Kuminga M.


280 dollar
7 ans

Mon expérience

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Start and EndFebruary 2016 - Présent

Main Client : SME'S(Contract)


. Data and information collection
System design, implementation and maintenance using scala with Cassandra DB and Angular 2,4
Front and backe-end system design and implementation using Scala,JavaScript,Angular 2,4,Bootstrap, CSS,HTML 5,Cassandra DB
Open Source system development running on Linux and Windows

Web based Projects:

* Automated Financial Management That Optimizes The Profitability of Small (On Scala with Cassandra DB)

* Front and back-end system design and implementation using Scala, JavaScript, Angular CLI, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML 5, Cassandra DB
* Open Source system development running on Linux and Windows
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Wipro (Standard Bank)June 2019 - June 2020



  • Development,
        Support, Maintenance and implementation of a complex project module


  • Application
        of standard software development principles


  • Applying
        judgment to plan and execute tasks


  • Respond
        to technical queries and request from team members and customers

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akhanyaAugust 2018 - June 2019

IT innovations(Consultant)
Job Title : Software Developer (Angular 4 , 6, Scala playframework
* Requirements collection
* Frontend and Backend And Mobile System analysis,Design and implementation (AngularJS,JavaScript,css,cass,scala
* Database design and implementation (Cassandra)
* Cloud infrastructure design, implementation, support (Linux Ubuntu)

Project: EasiCare (Call Centre Integration System), THEBIDHUB tender management system, etc
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Start and EndApril 2015 - January 2016

Skills used

Frontend: Angular 1,JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap
Backend: PHP,Scala(Play Framework) NodeJS
Database: MySQL, Cassandra,PL SQL
OS: Linux Ubutu, Microsoft Windows


* Front and back-end design and implementation.
* Developing Webservice
* System Intergration.
* Replacing vender system

Web based Projects :
* Call Centre Integration - Developed in PHP and nodejs with Mysql DB
* Policy Management - Developed in PHP and nodejs with Mysql DB

Company : Triolex
Job Title : Web based system design and development

Mes compétences



IT Infrastructure

Ubuntu, Docker, Linux

Environment of Development

Android Studio


Play Framework, Angular 7, Node.js, Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery, AJAX


Consultant, BTEC National Diploma > BTEC National Diploma INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Information Technology, Back End, System Design, Scrum Methodology, Policy Management, Mobile Applications, Web Application Development, French, Java 2, licence > licence IT management, Front End, Cloud infrastructure design, Software Developer (Angular 5,Java Spring boot), Analyst/Programmer, Cascading Style Sheets, Middleware, database design and implementation, English, industry~it, Microsoft Windows, product design, REACTJS, Personal Home Page, Go programming language, Systems Development, Senior Software Developer, Apache Cassandra, Data Warehousing, Unix Ubuntu 5


Database Design, Bitbucket


Software Development, SCSS, Spring Boot

Analysis methods and tools

Agile Methodology


Oracle PL/SQL, Java EE, JavaScript, PHP 7, Java, HTML, HTML5, Scala

Mes études et formations

BTEC National Diploma, Information Technology - Cape Peninsula University of Technology

- ISS DRC university2008