Pierre D.


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Presses Universitaires de FranceJune 2018 - Présent

29th selection, Prix Roberval http://prixroberval.utc.fr/29e-Selection-Prix-ROBERVAL.pdf
Presses Universitaires de France, collection Que Sais-je ?
www.qsj.dataraxy.com et http://www.puf.com/Que_sais-je:Le_Big_Data

soaks the World. In Big Data, mathematics find models that, under
conditions, make them "Nowcast", and sometimes Forecast ; advanced
epidemic alerts, effective banners created right during the display of
web pages, exposure to some cancers, attendance of congresses ...

presenting the concepts of Big Data, its characteristics and how they
differ from those of computer science as we knew it, this book provides
an update on the technologies, mathematical concepts and Machine
Learning / Artificial Intelligence as well as the professions and skills
necessary for the digital transformations of Companies and their
business models.

A broad spectrum of cases in air travel,
industry, financial services, music publishing, tourism, research ...
helps to understand the characteristics of Big Data approaches in order
to better identify, launch and focus projects and choose technologies
and relevant organizational forms.

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AmarexiaJanuary 2014 - Présent

Scientific VP, Group Chief Information Officer & Chief Data Officer.

Data/Machine Learning Consulting & Interim Management, including CDO, Project Manager, and
Scientific & Artificial Intelligence Director ; for Keyrus (2018), he builds up/steers the plan to make
Keyrus the leader in AI on its markets.

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ANDSI Association nationale des Directeurs des Systèmes d'InformationJanuary 2009 - Présent

Digital and data for business.

Participation to the Villani commission on AI (hearing)
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Institut Mines TelecomJanuary 1998 - Présent

Visiting Professor at Telecom ParisTech.
in MSc (Ingénieurs, Master, MBA) & Post Graduate (Corps des Mines)
classes : Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning with
TensorFlow. Digital Transformation & Lean Management, Production
In charge of Digital teaching & Big Data classes for
the students at Corps des Mines (considered the most selective
postgraduate cursus among all french engineering schools/universities,
see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corps_des_mines ).

in Big Data (Big Data Assessment, project management, methods, Machine
Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Deep Neural Networks for Money
Laundering detection...), Strategy, IS Management, Operation Management.
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Inserm, the French Research Institute in bio-ScienceJanuary 2010 - January 2016

20 000 users in more than 300 labs on
85 locations, America/Europe/Asia. Big Data everywhere ; Omics
(Genomics, Proteomics...) on Hadoop clusters....

CIO & CDO until 2013 (the IS Dept includes a Back-Office for data management - Data Scientists for scientists :-)
from 2013 on ; mission for the General Management about Big Data.

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SNCF RéseauJanuary 2004 - January 2008

Creation of the IS Dept

IS convergence (RFF & SNCF), budget €80m/y.
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BankJanuary 2000 - January 2004

CRM, Euro change over....
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OranoJanuary 1996 - January 1999

Management Consulting : Strategic Planning, Balanced ScoreCards, Risk & Crisis management,

Supply Chain, Knowledge Management, IT Crisis management....
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GeneraliJanuary 1991 - January 1994

Digital Transformation (BPM/RPA & Lean Management) of the core Business ; productivity +25 to

+50%, cycle time -50%... & development of a new business through Insurance brokers.

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DartyJanuary 1990 - January 1991

Analytics, Group logistics master plan, operational organisation of the warehouse (supplies and

deliveries +20%).

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Gemini ConsultingJanuary 1986 - January 1990

PLM (EADS), controlling (SHELL), pension system (MALAKOFF)... as GAMMA.

Previously ; project management for projects in India & Nigeria

Mes compétences


Change Management


Machine Learning



Big Data

Big Data


Strategic Planning, Project Management, Risk management, Team management, Business Strategy

Mes études et formations

- INHESJ National Institute of Higher Studies in Security & Justice - Post GraduateDigital & Cyber Security. Activities and Societies: Ecole Militaire - French Military School2012 - 2013

- Ecole spéciale des Travaux publics, du Bâtiment et de l'IndustrieMaster’s Degree - Civil Engineering, Architecture & Business AdministrationMaster of Science (MSc)2010 - 2012

- MINES ParisTech - Degree Name Ph.D - Business AdministrationDoctorate from the Research Center for Scientific Business Administration (CGS) Activities and Societies: CGS - Centre de Gestion Scientifique.1995 - 1997