Stefan P.


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Mon expérience

PJ Interactive RomaniaSeptember 2017 - Présent

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Looking for a new contractJuly 2017 - August 2017

Open for a new Contract/Employment on Databases / RDBMS and related IT&C fields.
Primary field of expertise on Microsoft SQL Server databases and environments - administration and development, solution finding.
Secondary field of expertise on Microsoft .NET Applications
Specific tasks during the latest contract activity:
IT&C System Maintenance and Monitoring, Servers Administration, Databases Development, Databases Administration,
SSIS Integration Services, Automation on Data Archiving and Back-ups,
Integrated Alerts with email and sms, SSRS Reporting Services,
Web Services, Web Applications and Windows Applications
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AtosJune 2016 - June 2017

DBA specific activities on Microsoft environment as Windows OSs and SQL Servers Instances. Remote working using RDC for connecting to virtual/physical server machines. Specific task automation using T-SQL scripts for DDL/DML. Installations, patching, security measures implementation, servers and databases migrations, backups and restores, users roles, rights and passwords, maintenance and monitoring. Root cause analysis, PDCA, activity planning. Specific performance improvement, major incidents interventions as investigation for cause identifying and solution to apply. Server resources monitoring as processors/memory and disk space. Proactive recommandation for hardware upgrade. On call duty 24/7 one week at two months.
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Contractor/s on IT&CApril 2011 - June 2016

IT&C projects, programing on T-SQL and SQL Server database objects, reporting web app. with ASP.NET etc . . .
Main projects:
7. SSIS Project/ I was involved and successfully completed a project with a contractor, a pharmacy company, for developing an SSIS Job for automatic collecting data from different tables at a specific time of the day and to save them into another table. The work supposed Design, Implementation and Testing using T-SQL, Specific Queries, Indexes and Temporary Tables in SQL Server 2005 environment. The entire working cycle covered the Create, Read, Update, Delete and Execute instructions in a single T-SQL script.
8. C# deployment project/ For a new contractor I was developing some C# functionality for deployment of web projects sources on server. The work supposed internet documentation and identifying solutions for bringing sources from TFS, building the project using MSBuild, comparing the resulted files with existing files and highlighting the difference.
9. Small Projects/ I studied encrypted data transfer using the logical algorithm of encrypting-transfering-decrypting data, querying across multiple servers using linked servers and partitioned Views. I apply successfully the encryption and management of Passwords in the specific database fields using Encrypted Stored Procedures so nobody could access the password in clear text and only the user to know it/change it.
10. Optimization Study Project/ I was involved into study of increasing performances and optimizations for existing queries on large sets of data and large databases using Functions, Indexed Views, Temporary Tables and Indexes. I studied also Cursors.

Great working environment, based on Integrated Solution as Database, Web Apps and Server Administration, with BI reporting services. I liked what I was doing.
Main projects:
1. Database Administration and Development, Maintenance and Monitoring, Optimizations and Improving - Databases Back-ups and Archiving
Database Development, Data Integrations and Database Reports
2. Servers Administration and Maintenance with active monitoring on preventing System failure due to Network problems, Power failure or Applications crush.
Using Database alarms implemented on data Ariving and Processing procedures and Monitoring using RDC.
3. Web ASP.NET and Windows .NET applications maintenance and development
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Petrom/ Global Solution/ OMV-Petrom IT&C Center RomaniaJune 2005 - June 2010

Applications & Solutions Development, DB Programming, Analysis, Design, Implementing, Maintenance
5. ASP/SLA Project/ I was involved in the budget calculation and in formulating the specifications for network, hardware and software requirements needed for intranet web applications administrated by me. The budget was calculated according to the man/day, server, network and software licenses costs.
6. Current Projects/ My current work supposed add-hoc reports, making web reports to be saved as Excel files, implementing parts of the discount program for clients into reports, designing and implementing the option to generate web invoices for credit card clients, maintaining the existing report applications, interacting with the users, editing user instructions, documenting applications, monitoring the usage of web applications as number of users connected to applications, monitoring performances as counting the time to display the reports, participating at the department weekly meetings and reporting the current status of work.
Applications&Solutions Development, DB Programming, Analysis, Design, Implementing, Maintenance:
3. Denomination Project/ I designed, tested and implemented using SQL Server 2000, Tables, Stored Procedures, Views and Triggers for returning the data according to legal requirements. The data exported from Fuel Stations arrived into database and the triggers were checking if the currency was denominated and if not were applying the new rules for currency. The interfaces were updated to present in parallel the currency fields both in the old ROL and in the new RON, the user having the possibility to compare the amounts. I was using SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Front Page and Macromedia Dreamweaver software and SQL, ASP and HTML languages.
4. Relocation Project/ I identified the software and specific applications used inside Petrom Card project by each of my colleagues. I interviewed directly each PetromCard employee and analyzed the activity and the software needed for best performances. I was assisting directly in installing the software applications by colleagues from Service Desk. In the same project were changed the IT hardware equipments which required software installations and testing. The servers machines were also changed and a new database server with SQL Server 2005 was configured for Petrom Card project with a new web server for intranet applications. I was reporting to Department Manager on regular basis and working with the colleagues from involved departments at the new location. I migrated the Databases from the old server machine into the new server machine together with all database objects. The databases migration supposed databases back-ups, transfer testings and effective data moving with all database objects. The web applications were installed in the new web server machine and updated to access the new database location. I used SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, Office-Word, Excel, Project, Visio. I used the DTS utility from SQL Server 2000.

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Petrom - Petrosoft IT&C SubsidiaryOctober 2002 - June 2004

Applications & Solutions Development, DB Programming, Analysis, Design, Implementing, Maintenance

Main Projects:
1. Data transfer and manipulation/ I participated to projects supposing analysis and centralization of data and development requirements for different software products needed in current activities of Petrom. The main software that I used were SQL Server 2000, Excel, Access, Visual Fox Pro, Visual Basic 6.0 mainly for data analysis transformation and manipulation by moving data from different formats into SQL Server 2000 database after specific transformations.
2. Web-sites applications/ I carried out and optimized all the reports needed in current activity of Operators, Accountancy Service, Stations and Subsidiaries, Sales Support Service related to PetromCard activity. The work supposed interaction with the final users, understanding their requirements, defining technical specifications, implementing and testing the requested reports in the web applications running in intranet. After the users validation the implementation became final and the work was mainly about maintenance and optimizations of applications and implementing performance monitors. I Designed, Tested and Implemented Databases, databases Objects, Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Functions and Queries together with web-Interfaces for displaying the data as reports. The main software that I used was SQL Server 2000/SQL Server 2005 and Macromedia Dreamweaver/ Microsoft FrontPage and Visual Studio 2003/2005 using mainly SQL, ASP, ASP.NET 1.0/1.1/2.0, VB.NET, Java Script, HTML and CSS languages.

Mes compétences

IT Infrastructure

System administration


Database Administration, SQL Server





Mes études et formations

Doctor in Engineering Sciencies - Computer Science and Technology and Data Management - Politehnica University of Bucharest2004 - 2008

Degree Name Doctor/PhD. - Engineering Sciences/ ERP-MRP - UPB/IMST/Doctoral Degree2004 - 2008