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Deloitte IT Services North & South EuropeOctober 2017 - Présent

Hired as a lead platform architect / advisor for a major cloud adoption programme spanning 13 EMEA countries; reported directly to the Head of Cloud; worked with senior stakeholders across Europe / USA.  • Provided technical leadership for the programme and contributed to their multi-cloud strategy. Helped establish governance and ensure compliance; contributed to service design (ITIL). • Produced cost estimations, high-level and low-level designs in response to RFPs and RFQs; actively engaged with senior stakeholders across Deloitte business lines to build and maintain relationships, assist with client’s projects, run ations on cloud technology and look for business opportunities.  • Helped build a team of 22 cloud architects and engineers over a 2-year period with remarkably low employee turnover; established DevSecOps practices; organised and chaired DevSecOps workshops to build a mature and open engineering culture, agree on standards and give opportunities for everyone to contribute and discuss ideas. Drove the technical aspects of Deloitte’s cloud adoption strategy including landing zones, federated access, end-to-end security design, network design (multiple data centres, software defined networks, transit network), cloud automaton (CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure as code), shared services. • Worked closely with CISO to define security policies, designed reactive controls to enforce security policies; defined RBAC roles and IAM policies; defined pipelines for approved O/S images; drove integrations with Deloitte’s operational, security and monitoring tools. • Succeeded in launching AWS platform within 6 months and Azure platform 9 months later. The GCP platform went into design in September 2019. In December 2019, there were over 200 workloads deployed on the platforms and the number had been growing at a rate of 5 engagements per month resulting in significant reduction of shadow IT and improvements in compliance rates with Deloitte global policies.
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Deloitte ConsultingOctober 2016 - October 2017

Hired as a subject matter expert in public cloud to provide architecture and security expertise to a business transformation programme launching an AWS hybrid cloud platform for client’s projects. • Designed and led the implementation of multi-account AWS architecture and an automated account provisioning process to create secure environments prepared to host client’s workloads (landing zone). • Designed and led the implementation of security guardrails, federated access, RBAC roles, hardened AMI images and other security controls. • Designed and led the implementation of hybrid cloud networking - Direct Connect and VPN failover, transit VPC, DNS resolution; remote cloud access (Open VPN) with identity federation and MFA. • Succeeded in launching the platform in May 2017; as of October 2017, there were 56 client’s accounts providing enough revenue for the platform to become profitable. As a result, recommended to senior stakeholders at Deloitte IT Services and hired to architecture pan-European, multi cloud platform
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Immediate MediaApril 2016 - November 2016

• Hired as a cloud architect to design and implement a highly available, scalable and resilient cloud solution to host a publishing platform for nearly 100 titles including “Radiotimes” and “Top Gear”. • Provided technical expertise across multiple project teams and office locations; worked closely with technical teams and business stakeholders to understand requirements and design technical solutions. • Designed and led the implementation of scalable, secure, fault-tolerant and cost-effective cloud infrastructure for multiple applications (web applications, shared services) and multiple environments (multiple accounts, multiple VPCs, hub – spokes set up with VPC peering and VPN access).  • Designed and led the implementation of continuous deployment processes; proposed backup and disaster recovery approaches. Advocated Terraform to implement infrastructure as code. • Succeeded in delivering an AWS cloud based, multi-account platform fully defined in code with automation pipelines for immutable infrastructure and application deployments, fully automated, ondemand, development and test environments and secure production environments.
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Funding TreeJanuary 2014 - September 2016

• Hired as a key technical consultant by an FCA regulated FinTech start-up, launching a crowdfunding platform (equity and debt investments); worked on all aspect of the platform including on-boarding, investor portfolios, payments, know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AMY), etc.     • Worked directly with the CEO and CTO; built and led a technical team of 6. Introduced Behaviour Driven Development to promote collaboration between the business and developers; promoted DevOps culture; designed and implemented CI / CD pipelines. • Performed a gap analysis and documented changes required to bring the web application in line with business requirements and enable it to run on a scalable cloud infrastructure; determined the MVP that would allow the company to start operating; architected and implemented AWS cloud infrastructure. • Succeeded in launching the web application within the first three months which subsequently enabled the business to secure over half a million pounds for 7% of equity in the first round of funding.
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Financial Conduct AuthorityMarch 2016 - April 2016

• Hired for a four-week consultancy contract to provide support and guidance for open-source data portal development; worked closely with senior business stakeholders to understand requirements and deliver immediate results.  • Leveraged Amazon Web Services to provide auto-scalability, high availability and rich full text document search (Elastic Search); used technologies: LAMP stack, DKAN, various AWS services. • Succeeded in delivering on all requirements and was subsequently hired by FCA on an ad-hoc basis a number of times in 2016 and 2017.
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Bank of EnglandAugust 2015 - March 2016

• Hired to help launch an open-source data portal (Drupal/DKAN) for syndicating dataset from across the organisation and associated institutions.  • Worked with an external software development agency to ensure compliance with the bank’s policies; introduced and implemented DevOps practices; advised on best practices in the areas of development, configuration management, continuous integration, DevOps practises, and release management. • Succeeded in launching an open source application and deployment automation in a conservative organisation; won technical and business stakeholders over by demonstrating the positive impact of automation on minimising human error and security.
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Yorkshire WaterApril 2015 - August 2015

• Hired as a web application integration expert for a major business change programme replacing Yorkshire Water contact centre technology with Avaya, Semafone and Kana Enterprise products. Worked on integrating Yorkshire Water telephony solution with a number of web applications (PHP, .NET). • Provided expertise in system integration and system analysis across the business; Liaised with business stakeholders and third-party vendors to understand requirements and contribute to functional and nonfunctional designs; held ations to explain integration techniques to business stakeholders.
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British Car AuctionsSeptember 2014 - December 2014

Hired to assist in the planning for a transformation project for technological alignment after BCA acquired a technology company that developed a fleet management system which became paramount to BCA’s business growth strategy; produced a comprehensive technological roadmap with focus on enabling business agility, business alignment and meeting commercial and functional demands. Held ations to communicate progress to key stakeholders; reported directly to the CTO. • Liaised with business and technical stakeholders across multiple locations in Europe (UK, Germany, Spain) to understand the product, its technical architecture, business drivers and business fit; provided guidance in agile development, DevOps best practises, system architecture, system integration and cloud adoption (Azure, AWS); provided a high-level design of a highly available cloud infrastructure. • Recognised viable technological options for system re-architecture and evaluated them against criteria  such as speed of development, cost, resilience, speed to obsolescence, time to market, business alignment; performed high level planning for the top available technological options considering costs, logical sequence, required resources, time-scales, business disruption, etc. • Succeeded in convincing senior stakeholders to split a monolith application into specialised services, use NoSQL datastore where appropriate and migrate to cloud. Most of the recommendations were accepted, including cloud migration and implemented in the following ye

Mes compétences

XML, VPN, Ubuntu, Scrum, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft Azure, Jenkins, ITIL, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), DevOps, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Cloud, C/C++, C#, Azure, AWS, Apache, Amazon Web Services (AWS), .NET