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Parrot - Sky-heroDecember 2018 - Présent

Having fun leading a joint project between Parrot & Sky Hero from engineering till mass production for a Drone and Remote Control device. Tasks and responsibilities:
- Team Lead as Project Manager (Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Firmware Engineering, Signal Processing, Test benches)
- Supplier and Contract Manufacturer Sourcing (Asia + Europe) and contracting
- Supply Chain Management: parts manufacturing (PCB, Camera, Cables, Silicon/Rubber, Metal, FFC, Components, LCD, Glass, Motors, RF/Antenna, Batteries)
- Quality Management (Assembly Manual, Supplier Feedback)
- Logistics
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Asia Quality Control LtdApril 2014 - August 2017

I work as a freelancer on special mission related to quality assurance, quality management system, root cause analysis, factory optimization, factory training, factory pre-certification briefing (ISO 9001)

I am particularly in charge of operating quality control and inspection on technical products:
- Electronic parts such as PCB, PCBA, components
- Electronics (consummer, industrial electronics, medical device, automotive)
- Machine (mechanical + electrical)
- Plastic injection (process, part)
- Metal
- Automotive
- Construction

I help factories to get their production more reliable and more efficient by implementing production and quality management processes, lean manufacturing, total quality management so they can reduce their defective rate, accelerate delivery time, and lower their cost

- Support developpment and setup of training platform for inspectors and auditor
- Overseas developpment of ERP and online platform.
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PAG Electronics - Electronic Product Development, Design, Engineering, ManufacturingOctober 2012 - January 2017

I manage with electronic product development and manufacturing project, my tasks include the following
- Establish system engineering and architecture + conceptualization
- Perform technical feasibility study and cost analysis prior engineering launch
- Establish price point, study potential possible downgrading without compromising on quality
- Anticipate and identify bottlenecks related to engineering, certification, and manufacturing while supplying with different actions plan to overcome those bottlenecks before they happen.
- IP protection strategy establishment in legal, engineering and manufacturing considerations
- Manage with planning, organization and project execution to respect customer requirement, lead time, ensure compliance, respect of budget and quality
- Manage engineering team for electronic design, firmware development, software development, mechanical engineering: training, briefing, monitoring, follow up, troubleshooting support
- Monitor prototyping, tooling and production
- Monitor lab testing, pretest and certification
- Establish quality assurance for manufacturing activities
- Source and audit asian sub-suppliers
- Monitor in-house production
- Handle customer support: meeting, communication with customer
- Establish training for our employees and working process
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PAG Electronics - Electronic Product Development, Design, Engineering, ManufacturingSeptember 2014 - September 2015

I am typically capable to do the following on my own if necessary:

- Perform system engineeering and architecture establishment for electronic pcba. It particulary consist in selecting the right components to achieve the requirement of customer specification by selecting the following : processing unit (MCU, CPU, DSP, FPGA), peripherals input/output (sensor, actuator, display, etc...), memory (DDR, RAM, ROM, Flash, TF Card), interfaces and communications port/protocol (I2C, UART, SPI, CAN, USB, RF), PMU/PMIC (DC-DC, LDO, AC-DC), antena choice. This activity consist in optimizing quality,cost, lead time, supply chain, and power consumption (for battery handled devices)

- Decide and source components to use: tradeoff consideration westernized components vs exotic asian components, for consumer goods or specific industry as well such as industrial, medical or automotive grade

- Establish PCBA design by going all the steps trough: foootprint design, symbol creation, schematic establishment, layer stack management, pcb layout drawing (placement + routing) including High Speed Frequency, High Density PCB and RF design consideration, DRC, signal integrity, power integrity, impedance matching, EMI/EMC, output file for manufacturing (Gerber), design for manufacturing optimization for components and connector, generate 3D CAD PCB for mechanical integration, BOM generation

- Managed embedded software engineering ressources for firmware development in C language for RISC, ARM, MIPS and 8051 architecture: managing with clock configuration, watchdog time, ADC/DAC, interrupt, GPIO, PWM, ,DMA, communication interface protocol (I2C, UART, SPI, LVDS, RGB, MIPI, I2S, TWI, IR, HDMI), LPM

- Management of prototype making: Bare PCB prototype, component soldering, test, verification, validation

- Compliance, test and certification (IPC 7351, CE, Rohs, FCC, UL, etc...)

- PCBA manufacturing and QA management (bare pcb, SMT, wave,, through hole)

PAG Electronics - Electronic Product Development, Design, Engineering, ManufacturingSeptember 2012 - January 2014

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Advanced Asia SourcingSeptember 2011 - September 2012

I was in charge of:

- Review and manage with customer specifications and requirement

- Search and identify potential suppliers capable to handle customer request

- Perform audit of quality management system of Asian supplier

- Discuss potential challenges related to fabrication and production

- Predicting and anticipating potential issues which may occur during

production and product development
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Ernst & Young (Business Advisory Services)May 2008 - September 2008

I was working in the Business Advisory Services related to innovation and start up in Sophia Antipolis

I was in charge of :
- Preparing Business Plan
- Perform data researches
- Perform survey
- Assist consultants in preparing their Powerpoint
- Attend meeting and establish summary
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ConexantApril 2007 - September 2007

- Designed and developed an algorithm simulator for xDSL loop diagnostic tool project
- Coded Graphic User Interface (UI) in Matlab code with network application support
- Coordinated Conexant resources in three locations (India/US/China) and completed project within allocated time.

Mes compétences

Embedded and Telecom

UART, PCB Design, Firmware, FPGA, DSP, Altium Designer





Software testing







Altium DXP, Software Engineering, Software Development

Computer Tools

Microsoft PowerPoint


Quality Management, Fusion, Design, Six Sigma, Inspector, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Business Development, Troubleshooting, Quality control

Mes études et formations

Certification - --

Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Communication - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Caen2005 - 2008

Exchange student, Electrical and Electronics Engineering - New Mexico State University2007 - 2008

Master degree, Business Administration, Business Administration - IAE2006 - 2008