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Global Data Strategy, LtdSeptember 2019 - Présent

Support the implementation of the Data Management Operating Model in Mexico, provide
recommendations about best practices and documentation of Data Architecture Processes and
Standards and support planning phase for a MDM Massive Scalation as well as Support Governance

Practices and Policies Documentation.
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FreelanceJune 2018 - Présent

Enthusiastic writer about Data topics and the necessary skills to carry Data projects at all scales.
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CapgeminiJuly 2018 - January 2019

Design the Data Governance Initiative for ARCA Continental Corporate.
Tools: Data Governance Methodologies (Active Data Governance, DAMA, DGI, Non-Invasive Data Governance and AHIMA).
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SofttekSeptember 2016 - July 2018

Create the Data Governance program for Gruma corporation using a methodologies mix, like DAMA, DGI and Non - Invasive Data Governance; developing one of the DAMA model areas: Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence.
Work team: 1 analyst and 1 jr. analyst.
- Create the develop strategy for the program.
- Create the Gruma's Data Governance framework and their components.
- Knowledge transfer to the Gruma's Data Governance Office.
- Implementation guide.
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Grupo Financiero BanorteJuly 2014 - August 2016

Care the architecture and implementation of the new IBM BDW model. Create and implement a new data management. Develop new models in the DWH Legacy. MDM TPM's phase 1 and 2 of the SUMANDO Program.
Work Team: 2 data modelers and 2 DWH's engineers.
• Audit the first deliverable of the IBM BDW Model for BANORTE
• Implement the first phase of the IBM MDM in the production environment with zero incidents
• Activity Log ODS - Designed to store 2 millions of transaction by minute of the Bank's ESB Activity Log.
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BanorteApril 2013 - June 2014

Data Architect & OFSAA Support
The logical model generation of IBM Banking DWH Model in Sybase tool and coordinate the physical model generation following the IBM standard. Support the OFSAA implementation, business requirements analysis, creation of staging area files and data modeling to extract data of the multiplies sources. Create the Data Models for business areas to incorporate their information to actual DWH model.
•    Generate the 80% of IBM Banking DWH Model in two months.
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OrangeNovember 2011 - December 2012

Data Governance Coordinator and BO Specialist Senior, Orange Dominicana, Republica Dominicana
Noviembre/2011 - Diciembre/2012
Management the implementation and executes the Data Governance Program in Orange, coordinate the Data Analyst Team and report the advances to Data Steward Committee. Coordinate the Business Objects stabilization's project.
Work Team: 10 Functional Specialists and 15 Managers
• Redesign the Data Governance program´s concept and put it to work.
• DWH/BI Requirements Business Gathering IT Transformation Program.
• Migrate the rest of BO 6.5 reports and user’s areas to BO XI; and create a platform secure and stable.
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Orange DominicanaMay 2009 - November 2009

Data Warehouse Architect SemiSenior, Orange Dominicana, Republica Dominicana
Junio/2010 - Noviembre/2011
Design changes and new Data Warehouse (DWH) structures for projects. Support new products development (DWH and business process). Support DWH and BI actual environment.
• Better understanding about the IT requirement by the functional areas.
• Support to Implementation the Software Factory concept in the Development department.
• Collaboration between the operational architects vs. DWH’s architects for minimizes impacts in DWH domain and creates valuable information.

Analyzing the daily Work Orders requirement’s to determine the way to solve it in BO and DWH platforms. DWH and BO projects management. Analyzing the IT Development department’s requirements for care the DWH architecture.
• Reduce the impact in DWH by source systems changes.
• Support the IT Architect team consolidation.
Support the Business Reporting Domain project and the BO XI R3.1 operation.

• Business Objects: Support the upgrade version 6.5 to XI R3.1. Create the user security schema in XI

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GE Money Bank MexicoJune 2004 - March 2009

Local and external coordination to obtain the business areas requirements ( Auto, Mortgage, Retail and Personal Loans); development, tests, user approvals and implementation follow up. The Data warehouse promotion with Business Intelligences tools (Business Objects) and complex queries requirements (Oracle/PLSQL). Outsourcing hire and coordination – Project budget 240k –
Work Team: 5 Specialists Engineers.
• To get 140 Data warehouse information requirements by the Business in four months period, mainly for operatives, managers and directives levels. Point of contact role between the local, external development team and the business areas.
Business Intelligence (Business Objects) Applications support and development and knowledge data base (Domino) support, attend specials Data warehouse information requirements (PLSQL).
• Business Objects: Development environment creation, upgrade version XI to XI R2 in production and development environments.
• WorkPlace: Upgrade version 5.0 to 5.1;
• Data warehouse requirements: Reduce the time delivery at 75%.
Finances applications support coordination for treasurer and accountability areas (Domino/Oracle/Oracle Purchasing) in the daily operations, opportunities analyzing areas and solutions requirements. Create Process automations (Control-M). Knowledge data base(Domino) support. Implement Productions Finances applications (Domino / Oracle).
Work Team: 2 Production Support Engineers.
• Production Support: Two years without high impact errors.
• Enablers: Increment the available application time at 60% to 99%. Disaster Recovery Plan implementation; pre-productions environment creation, it allows increment the efficiency changes implementation of 30% to 95%; single sign on implementation, it allow connect the corporate user administration tool to local applications.
• WorkPlace: Upgrade version 4.2 to 5.0.
Operation support to payments and transfer administration portfolio system Back Office (Domino/Oracle), support to knowledge data base system (WorkPlace), support to Finance’s system (Finance Intranet), Automate operational systems process (Opalis).
• Automate the Back Office System daily process with source code and reduce the operation time of 140 hours per month to 68 hours.
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GE Money MexicoOctober 2003 - June 2004

Monitoring the Call Center systems (3000 users), create and implement alarm escalation’s process, applications: 4 global, 5 domestics and 15 locals (Visual Plus, Domino, Java, Access, Oracle, Ehub Switch, etc.)
Work Team: 4 IT Operators.
• Create the 24X7 team, implement monitoring process for each application and effective alarm escalation’s process to Support Engineers, Vendors and clients.
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KEMET Electronics CorporationJune 1999 - June 2003

Business Objects Support Engineer
Analysis, Development and implement Business Intelligent (Business Objects/Oracle) reports for operation and management areas.
• Create reports that show the operational process and quality level with the same results in the operational systems.

Systems Transfer Leader
System transfer coordination for the BME plant from US to Mexico, in this role I had to transfer and modify the system at same time, including the network, hardware, process flow, SPC’ s systems, quality controls and monitoring’ s reports.
Work Team: 1 Support and developer engineer y 4 IT Operators.
• Implement the systems and the same time start to work.

Implementation and Support MES ( Manufacturing Execution System) Leader
Implement the new manufacturing system MES (Intouch/Oracle/VB/Acess) in the end process plant. It includes the store and qualities areas. Design the productions and information routes (Intrack). Following the hardware and software installation and maintenance (70 PC and 3 Windows NT servers). Coordinate the plant user training (250 users). Coordinate and training to IT Operators. QOS Documentations responsible. Create and implement the support’s process.
Work Team: 4 IT Operators and 3 Support Engineers.
• Integrate the new system to the user’s work process. Run the parallel test between MRP and MES systems.

Software Engineer
Analyzing, development and implement the Productions Control System – PCO – (Visual Fox Pro) in the end store, it includes an interface with the MRP system and it had the capacity to process 800 daily batches.
• Develop an interface easy and quickly to get the batch’s information.

Mes compétences

Business Intelligence

Business Objects, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, ETL




Business Analysis, Consulting, Project Management

Embedded and Telecom




Mes études et formations

Competent Communicator - Leadership - Toastmasters International2017 - 2017

Master TIC - Information Technology - UOC2009 - 2011

Informatics Administrative Sciences and Systems - Computer Technology / Computer Systems Technology - North University1996 - 1999