Erasmus exchange

2002  Retcher Architect, Tel Aviv, Israel

2001  RNL Design, Denver, CO, USA

2000  Jacobs Engineering, Arlington, VA, USA

1999  GIS Department, Arab Contractos, Cairo, Egypt
1998  Faculty of Architecture of Ljubljana, Eslovenia
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Cantabella Architecture & DesignJanuary 2013 - January 2018

2nd Prize - Urban Regeneration and Vantage Point in La Manga, Murcia - with LeA Atelier (2018)   Astellas Office Re-design, Hillingdon, London - with Mara Bravo Architects (2018)  

Old Street Roundabout Competition, London (2018)    Oxford Street Christmas Lights, London (2018)  

Unloved Spaced in Epping Forest, London (2017)  

Reclaim Our Streets, iStreet Competition, Croydon (2017)  

Holland Park Villages Joinery Works, London - with Calanpoint Contracts (2017)  

Former Prison Conversion into a Public Space, Murcia (2017)   R7 King’s Cross Joinery Work, London - with Calanpoint Contracts (2016)  

Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub, London with Calanpoint Contracts (2015)  

Victorian Terrace Conversion in Victoria Park Village, Hackney (2015)  

3rd Prize - La Paz Urban Regeneration, Murcia - with Lola Alonso & Vicente Calabuig Urban (2014)    Creative house extension in Bow. Tower Hamlets, London (2014)  

Manolo Single Detached Dwelling, Murcia (2013)   Private Single Detached House, Wembley - with Graham Hobbs Architect (2013)
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Tony Meadows AssociatesJanuary 2008 - January 2010

Crossrail Place urban space, London (2010)  

Canary Wharf Crossrail station, London (2008-2009)

HKR ArchitectsJanuary 2007 - January 2008

1:1 ArchitectsJanuary 2006 - January 2007

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Estudio VVV Vicente Vidal VidalJanuary 2006 - January 2006

Architecture School Master Plan, Valencia (2006)
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CM PlaneamientoJanuary 2005 - January 2006

Aielo de Malferit Master Plan - Valencia (2006)  

New Housing and Golf Course Plan - Castellón (2005)
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Frederic Schwartz ArchitectsJanuary 2005 - January 2005

Westchester 9/11 Memorial, New York, USA (2005)
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Martín Lejarraga ArchitectJanuary 2004 - January 2005

Reading Park and library in Torre Pacheco - Martín Lejarraga Architect, Cartagena (2005)   Cartagena Library Development, Murcia (2004)

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