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Google Network & Facebook NetworkApril 2018 - April 2018

* Build trusted relationships with the partners of the agency, both domestic and aboard
* Develop analytical frameworks, tools and techniques to plan and communicate short and longer-term resource needs using Trello.
* Coordinate another team member into implementation of those strategies
* Reported the metrics and findings to the Head of Performance and helped assist in setting the cornerstones of optimization strategy and creative strategy
* Optimize performance of in-house agency products (Glize), but also those of external clients (, Nutra offers & beauty offers, Insurance offers)
* Reduced cost of acquiring advertising space through exploring new segmentations methods (audience, topics, interest, keywords, settings)
* Delivered high quality results for the Glize Performance Network, with a decrease of CPA of 49%
* Delivered high quality results for by achieving the 300 leads/month target

Feb 2017 Bucharest,Romania
Sept. 2017 Performance Manager
* Act as the point of contact for clients for digital management matters
* Conduct research and analyses to deliver the right strategy for the clients and in-house (Footprints project)
* Set the overall digital ecosystem to increase the number of users the companies brought on their websites
* Set digital strategies for my assigned customers (automotive and FMCG) together with our in-house project, considering the specific needs and requirements of each project in particular
* Specialised in Google AdWords (both search and display) and Facebook Ads to generate leads for my clients
* Advanced capabilities with LinkedIn Ads Platform that I have used for our in-house project, Footprints
* Analyse digital campaigns success with a success rate of nearly 10% on the agency's automotive client
* Optimize programs, campaigns, and landing pages, based on the real-time performance and ROI
* Optimize web content to increase traffic and improve SEO
* Report on web performance metrics
* Manage digital projects inclusive of online planning and insight
* Manage the whole spectrum of functionalities and requirements for improving my clients' websites through extensive use of Jira
* Acted as a point of QA for the digital projects that I have managed ensuring the quality of our services are the highest possible.

Feb 2016 Adaptivebee Bucharest,Romania/Paris,France
Feb2017 SEM Specialist
* Structured the account by auditing the existing campaigns on both Google Adwords Search and Google Adwords Display
* Responsible for managing the buying and day-to-day optimizations of all Adwords accounts to meet KPI goals for our product (
* Followed financial performance on a daily basis
* Optimised CPC/CPA campaigns with the necessary bid modifiers
* Work proactively with data to understand consumer behaviour and motivation and drive more leads (installs) for UR-Browser (BJ Fogg's Behavioural Model for Design)
* Split tested various ad texts and analysed results
* Split tested various designs for banners in Google Display Network and Facebook Ads
* Assisted in the curation of various LP ideas and split tested after implementation
* Created detailed reports and presentation on competition practices and positioning
* Introduced the company to the idea of buyer persona

Feb 2015 SIEN Solutions Group Bucharest, Romania/ Paris,France
Feb 2016 Account Manager/Media Buyer Bundling - Display - Affiliation
* Contacted ad-networks and negotiated deals for setting up a campaign
* Set up the campaign together with the project manager
* Calculate CPI for each campaign and took decisions if to optimize, grow or close the campaign
* Calculate target CPI, CPM, checked unique views and unique installs in order to optimize the campaign
* Verify our own products after the installation
* Verify reports for better understanding of products trends and KPIs
* Organise and prioritized materials and ideas for A/B testing
* Calculate precise budgets for the acquisition process
* Work with various affiliate platforms: Hasoffer, Commision Junction, Plymedia

Mes compétences

Embedded and Telecom



Google AdWords, Digital Marketing, Content marketing, Market research, Strategic Planning, SEM (SEA, SEO, SMO, CMO), Analytics


Digital Performance Manager, rigorous analytic skills, continuous development of the site and its promotion techniques, Excellent client relations skills, after implementation, Manage the whole spectrum of functionalities and requirements, online planning, digital management, Certified Product Instructor, Digital Media, Marketing Communications, FMCG, Budgets & Budgeting, Return on Investment, SSP, strategic management, ICT, Account Manager, Certified Product Consultant, Certified Public Accountant Qualification, Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM), Audit, online marketing, Most Proactive Member of the Year, Bachelors Degree > Bachelor of Science > Bachelor of Science Business Management and Marketing, Online Content Executive, Online Booking Executive, Media Buyer, SEM Specialist, Performance Manager, Digital Performance Specialist

Web Analysis and Statistic

Google Analytics

Analysis methods and tools


Mes études et formations

Degree Name Master of Science - MSc - Management of Business, Innovation & Technology - The University of Sheffield2017 - 2019

Bachelor of Science, Business Management and Marketing - BRUNEL UNIVERSITY2008 - 2012