Bogdan B.


459 dollar
9 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

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FreelanceMarch 2021 - Présent

• Handle transition to DevOps of old Git Repositories.

• Create DevOps Pipelines for automation of tasks.

• Managed data warehousing infrastructure for financial clients
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IBM RomaniaApril 2019 - March 2021

• Design and implement Data Warehouse architecture in MSSQL

• Designed and implemented numerous Star / Snowflake schema using transformations through Stored Procedures,

• Functions or Sequences. Implemented Slowly Changing Dimensions, Historization and Logging in SQL Server.

• Design ingestion pipelines in Azure Data Factory

• Used Data Factory for data transformation and data movement from source to SQL. Developed archiving and logging for

• pipelines. Also used it for process automation, connecting various APIs to the pipeline.

• Create transformation processes in Databricks using Python and Spark

• Used Databricks for data exploration, transformation and ingestion of file formats that are not data factory supported.

• Used Spark, Python and Databricks SQL for processing of xls, parquet etc.

• Runbooks, KeyVaults and Devops .

• Used KeyVault features for best practices in Databricks, DataFactory etc. Runbooks for automation of tasks and Devops

• for repository and task management. Also used Logic Apps for small developments.

• Intensive creation and use of Azure Storage Gen 1 & 2

• Creation, administration and maintenance of storage.

• Applied Agile training and work ethics throughout every project
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IBM RomaniaApril 2015 - April 2019

• Skilled in Data Warehousing concepts (especially Netezza)

• Linux scripting (Bash and Shell) and SQL (Oracle certified Expert)

• Configured, integrated and administrated Network Attached Storage(Storewize) with Big Data Environment

• Assured High Availability for the architecture in high workload conditions

• Gave trainings about query optimization and performance improvement

• Support clients with the data provisioning and acquisition process

• Prepared weekly and monthly reports for ation to management regarding activity and performance.

• Executed System Admin tasks over the Data Warehouse host OS.

• Executed Database Admin Tasks over Netezza's SQL engine.

• Training interns into Data Warehousing, both general and advanced topics

• Self trained into Big Data technologies such as Spark, Hadoop or Hive
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TheWebMinerJanuary 2014 - January 2019

• Administered company's blog and advertising campaigns.

• Direct client communication via mail and skype.

• Managed scripts execution on Linux servers.

• Developed scripts to be integrated in the production environment using IBM Bluemix and Microsoft Azure

• Administered cloud computing infrastructure.

Mes compétences

Web Scraping, Teamwork, Tableau Software, SQL, Spark, Python, PHP, Oracle, Netezza, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Mentoring, Matlab Simulink, Matlab, Linux, Leadership, IBM Netezza, Hive, Hadoop, DevOps, Snowflake, Data Warehouse, Data Science, Big Data, Bash, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Azure, Arduino, Analytics