Iustin B.


610 euro
7 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

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Tremend Software ConsultingDecember 2019 - Présent

• KnowledgeBase
Client had a lagging app that was made with web views. The app needed to work faster and more efficiently, given that its users accessed it daily to manage their money accounts.

- Reduced the total development time of the project by 50% by designing and migrating the app architecture to an MVVM-Coordinator-based solution.
- Eliminated app lag by refactoring the need for third-party libraries into highly efficient helper classes and migrating the app to a native iOS solution.

Skills used: Swift, AutoLayout, MVVM-Coordinator
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IndependentJanuary 2020 - Présent

Software Consultant
* I work as a consultant / contractor / freelancer and help companies around the world design and implement their software solutions.
My programming language of choice is Swift (iOS Development) but I have also done Python (Machine Learning) development when needed. I am continuously looking for new challenges and self-improvement.
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Personal ProjectJuly 2019 - November 2019

• Rock Paper Scissors AI

Wanted to create a Rock Paper Scissors game that could be played by showing your hand to the camera and letting it recognize your pick.

- Achieved a gesture recognition accuracy of over 90%, virtually eliminating the difference in experience between playing with the phone or with a person, by creating and augmenting a dataset composed of hand gesture images, which I then used to train the model before integrating it in the app.

Skills used: Swift, AutoLayout, Core ML, Vision, Python, Create ML, Custom Vision, Turi Create, Fritz AI, Figma.
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Sparktech SoftwareJuly 2016 - June 2019

are some of the projects that I had the opportunity to work on during this period:

* Aeroconf
Client had an app that needed a simpler interface and the ability to work with a poor internet connection. It also needed yearly updates, which implied long development time and high costs due to it being outdated and written in Objective C.

- Reduced yearly update time by 90% by designing and migrating the app architecture to an MVVM-based solution.
- Improved user satisfaction by 50% by creating more intuitive UI components, and adding offline support using a lightweight NoSQL database.

Skills used: Swift, Objective C, AutoLayout, RxSwift, MVVM, Couchbase Lite, Google Calendar SDK.

* Spot
Client had a social app that needed frequent code updates and continuous maintenance, which implied long development time and high costs due to poor design.

- Reduced development time for new features by up to 90% by designing and migrating the app architecture to an MVP-based solution, cleaning up the code, and eliminating Storyboard load time.

Skills used: Swift, AutoLayout, MVP, Facebook SDK, Google SDK.

* Connect
Client needed an app that employees could use to view each other's technical profile, which contained multiple types of ever-changing information and ways to display it.

- Reduced development time for future changes by up to 90%, to a couple of minutes, by creating a modular, dynamic UI.

Skills used: Swift, AutoLayout, RxSwift, MVVM.
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Indy VisionJuly 2015 - May 2016

Created an app that sends daily collections of images to users.
- Wrote articles about iOS development for the company blog

Skills used: Objective C, Autolayout

Mes compétences

SQLite, REST API, Python, Objective-C, NumPy, NoSQL, MVVM, Machine Learning, iOS, Couchbase