Rémi F.


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9 ans
Rennes, FRANCE

Mon expérience

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UbisoftApril 2016 - Présent

I've worked on the game "Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle" out at the end of August 2017 on the Nintendo Switch.

As this game is a tactical game, "creating a level" means to define the topography (shape and heights), the layout of covers, the numbers, types, and spawning times of enemies, as well as the objective of a battle. On top of that, some battle layouts are reused in challenges : other battles with a harder objective and a different pattern of enemies.

I created levels and challenges for the game during the main part of production time. My work was to define intentions and make a first draft on several levels, as well as to test and modify other levels in collaboration with other level designers.
I also worked on some other elements of the game : layout of exploration zones, puzzles, coins and mushrooms positioning.
I gave feedback and made new propositions on Game Design elements and mechanics. I also proposed and redacted specifications of some gameplay elements.
I challenged the game system by looking for extreme situations and potential exploits. Then I suggested some possible corrections to the game designers.
I worked on the overall balancing of the game (weapons, skill tree, challenges).

I've worked with people of different positions (GD, art, animation, sound, tech,...) to make propositions, give feedback, deal with any constraints linked to tech and/or resources, and ensure good understanding among the team.
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Qim InfoJune 2012 - June 2014

I've worked on several mobile applications (on iOS, Android, and Windows).

Qim info proposes on-demand applications for its clients.
I developed these applications, managed quality assurance, estimated the work load on several projects, researched on new dev tools, and made propositions of new projects.
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AwabotFebruary 2010 - June 2011

I've worked on the EMOX project
- I conceived and developed a software for 3D environment reconstruction using a camera and depth sensors. The software used octrees to recreate the environment, and ran on GPU.
- I conceived and developed the tracking of our robot, using its camera streaming video and odometry sensors.
- Using this tracking, I helped on the conception of Augmented Reality tools using Urbi, a scripting language.
- I helped developing entertaining and educational applications using Urbi and Augmented Reality tools.

Mes compétences


Gimp, Adobe Photoshop


Image Processing, Blender



IT Infrastructure





Java, JavaScript, C/C++, C# for Unity3D, C#, XML, PHP, Objective-C, SQL, HTML


Virtual Reality, Game Design


Unity3D, Android

Mes études et formations

Master's degree - Game Design - Ecole Nationale des Jeux et Médias Interactifs Numériques (ENJMIN)2014 - 2016

Engineer's degree in Computer Science - Imagerie et Réalité Virtuelle Grade With honors - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique et de Mathématiques Appliquées de Grenoble2007 - 2010