Guleid F.


530 dollar
9 ans
Columbus, ÉTATS-UNIS

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Horizon Science Academy Columbus High SchoolAugust 2017 - Présent

+ Prepare a curriculum that aligns with ODE's CTE IT standards.
+ Teach IT concepts, Programming concepts, Algorithms, Problem solving skills, Innovation and creativity to high school level students.
+ Teach how to use some specific programming tools like Java, Python, Git, Github, AWS, Jenkins to reach a solution to a given problem.
+ Explore and connect with the IT business in the community.
+ Preparing students for IT Hackathons, DevOps, and Bootcamps.
+ Connecting students with IT businesses in the community.
+ Encourage students to seek and apply for internships and job shadowing in the IT businesses within the community.
+ Creating a student organization with president, vice president and secretary.
+ Developing an organization guidelines and rulebook with the student organization leaders.
+ Connecting the student organization with SkillsUSA, a national student organization.
+ Building a robotics team with more than 10 members with organization leaders.
+ Preparing budgets with the organization leaders.
+ Making bootcamps for the new members.
+ Participating regional and national robotics championships like FIRST Tech
Challenge A.K.A FTC

+ Organizing and holding STEM events both in school and outside the school for K-12 students.
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FreelanceMarch 2013 - Présent

During my free time, holidays, weekends, I do programming for fun. These are some of my side gig projects:

+ Developed a business (informative) website for Mithril Aluminum company, an Aluminum importer based in Columbus, Oh. Used WordPress 4.5. Developed the website with Agile methodology and been in direct contact with the client. (2017)

+ Designed and Developed Tulip Cafe website, online shopping system, for a cafe based in Columbus, OH. initially, I used custom designs using Bootstrap and jQuery frameworks, used .NET 4.5 with MVC 5, MSSQL 2014 with entity framework for the backend. Added Google Maps services to measure shipping distance to calculate shipping fees. Made use of Braintree payment processing API to have a secure credit card transections. After a year in service, migrated the whole system to Shopify per a request from the client in order to keep the costs low. Added Shopify Facebook service, Shopping service, Credit card processing. After 6 months in service, updated the system to remove the shopping part of the system and keep the informative part per request from the client. (2017 to 2018)

+ Developed Exbilet, an online system for buying and selling event tickets owned by Exbilet start-up. Worked with an outside team to design the frontend of the system. Used .NET 4.5, MVC 4, MSSQL with custom ORM to develop the backend. Integrated PDF converter and Barcode reader to read and analyze event tickets, integrated QR code generator used to issue new tickets. Integrated Facebook Graph API for identity verification and for wall posts through the backend. Integrated Turkcell, telecommunication company in Europe, API for phone call/text message verifications. Integrated a secure credit card authorization using a local bank's API system. Hosted the application on client's private windows server. Updated the system to add culture helper for different regions, system automatically detects user's region and changes language, date and time format,.. 
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Tendure DigitalApril 2014 - August 2016

+ Designed and developed a stock market exchange system for a market in Cyprus. The system is based on .NET web environment. I used ASP.NET
4.5 with MVC 4 structure, MSSQL 2014 with Entity Framework, HTML 5,
CSS and jQuery. Used Ajax to receive and send data to the backend system asynchronously.
+ Developed a business (informative) website for a market in Cyprus using
Agile development methodology. I used PHP (Yii Framework) with MYSQL.
Worked with in-house designer to complete this project. After 5 months, We added PDF reading capability to enable users to read monthly newsletter/ magazine online.

+ Updated Istanbul local government's Bus Transit (Otobus) API. The .NET based API feeds bus arrival and departure live data to more than million bus stops all around the city. Even though the update was pretty easy and quick but the project was life changing for me. I still feel very proud to have worked with those codes.

+ Developed a business (informative) website for a Istanbul franchise of the popular Italian illycaffè using Agile development methodology. I used PHP (Yii Framework) with MYSQL. Worked with in-house designer to complete this project. This was a very satisfying project for me specially after the franchise decided to provide free coffee supply for our office.

+ Updated Yildiz Technical University's Tekno Park Website. The PHP based website works as an informative website for this diverse research group in one of the tech leading universities in Turkey. I added a PDF reading API to the website for their quarterly TechStar magazine.
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GEM GROUPJune 2015 - December 2015

+ Developed a custom survey system with .NET 4 and MVC 4. We used
MSSQL 2012 with a custom Object Relational Mapper (ORM) framework. The survey was projected to be used as a data capture to enhance quality of TV programs in this Middle East media giant.

Mes compétences



IT Infrastructure

iOS, Windows Server, Git



Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel


API, Problem Solving, GitHub

Open Source solutions



Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL


.NET, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, jQuery


Analyst/Programmer, FULL STACK DEVELOPER, .net developer, Computer Telephony Engineer, Personal Home Page, Microsoft Office Specialist, Robotics Coach, industry~it, develop the backend, Desktop application development, Python Programming, Microsoft .NET Technology, Mobile Applications, Front End, Microsoft ASP.NET, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship Certificate, Engineering Certificate, Certified Microsoft, Cascading Style Sheets, Back End, Designer, Software Specialist, CTE IT instructor

Analysis methods and tools

DevOps, Agile Methodology


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Software Engineering

Mes études et formations

Master of Science - MSField Of StudyComputer Science - Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor's degree, Computer Engineering - Istanbul Aydın University