Yann L.


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10 ans
Toulouse, FRANCE

Mon expérience

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Expleo Group for AirbusJuly 2018 - April 2020

I took on the role of Data Science expert for Vibration and Acoustics

My mission was for the Airbus flight test center.

I was developing data analytics based on large amounts of flight from airlines and Airbus flight test center

I was on end-to-end workflow:
- Data creation
    - Digital and analog measurement, feature engineering and selection
- Cleaning
    - Classification of events: KNN, Random Forest, CNN
- Exploration
    - Data visualization, search for outsiders, correlation, PCA
- Analysis
    - Statistics, modeling, machine learning, decision trees
- Deployment
    - Git, TDD, Bash, ssh, ftp, rsync
- Publication of results and dashboards
    - Qlik, Spotfire, result report

As a Senior, I
- supervised junior data scientist
- do project screening and reviews
- designed software solution with Behavior driven design (BDD)

My fundamental tools: Python (numpy, pandas, tensorflow, Scikit) and SQL.

Expleo is a group of expert companies.

The areas of expertise are very varied:
- Aeronautics,
- Energy,
- Insurance,
- Automotive,
- Railway,
- etc ...

The offer of services from Expleo is therefore very wide and benefits from a robust management structure.
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Assystem for AirbusJuly 2016 - July 2018

With Assystem, I have been able to develop my data scientist expertise during numerous experiments.

Thanks to the relationship of trust established with my supervisor and my clients
I was able to develop new data science methods in flight tests at Airbus

I exercised the role of manager for a team of 12 people: 8 engineers + 4 technicians
The Mission: laboratory and operational vibration tests for Airbus customers

Beyond the managerial aspect, I developed new automation and data mining tools
- Python (Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib)
- Matlab (Signal processing, filtering, FFT, Hilbert transform)

My best success was to allow Airbus to lift a restriction on the number of flights before inspection thanks to a big data study which required the implementation of data mining, statistics and signal processing skills in a big data architecture internal to Airbus. : MAMBA (Hadoop + Spark).

Assystem is a consultancy company with a strong presence in the industrial field and particularly in aeronautics for its agency in Toulouse. Coming from the provision of nuclear services, the company has developed its entire offer over the past 20 years. In 2018, Assystem sold its engineering branch to the Expleo group in order to focus on its original area: nuclear.
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Assystem for AirbusJune 2012 - July 2018

Mission: Definition and analysis of flight test at Airbus.
Role: Manager for 3 engineer and 1 techinician

• Validated 5 prototypes flight test campaign
• Developed 12 new computing tests means
• Analyzed 24 vibration flight test
• Innovated on flight data study with statistics
• Optimized data transfer to customer
• Developed an automatic time-series analyzer

Tools: Matlab, Python (Numpy, Scipy)
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Cap Horn SolutionsJuly 2011 - June 2012

Design office for building acoustics

- Interior and exterior acoustic simulation calculations by ray tracing

- Building acoustic attenuation calculations

- Acoustic specifications writing

- Acoustic measurement on site:
    - Reverberation RT60
    - Transmission
    - Impact hammer
    - Background noise level
    - Environmental noise
    - Construction noise
    - Emergence noise

Tools: Office (Word, Excel), Bose©️ Modeler sound system software, 01dB, metravib
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Sherbrooke UniversityJanuary 2009 - August 2010

Vibroacoustic control of flat panel transmission noise using co-located sensor-actuator made of piezoelectric patch

Developed a piezo-electric sensor / actuator
    Analog electricity, Filtering, Mechanical current model

Modeled vibration and acoustics
    Matlab, Analytic model, Rayleigh propagation

Modal analysis with co-located sensor / actuator
    Mechanical impedance optimization

Implemented Real Time controller prototype
    FxLMS, DSpace with Matlab

Mes compétences

TensorFlow, SQL, Scikit-Learn, Python, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Machine Learning, Keras, Git, FTP, DevOps, Data processing, Big Data, Analytics