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Nike Europe HQJune 2019 - Présent

Managing the organization's hybrid infrastructure, at the OS layer, while working closely with the other teams (Network, DB, Storage etc.), following Scrum Agile methodologies. Daily activities range from L3 support to planning/implementing various environment upgrades and new server deployments. Working with multiple virtualization technologies, in particular Hyper-V, VMware and Azure. In line with my skillset development plans, I am focusing more and more on Cloud Engineering tasks as time goes by.

Regular tasks:

o Designing, planning and implementing changes that improve the environment's performance and/or reliability

o Automating various existing and new tasks via PowerShell

o Deploying new servers & decommissioning old ones

o Migrating on-premise infrastructure to the cloud (Azure)

o Providing L3 support for the organization's infrastructure

o Providing oncall support on a regular basis for high severity issues.

o Writing internal documentation in Confluence, containing both technical and other types of information

o Maintaining and improving in-house developed tools (C# / PowerShell / ASP.NET / IIS)

o Implementing & reviewing automation solution pull code changes (GitHub) before their merging back to the main branch

o Creating LogicApps in order to integrate Azure Automation solutions with other services/products

o Converting Runbooks to Function Apps in order to optimize the efficiency of the created automation solutions

Major projects in which I was/am involved:

o Detecting the status of and enforcing NIC teaming across the organization hosts

o Automating the server stack network reconfiguration process, during a site upgrade

o Automating the VMWare server deployment process via Azure Runbooks

o Automating the VMWare server deployment process via Azure Runbooks; interfacing with multiple technologies:

° BlueCat (DNS record management)

° ServiceNow

° Active Directory

° VMware (Power CLI)

° CosmosDB

o Creating a server management Azure API, in order to implement multiple related operations, such as service management ones.

o Global iLO deployment: Enforcing certain standards in HP iLO globally via automation:

° AD authentication integration

° SSL certificate deployment: Venafi REST API automation (.Net Core solution)

Used technologies:

o Windows Server: 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019

o Virtualization: Hyper-V, Azure, VMWare

o Workflow management: JIRA, ServiceNow

o System management: SCCM / Intel AMT / HP iLO

o Azure: KeyVault, CosmosDB, LogicApp, FunctionApp, API Management, DevOps CI/CD

o Automation: PowerShell, Azure Runbooks

o Repositories: GitHub Enterprise

o Coding: Visual Studio (Enterprise / Code)

o Documentation: Confluence

o AD management: Active Roles

o Network management: BlueCat

o Certificate management: Venafi


Acquired skills and knowledge:

IIS, VMware, Hyper-V, Jira, Windows Server, SCCM, PowerShell, ilo, Confluence, Microsoft Azure, servicenow, Agile/Scrum

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PricewaterhouseCoopersOctober 2018 - April 2020

Managing internal PwC applications from a particular cluster, in mixed (virtualized/physical) environments across multiple geographical areas. At the present moment (since I have relocated to the Netherlands) I have continued my work for this company on a part-time (4h/day) basis, providing advisory services and additional assistance in the application deployment and automation processes that I was involved in.

Regular tasks:

o Reviewing and approving new build deployments in VSTS / Azure DevOps

o Assisting app owners in the deployment processes

o Deploying new app servers, on both

o Providing L3 Support for escalated app incidents

o Monitoring and troubleshooting general application availability issues via DynaTrace

o Automating new Azure environment deployments


o SQL 2008/2012/2016

o Azure (Virtualization)

o Visual Studio Team Server

o Azure DevOps


o ServiceNow

o Powershell (WMF 4 / 5.1)

o Windows Server 2008/2012/2016

o Active Directory

o Certificate Services

o Group Policy Objects

o Linux

o DynaTrace

o SharePoint 2010

o Visual Studio 2019

Acquired skills and knowledge:

IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Linux Red Hat, Windows Server 2012, PowerShell, servicenow, Linux (CentOS), Windows Server 2016, Azure DevOps

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HuaweiMarch 2018 - October 2018

As part of the Windows Infrastructure team for a Swiss customer, I managed an environment of over 1.000 servers (Windows Server 2008 R2 / 2012 R2 / 2016) and almost 10.000 clients as my daily activity, in a mostly (~75%) virtualized environment, following ITIL process methodologies.

Daily operations include but are not limited to:

o Managing AD objects (users, systems and other resources)

o Troubleshooting web apps running on IIS (Internet Information Services)

o Creating and managing SFTP accounts

o DHCP resources management (Reservations, scopes etc.)

o Troubleshooting user connectivity and application (including Citrix-virtualized ones) performance issues

o Troubleshooting server performance, connectivity and availability issues

o Regular server maintenance: patching, apps installations and updates, decommissioning

o Developing PowerShell scripts for various automation and troubleshooting tasks

o Deploying Windows servers and clusters and decommissioning old ones

o Deploying and managing applications deployed via Citrix XenApp and their Distribution Groups / Machine Catalogs

o Managing and troubleshooting VM's (VMWare VDI's)

o Managing applications deployed via SCCM

o Deploying and managing Windows Update roll-outs via WSUS

o Managing external sites access (Cisco IronPort)

o Providing various environment stability, performance and other KPI reports

o Managing the Exchange 2010/2016 and Skype for Business 2015 environments and troubleshooting any issues that appear

o Troubleshooting client-side issues escalated by the Service Desk: Outlook, mobile devices, other internal applications

o Creating internal certificates (AD Certificate Services)

o Managing DNS records (A, PTR, CNAME etc.)

o Participating in regular oncall shifts, in order to ensure 24x7 availability support

As other tasks, I also take part in the recruitment process for new colleagues, creating interview questions, interviewing the candidate and reviewing his or hers answers.

Acquired skills and knowledge:

VMware, Wsus, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, certificate services, Citrix, SCCM, PowerShell, dfs, scom, powercli, rsa, ironport, Skype for Business

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Microsoft RomaniaMarch 2015 - March 2018

My first position at Microsoft was as a Support Engineer for Exchange On-Premise, for WE area premier customers.

I was dealing with both technical issues and proactive support (Advisory cases), covering Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016, deployed in either physical or virtualized (VMWare / Hyper-V) environments, as well as Exchange Online (Office 365) and hybrid environment configurations. Advisory cases required us to:

o Assist the customer in planning the deployment of new environments, products or product features

o Provide detailed Root Cause Analysis for any issue reported in the past, helping to both identify the source of the problem and the steps that can be undertaken in order to prevent it from happening in the future

o Provide detailed information to the customer regarding a particular feature or product functionality

As the Exchange server roles run on top of IIS (Internet Information Services), it was also a great opportunity to learn this technology in-depth, from both a design and a troubleshooting perspective, all the way down to debugging level; for example: using SQL queries to analyze various IIS & HTTP logs to extract statistics and diagnostic information via an internal tool, setting up IIS app configuration files as needed, capturing and analyzing IIS worker process dumps (taken via Task Manager or ProcDump), troubleshooting various IIS connectivity & authentication issues.

During this time I also took a personal interest in scripting (PowerShell & C-Sharp) and made the most of this opportunity to continue to improve my developer skills. I was also specialized in store and transport issues, servers performance and sizing scenarios and Windows core-level debugging as well. In my spare time I used used to deploy and configure various test environments on my own server via Hyper-V, in order to further troubleshoot specific issues or improve my knowledge on specific topics.

I also assisted the Outlook team from time to time, which was an useful experience, as it allowed me to also gain skill related to client-side troubleshooting. Attended Exchange Online migration training sessions and implemented an Exchange 2013 Hybrid lab for this purpose, which was an excellent opportunity to acquire practical Exchange Online-related knowledge.

In my 2nd part of the time (starting with October 2017) here I undertook a new challenge, in the form of a Premier Support Engineer for Windows User Experience role. I mostly handled German speaking customers/contracts, covering both Windows Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016 and Windows 7 / 8 / 10 OS' as products.

I have been involved in solving both technical issues and proactive (Advisory) cases, covering multiple support topics such as:

o IIS (Internet Information Services)

o AppLocker

o GPO deployment and management

o Microsoft Store for Business

o Print Server

o General Windows debugging

o Performance issues

o Software Inventory LogAggregator

o User Profiles / Roaming Profiles

o Event fowarding

o WDAG (Windows Defender Application Guard).

I also continued improving my scripting (PowerShell) and programming (C-Sharp) skills, while also taking advantage of the internal logs processing tools to keep my SQL queries knowledge up-to-speed.

Acquired skills and knowledge:

IIS, Networking, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, clustering, roaming profiles, Entity framework, Bootstrap, PowerShell, Print server, DSC, webforms, Microsoft Outlook, C-Sharp, Windows debugging, AppLocker, Software Inventory LogAggregator, Windows Defender Application Guard, Microsoft Store for Business

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CGSDecember 2007 - March 2015

In the first part of the time spent at CGS Romania (between 12.2007 and 06.2008), I was providing support to customers via phone calls or e-mails, for both hardware and software issues. The covered topics included: Active Directory accounts, network printers installation, branch network troubleshooting, desktop/laptop software and hardware configuration issues, VPN application-related issues, user migrations.

After this I applied to a freshly available Lead Technical Engineer position on a new project for the IBM/Lenovo business products line (the Think brand) and I successfully passed the tests. Starting from this point onwards I was offering Level 2 support to Lenovo/IBM customers (ThinkPad, ThinkCentre & ThinkStation product lines, with all their related accessories and included Think software): I was receiving the more difficult cases from the front office team, analyzing them (eventually requesting more information and additional tests if necessary) and creating a new action plan which would be added to the case and sent to the onsite engineer. Also, if a case cannot be solved it can be escalated to the next support level by contacting the UK Level 3 support team.

During the second part of my time there I also held training sessions on new products with the Front Office teams and provided various reports regarding the performance of the Front Office technical representatives. Additionally, I also wrote technical documentation for new products and features. As a personally-led project, I also developed an internal tool for tracking the received escalation requests, in the form of a web app written in C# / ASP.NET / MVC / CSS / HTML, running on IIS (Internet Information Services). This tools also required me to design and configure (setup views, stored procedures etc.) a SQL 2005 database to hold the app data itself. This gave me the chance to get back in touch with an older hobby of mine (programming), while also learning more about the latest technologies in the field.

Towards the last part of my time here (a little over 1 year) I also started to learn more about PowerShell and the new automation options that were just starting to massively improve around that time.

Acquired skills and knowledge:

SQL, Networking, Microsoft Active Directory, Remote Desktop, Citrix, PowerShell, Microsoft Access, C# Programming, Windows debugging

Mes compétences

Machine Learning



Microsoft SQL Server

Analysis methods and tools

DevOps, JIRA, Confluence


Integrated Lights-Out (iLO), Citrix, IIS

Software testing


Computer Tools

Microsoft Exchange


Automation Windows, SCOM, GitHub, Agile Scrum

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Windows, Microsoft Windows Server, Azure, DSCP, Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode, Linux Red Hat, VMware, CentOS, Hyper-V


Entity Framework, Bootstrap



Environment of Development

Visual Studio

Mes études et formations

Certifications - Microsoft

Bachelor's degree - Computer Science - Titu Maiorescu University2014 - 2017

Bachelor's degree - Bucharest University2005 - 2008