Renaud D.

Data Scientist

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AdzunaOctober 2015 - Présent

Using Machine Learning & Big Data to develop the next generation of smart job marketplace.

Tools : R, python, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Apache Spark, Hive, Docker, Vagrant.
Techniques : Machine learning, Natural language processing, geospatial analysis
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S2DSAugust 2015 - September 2015

A five week intensive workshop designed to train people with analytical Ph.D.s in the skills required to be hired into data science roles. The program involved lectures and workshops on areas such as programming, machine learning, hadoop ecosystem, etc. , and working as part of a four-person team on a project set out by a sponsor company.

My project was in collaboration with Allocate Softwares and aimed at leveraging machine data for Business Analytics (tools: Splunk/Python )
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Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and SelforganizationJanuary 2013 - September 2015

I have been involved in an international project in collaboration with the company BP. Aim of the project was to gain a better understanding of oil recovery mechanisms through physic experiments and development of statistical models.

Main tasks involved :
♦ Implementing statistical models (Matlab/R/python) and testing them against numerical simulations
♦ Processing and analyzing data from experiments (statistical analysis, confidence testing, image processing)
♦ Writing technical reports and scientific articles
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CNRS - Laboratoire IEMNSeptember 2009 - December 2012

My PhD project, funded by the French ministry of defense (DGA), aimed at the development of innovative surface coatings called superomniphobic (i.e. that cannot be wet by any liquid).

Main accomplishments :
♦ Development of fabrication processes using clean-room technologies
♦ Extensive characterization of coating performances
♦ Development of 2 innovative characterization techniques enabling to get new insights into the physical mechanisms (use of scanning electron microscopy and acoustic measurements)
♦ 9 Scientific articles, 5 conference presentations and 1 book

Collaborations : IEMN acoustic department, GEMTEX smart textile laboratory, University of Michigan (Biomedial Eng. Department)
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CNRS - Laboratoire IEMNJanuary 2009 - September 2009

Within the BioMEMS research group of IEMN, I took part in the European project Nanobe whose main aim was to develop an integrated analysis platform for automated monitoring of bioprocesses.

I had the responsibility to develop a microfluidic device allowing to interconnect the systems developed by the different partners within the project (i.e. some systems were based on so-called continuous microfluidic whereas others were based on digital microfluidic).

Main achievements :
♦ Design and optimization of the device using numerical simulations (COMSOL)
♦ Realisation of a prototype using clean-room technologies
♦ Design of an experimental setup for testing the device and preliminary tests demonstrating working principle

Results were presented at the 2009 COMSOL conference (Milan, Italy)

Mes compétences



Analysis methods and tools


Environment of Development



R Language, LaTeX, Python, C/C++, SQL

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Docker


AWS, ElasticSearch, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Machine Learning


Data analysis, Splunk, Data Science, GitHub, Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Big Data

Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Big Data



Mes études et formations

Licenses & certifications - -

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Physics - Université Lille I2009 - 2012

Engineer degree, Electronics and computer science - ISEN2004 - 2009