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Freelance, self-employedSeptembre 1990 - Présent

Played a key role as a Technical Consultant for nearly 30 years, having launched and sold a personal consultancy company in the early years, to discretionary and pro bono work in more recent times. These services have been provided to varied business sectors, from retail, play centres, education, construction, through to hardware and software companies.
●    Directed the IT strategy for a large construction firm for 12 years; acting as a trusted asset to this firm guiding them through many technical changes
●    Owner of a small company of engineers, designing SMB Networks, bespoke software design, and internet design consultancy
●    Acted as a Technical Advisor to a national chain of play centres, helping them design their EPOS system, as well as a staff education system
●    Worked with several software companies to build a support infrastructure within their ranks; this was complete for companies in the UK, as well as in Boston, Oregon, and California
●    Provided management and security training within the education sector, including the successful recruitment and migration of Senior Leadership Teams
●    Played a key role as a keynote speaker for several “security in Law firms” conferences, as well as security and regulatory talks at local business events, especially surrounding GDPR
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FDR LawJuillet 2004 - Novembre 2018

Directing operations at one of Cheshire’s Leading law firms. Heading a highly adaptable team, allowed me to meet all technical challenges head-on, meaning that all projects and development were handled cost effectively in-house. Using a DevOps framework within the organization allowed me to maintain a fast and fluid change process, bringing business critical changes to the organization when they were needed.
●    Successfully overhauled the face of IT within the organisation, its internal structure, its delivery of products, and its reliance on external parties; providing high end products and services, on an extremely attractive budget
●    Managed the integration of two company acquisitions, ensuring all company objectives were met and achieved
●    Developed and implemented the application roadmap to integrate and consolidate 60+ applications and work processes into 20
●    “Sold IT” to the board, to get an often reluctant buy-in for an ever evolving technical need and security threat landscape
●    Prepared the business for an ISO 27001 Audit; Preparation involved developing and implementing policies and procedures across the IT department and wider business  
●    Rewrote the organizational IT strategy, and company policies to enhance security and provide a more robust technical provision.
●    Continually revamped systems to provide more facilities and services to the practice, consolidating and reinventing where I could to provide a streamlined and improved offering in all areas
●    Improved strategic partnerships with suppliers, driving down costs and maximising profitability
●    Evaluated all business areas to improve efficiency through better use of IT, as well as enhancing the client journey through technology
●    Recruited and trained an adaptive team that produced on average 80-100 projects and developments per annum, continually improving all areas of the practice
●    Actively created proposals for projects, outlining overall spend and benefits to ensure an ROI
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Colemans-cttsJuin 2003 - Juin 2004

UK Group Manager, overseeing all technical development and services for this top 100 law firm. Looking after the technical needs for all branches throughout the UK, working to enhance cross branch communication, and enhance the work provider relationship.
•    Restructuring of third party provider relationships, removing their over commitment to external support companies, creating a 50% reduction in the IT budget.
•    Delivered a supply chain review programme reducing costs by 30%, increased reliability, and ensured a premium service package to the practice.
•    Managed the stakeholder relationships to locate a new accountancy package, and integrate this into the practice management suite.
•    Improved business overheads in three sectors by streamlining and automating the communication process between suppliers, the work teams, and our subcontractors.
•    Overhauled telephony across the group, and implemented a forensic email archiving system.
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GLP SolicitorsMars 2001 - Juin 2003

Group IT Manager for GLP & Co, and also the Clifford Pfeffer Group. Managing all technology for 12 independent legal practices, and subsidiary companies had its own unique but rewarding challenges. Although all independently managed and owned, they were required to work in a uniform manner, which required a delicate and skilled hand in managing all the different stakeholders concerned.
I was brought in after a messy divorce with the practices IT suppliers, and practice management software providers. This left them with underperformance, failing systems, and without a core system going forward.
•    Researched and tested every PMS system on the market to located a system that fit all the stakeholders criteria.
•    Arranged the training and migration between the two systems.
•    Improved communications with third party work providers, and created relationships with reliable suppliers.
•    Improved systems across the board, to improve reliability and performance.

Mes compétences

Software testing

Penetration testing, Functional testing

Computer Tools

Microsoft Exchange


Lotus 1-2-3, Document Managemen, Servers, Ethical Hacking, Audit, Cost Reduction, Change Management, ISO 27001 Standard, GDPR, Technical Development, IT Security, Infrastructure


Microsoft SQL Server, Data Privacy - GDPR, Data Security

Mes études et formations

Master's Degree, Cyber Security - Teesside University2019 - 2019

Master of Business Administration - The University of Northampton2014 - 2016

Post-Graduate Certificate, Business Administration - University of Leicester2010 - 2012

Diploma, Object orientated Programming, Network Admin. - The Manchester Metropolitan University1997 - 1999